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Ulster American Folk Park

+44 28 8224 3292
2 Mellon Rd, Omagh BT78 5QU United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Good for kids
  • Restaurant
  • Toilets

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Sollte man unbedingt besuchen.
Sehr gutes Freilichtmuseum mit vielen alten Häusern. Gut angelegt der Park und es wird nie langweilig. Man bekommt einen sehr guten Einblick in das Leben der alten Iren und der Auswanderung nach Amerika.
Wir sind auf einer Rundreise durch Irland und haben einen Ausflug nach Nordirland unternommen. Nachdem wir erst in Derry waren, wollten wir noch den Folk Park besuchen. Um 15.42 Uhr waren wir an der Kasse und wurden nicht mehr eingelassen. Wir hätten den Park auch gerne für eine Stunde noch gesehen und haben uns darauf gefreut. Auch auf unsere Bitte hin, war nichts zu machen.
Für den letzten Eintritt waren wir 12 Minuten zu spät dran.
Wir werden sicherlich keinen Ausflug nach Nordirland mehr machen. Davon haben wir jetzt genug.
Tolles Freilichtmuseum, liebevoll gestaltet und sehr informativ.
Große Anlage mit vielen interessanten Informationen, auch für Kinder gut geeignet. Nicht zu spät beginnen, da dieses
Museum bereits um 17 Uhr schließt.
Sehr informativ. Eine schöne Anlage . Man konnte die Überfahrte der Isländer nach Amerika gut nachvollziehen. Es wurde auch Erzählung die Geschichte sehr nahegebracht.
A brilliant experience to go to. We went at the end of December and it was obvious that the place wasn't as active as it would be in summer but despite this, it was still a very good and very informative experience.
I really enjoyed learning about the people of Ulster and their experiences of moving to America in the 1800s and how they lives differed in the new world.
The staff are clearly very passionate and knowledgeable and we're very happy to engage with the children and answer questions we had.
Will definitely go again when we are next in the area.
Visited 03/01/2021 - booked online (gift aid tickets purchased to support) even though weather wasn’t great, the reception team and the indoor elements were great to start off the visit. Then three themes to visit from old world to the journey and then new world. We had a pram with us and I’d say 95% of the houses/buildings have accessible entrances if standard entrance has just steps. The volunteers/staff are super friendly and we even got treated to some fruit loaf and spiced pumpkin bread as we went around. The visitor centre also has a gift shop area and also a cafe area (a hint if you want a jacket potato they take 6 minutes each and can’t be done more than one at a time, cafe staff were busy and apologetic about wait) I would highly recommend the hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Definitely worth visiting ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Quick Facts About Ulster American Folk Park

The Ulster American Folk Park has several strengths that make it a worthwhile place to visit. Firstly, it is described as a "very good" open-air museum with many old houses. The park is well laid out and never boring, providing visitors with a comprehensive insight into the lives of the old Irish people and their emigration to America. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Ireland and its connection to the United States.
Next, the park is highly praised for its presentation and level of information. Many visitors find it to be a "lovingly designed" and "very informative" museum. The exhibits effectively convey the experiences of the Ulster people who migrated to America in the 1800s and the differences between their lives in the old and new worlds. The park successfully brings the history close to visitors through storytelling and immersive experiences.
Additionally, the park is well-suited for families with children. It is described as a "great facility" and "good for children." The large grounds and interactive exhibits provide plenty of opportunities for kids to learn and engage with the history. This makes it an ideal destination for family outings and educational experiences.
Furthermore, the staff at the park receive high praise for their passion, knowledge, and willingness to engage with visitors. They are described as "friendly" and "helpful," particularly towards children. This level of customer service contributes to a positive experience for visitors and adds value to the overall visit.
On the other hand, the park also has a weakness that has been highlighted by a negative review. One visitor expressed disappointment and frustration because they arrived at the park 12 minutes after the last entry time and were not allowed to enter. This rigidity in closing times may be seen as a downside for some visitors who may wish to have a more flexible schedule or who have unexpected delays.
In conclusion, the Ulster American Folk Park is a highly recommended destination with many strengths. It offers a well-designed open-air museum experience, providing a comprehensive understanding of Irish history and emigration to America. The park is informative, suitable for families with children, and has passionate and knowledgeable staff. However, the strict closing time may be seen as a weakness by those who desire more flexibility in their visit. Nonetheless, the positive aspects outweigh the negative and make the park a worthwhile place to visit.

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