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730 Apollo Dr #150, Lino Lakes, MN 55014 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Turbo Nails

Strengths: - Polite and accommodating staff: The staff at Turbo Nails are described as polite and accommodating by multiple commenters. This is a strength as it creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere for customers. - Long-standing establishment: One commenter mentions that they have been going to Turbo Nails for years. This indicates that the salon has built a reputation and a loyal customer base over time. - Welcoming and friendly atmosphere: Another commenter mentions that everyone at Turbo Nails is very welcoming. This is a strength as it contributes to a positive customer experience and encourages customers to return.
Weaknesses: - Inconsistent quality of pedicures: One commenter mentions that their pedicure wasn't the best work, although they acknowledge that their toenails were very short. This weakness suggests that the quality of service can vary and may not always meet customer expectations. - Gel polish chipping quickly: Another commenter states that their gel polish started chipping after only 10 days, despite not using their hands frequently. This indicates a weakness in the longevity and durability of the gel polish used at Turbo Nails. - Long wait times: One commenter mentions that they had to wait for almost two hours to get their nails re-dipped. This signifies a weakness in the efficiency and timeliness of the salon, as excessive wait times can lead to customer dissatisfaction. - Lack of cleanliness: One negative comment highlights that the employees did not clean their work station during the service and left old nail clippings and dip shavings under the customer's hands. This weakness suggests a lack of attention to cleanliness and hygiene standards, which can be off-putting for customers. - Inexperienced employees and poor service: One commenter had a negative experience with an employee who they described as uneducated and unsatisfactory in their work. The employee did not clean their work station, made the nails lumpy, and did not shape them properly. This weakness highlights a lack of employee training and professionalism, leading to subpar service.
Overall, Turbo Nails has strengths in terms of its polite and accommodating staff, its long-standing establishment, and its welcoming atmosphere. However, there are weaknesses in the inconsistent quality of pedicures, the short-lived durability of gel polish, long wait times, lack of cleanliness, and the inexperience and poor service provided by some employees. It is important for Turbo Nails to address these weaknesses to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation in the industry.

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This pedicure wasn't their best work but my toe nails were really short. I have been going here for years. It is always a good time. The staff are all polite and accommodating. I really appreciate this establishment. ????
Got the gel pink and white 10days ago the top coat is chipping and I don't use my hands that's often. Sad because I paid $180 with tip for hands and feet. I've had others last longer for much cheaper. They were nice and open during blizzard.
The manager Mandy is amazing! She always takes her time to make sure the nails look great. Her friendly demeanor is appreciated ????
Great experience!! Everyone is very welcoming and knows what they are doing. Nails turned out great for my vacation - looking forward to new set after I come back!
It's my second time here today and I had a great experience! Their nail art is unmatched. I'm never going anywhere else in the area! They did great job fir my manicure and pedicure!
Got liquid gel done on a Tuesday, two days later the thumb nail is cracked and chipped among several other nails with cracks in them. Not thrilled.
They did fix the chips and cracks for free, HOWEVER, less than a week later the same nail chipped off just from picking up a small 6"x6" shelf board that I was putting together. I will not be going back to turbo nails.
I went in to get my nails re-dipped and I’ve never regretted anything more. I sat there for almost two hours just to leave with worse nails than I had coming in (my nails were grown out and I was missing one and they still looked better). I don’t even know the employees name but she was not educated AT ALL. She did not clean her work station at any point, my old nails clippings and all the dip shavings laid under my hands the whole time. Their dip process is far off from any other place I’ve been to, and I had to ask if they were going to remain as LUMPY as she made them and she told me she had to shape them still?? She then proceeded to sand them down, which just started chipping off the dip making my nails looking like craters. She just kept sanding and sanding and sanding to the point I finally asked if she would just stop because they’re only getting worse. She told me she was messing up so bad because she had to keep answering the phone, which she did EIGHT times, and told me I don’t have to pay them but to come back tomorrow. I will not be going back and would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. Worst salon experience I’ve ever had and I’ve been getting my nails done for over 3 years.
First time we visiting. Nice friendly service in a clean environment. My 8 year granddaughter had a mini pedicure and her hand nails polished. They were nice to both of us and our gals did a great job.

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