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Tranquility Spa

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1655 Boston Rd # B8, Springfield, MA 01129 United States of America
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Worst nail place I've ever been to in my life. Save your time & money. Service was so bad: I had a lot of tiny bumps on my nails after she painted them and I asked "nail tech" if she could buff and repaint them to make them smooth like the other. She immeditely had an attitude and blamed it on the nail polish, stated she wasn't going to paint them again, got up all mad and they moved me to another "nail tech." Other "nail tech" asked what was wrong with me stating that they were done nicely - they're not she didn't fix them, I had to schedule another appointment with another salon to fix. Never ever going again to this place.
I had to get my nails done for a wedding and my original nail place had no open appointments so I decided to try this place. I must say I have fairly pleased with the outcome of my nails. I would recommend giving them a try.
I wouldn't even give it 1 star! Terrible service ???? n never leave happy. It's been 9 days since my 60.00 full set with no design or stones n the nx day 2 nails completely broke half way threw my nails! My nails looked like a 5 years old did them! Bulky... not shaped... my GEL THAT I PD 15 FOR IS CHIPPING IN EVERY NAIL! IM NOT HAPPY AT ALL
0-Stars! :( sad today’s experience rocked my world took my daughter on her first nail spa date for her nails and they made a mockery! Awful staff and attendant did not desire to do my toddler nails then lied and staff became nasty ???? I was embarrassed after their stunning work with me. I understand some cultures decry toddlers my child was well behaved even as I had my Deluxe pedicure! One staff was loud and was I’ll-mannered towards me and my daughter making a scene when All the while the staff created the confusion! I and my daughter will not be back!
don’t waste your time here. I came here before Christmas and they told me they can’t do my nails.
I just thought to try them again with my mom And they told her they can’t do her nails either. For what ever their reason is they don’t want to do repairs or do the work we’re asking for. We need strong nails not nails that break after 2 days.
Nice staff but my nails came out horrrrible. Bulky, uneven, not shaped, chipped the same night on each nail. Again they were very sweet but I would never go back here again as it is not worth the high prices.
Terrible! The nail tech left my gel manicure all lumpy and also rigid and rough on the sides. When he was cutting the cuticles is was painful. Also, they should brush up on their customer service skills! Do not do your nails here you will regret it.
They did a decent job on my nails, other than the fact that i felt the nail tech was rushing and one of my thumbnails has bumps in it.. but when i got a set of acrylics it was supposed to be $25.. the guy changed my polish to gel without asking me and it ended up being like $40.. not cool. they need to tell their clients what’s going on. what if i didn’t have enough money to cover that?!

Quick Facts About Tranquility Spa

Strengths: 1. Decent job on nails: Despite some negative reviews, one comment mentioned that they were fairly pleased with the outcome of their nails. This suggests that the spa is capable of providing satisfactory nail services to some customers. 2. Nice staff: Multiple comments mentioned that the staff at Tranquility Spa were nice and sweet. This indicates that the employees have a friendly demeanor and create a welcoming atmosphere for customers. 3. Availability: One comment mentioned that they were able to get an appointment at Tranquility Spa when their original salon was fully booked. This suggests that the spa may have good availability and flexibility in terms of scheduling appointments.
Weaknesses: 1. Poor service: Several comments described the service at Tranquility Spa as terrible, awful, and embarrassing. Customers mentioned incidents such as rude behavior from the staff, refusal to fix mistakes, and rushed service. These negative experiences indicate a consistent pattern of poor customer service. 2. Inconsistent quality: Many comments mentioned issues with the quality of the nail services provided at Tranquility Spa. Customers complained about issues such as lumpy and uneven nails, chipped polish, and painful cuticle cutting. This inconsistency in quality suggests a lack of attention to detail and proper training. 3. Lack of communication: One comment mentioned that the spa changed the nail service without informing the customer, resulting in an unexpected price increase. This lack of communication and transparency in informing customers about changes in services can lead to dissatisfaction and financial inconvenience. 4. Lack of skill: Some customers mentioned issues with the skill level of the nail technicians at Tranquility Spa. Complaints included nails not being smooth, bulky, not shaped properly, and breaking easily. These issues indicate that the technicians may lack the necessary skills and expertise to provide high-quality nail services. 5. Unprofessional behavior: One comment mentioned that a staff member at the spa was ill-mannered and loud, which led to a negative experience for the customer and her daughter. Unprofessional behavior like this can create a hostile and uncomfortable environment for customers. 6. Lack of specialization: One comment mentioned that the spa refused to do repairs or the specific work the customer requested. This suggests that Tranquility Spa may not specialize in certain nail services or be equipped to handle certain customer requests.
In conclusion, Tranquility Spa has some strengths such as a friendly staff and availability, but it also has significant weaknesses including poor service, inconsistent quality, lack of communication, lack of skill, unprofessional behavior, and a lack of specialization. These weaknesses indicate that the spa may not be the best option for customers seeking high-quality and satisfactory nail services.


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