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Quick Facts About Top Nail & Tanning Salon

Top Nail & Tanning Salon has received a wide range of feedback from customers, showcasing both strengths and weaknesses of their services.
One of the strengths mentioned by a customer is the quick and efficient service. The customer, who was a first-time visitor, mentioned that they received professional results in a short amount of time. This indicates that the salon is able to deliver quality work without wasting their customers' time. Additionally, the prices were deemed reasonable, indicating that the salon offers good value for money.
Another strength highlighted by a customer is the skill of the technician. They mentioned that compared to past technicians they have experienced, William's work was impeccable. This suggests that the salon has skilled and talented technicians who can deliver top-notch results.
The salon also receives praise for their gentle and pain-free services. One customer mentions that in the past, technicians have hurt their cuticles while getting a full set of acrylic nails. However, at Top Nail & Tanning Salon, the technician was gentle and did not hurt them once. This indicates that the salon prioritizes customer comfort and takes extra care during their services. Additionally, the outstanding pedicure mentioned by the same customer suggests that the salon excels in providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
On the other hand, there are also weaknesses mentioned by customers that need to be addressed. One customer mentions that they had a horrible experience as a walk-in customer. There were only two technicians on duty, resulting in long wait times. Additionally, the customer was not informed that some of the people coming in after them had appointments, leading to frustration and disappointment. This suggests that the salon needs to improve their communication and staffing to better handle walk-in customers.
Another weakness highlighted by a customer is the quality of the eyelash extensions. The customer mentioned that their eyelashes were hard, stuck together, and caused discomfort. This indicates that the salon may need to improve their technique and ensure that the eyelash extensions are applied properly and comfortably.
Furthermore, there are conflicting opinions regarding the durability of the salon's nail polish. One customer mentions that the gel polish did not last long, lasting only a week and a half or less. This suggests that the salon may need to improve the quality or longevity of their gel nail polishes. However, another customer mentions that the regular nail polish offered by the salon lasts longer. This conflicting feedback may indicate inconsistency in the quality of their nail polish services.
Overall, Top Nail & Tanning Salon has strengths in terms of quick and efficient service, skilled technicians, and pain-free experiences. However, weaknesses such as long wait times, subpar eyelash extensions, and inconsistent nail polish durability need to be addressed for the salon to improve its overall customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Not a good experience at all! The technician took a total of 16 minutes to do my pedicure. Massaged my feet and legs for a total of 2 minutes! Definitely will not be going back!
I really enjoyed my experience at being a first-time customer. I got professional results in a short amount of time. The prices were reasonable I definitely got what I paid for. It's the first time in a long time I did not leave upset with the results. William was very kind quick and his work is impeccable compared 2 past technicians I've dealt with. I am definitely going back.
I haven't had a full set of acrylic nails im 15 years. I was a little apprehensive because in the past some technicians would hurt my cuticles. The technician I had was so gentle and did not hurt me once! It was the best experience I've ever had with a new full set of nails. I also got a pedicure and it was outstanding as well! Will definitely use them again.
Pedicures are awesome! Very relaxing and friendly
Used for years and the last time I went the tech broke my nail then charged me to fix it! Also tired of salons advertising regular polish but refusing to use anything other than gel and charging an extra +$10 for it.
Horrible experience! Was a walk-in and there were only two technicians on duty. There were two people ahead of me and three more came in after me. What you failed to let us know is that two of the three that came in after me had appointments. I found this out after waiting over an hour and believing I was next when the two before me left. This is no way to do business! In the future, it would be nice if you let your customers know that people coming through the door have appointments so it will be a long wait and hire more technicians to take care of the walk-ins like myself. I'll never be back!
Eyelashes are hard and stuck together.took her all of 5-10 minutes to put them on and they hurt. First time getting extensions but I’m sure they’re not supposed to be glued together at the eyelid ????????‍♀️
Prices were fair just seem like their regular nail polish last longer than their gel nails. The lady that does the lashes does them well. I personally didn't like the fact the gel polish didn't last long and when I say didn't last long it last maybe a week and a half or less. I love my pedicure I notice some do them faster as if they are in a rush and some take their time with doing pedicures. I will give them another try probably just not with gel nail polish.

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