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Toast By The Coast

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8-10 East St, Shoreham-by-Sea BN43 5ZE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Toast By The Coast

Toast By The Coast, based on the comments provided, has a few notable strengths and weaknesses. Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that the staff were super helpful, attentive, and friendly. This is crucial in creating a positive dining experience as it makes customers feel welcomed and valued. Additionally, the lunch options were praised, particularly for accommodating fussy eaters. This demonstrates the restaurant's ability to cater to a diverse range of tastes and dietary preferences. The menu was also highly regarded, with one customer mentioning that it was really good. Having a well-crafted menu is important in attracting customers and ensuring they have a variety of appealing options to choose from. Another strength mentioned was the quality of the coffee, with one customer describing it as top-notch. Good-quality coffee is often sought after by customers and can contribute to their overall satisfaction with the establishment. Lastly, the teddy bear hot chocolate was a hit and received praise from multiple customers, showing that the restaurant is capable of creating unique and enjoyable beverages.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one customer expressed concerns about cleanliness. They noticed that the counter, till area, and card machine were grubby, as were the toilets. Additionally, the counter against the window was described as filthy. Cleanliness is a crucial aspect of any dining establishment as it directly affects the perception of customers and can impact their overall experience. Another issue mentioned was confusion and inefficiency during the ordering process. One customer noted that the staff didn't seem to know how to work the till properly, and there was an overcharged item that needed to be refunded. Efficient and accurate service is essential for a smooth dining experience. Additionally, there was a mix-up with the customer's order and they were asked if it was their breakfast, despite having ordered it from the same person. This lack of clarity and communication can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Another weakness mentioned was the quality of the breakfast. While the sausages were praised, the hash brown was described as soggy and the poached eggs were overcooked. Inconsistency in food quality can be disappointing for customers, especially when the prices are considered expensive. Finally, one customer described a negative interaction with the owner/manager, who was rude when approached about the issues faced. Negative interactions with staff and management can significantly impact a customer's perception of the establishment.
In conclusion, Toast By The Coast has some commendable strengths, such as friendly staff, a good lunch menu, top-notch coffee, and enjoyable beverages. However, there are several weaknesses that should be addressed, including cleanliness concerns, inefficiencies during the ordering process, inconsistencies in food quality, and negative customer interactions with management. Addressing these weaknesses can significantly improve the overall dining experience at Toast By The Coast and help build a strong reputation among customers.

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Super helpful, attentive and friendly staff. Great lunch, especially with our two fussy little eaters. Really good menu and top notch coffee. Had a great breakfast ciabatta. We all loved the teddy bear hot chocolate too. Will be back to try the milkshakes x
Popped in for a quick bite of breakfast whilst the car was in for some work and chose to go to the middle of the three coffee shops in the main pedestrian area opposite the bridge because it was the least busy. Attractive frontage compared to the rather worn Teddy's next door but some rather niggling issues. Firstly, cleanliness. Just standing at the till to order, the counter, till area and card machine itself were grubby, I later used the toilets and they were similar. Sitting at the table I was, I could also see that the counter against the window edge was filthy. Secondly, the order was taken at the till and the girl was friendly enough but didn't really seem to know how to work the till too well, I later got a refund for an overcharged item, no problem, it happens. The funniest part is where I sat outside with absolutely no other person out there, and I was asked whether it was my breakfast, by the same girl who I ordered it from, apparently I 'had moved.' The breakfast itself was just about OK, but the hash brown was soggy. The sausages however were delicious, good quality. I do need to thank the lady who pointed out I had left my coat behind! When you're stuck between two other Cafés you really have to raise the bar a bit higher.
Fantastic cafe with great seating area. Loads on the menu including toasties and sandwiches. Currently ordering inside, takes contacless payment. Loads of tasty looking pastries and cakes inside that aren't mentioned on the menu which is a shame as they may be missed. Prices good and their milkshakes are lovely. Service excellent
Really good coffee and hot chocolate soy milkshake was really creamy thick smooth ice-cream but got the ice-cream order wrong completely but then quickly correct it and the social distancing was good with full PPE kit????
Unfortunately we were pretty unimpressed with our recent visit to Toast on the Coast. I would normally complain at the time but I didn’t feel like any of the young girls working would be able to help me as it was more of a pricing issue than anything else. Although the staff didn’t really speak but in itself that’s not really an issue and fully appreciate its tough working all day in a mask.
When looking at the menu there was a lack of vegetarian breakfast options in terms of full veggie breakfasts so we went for the toast with extras, which I may add has no price next to it. We ordered scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms and one poached eggs on toast plus a coffee and a tea. The total bill was nearly £19, we paid and sat down. We then went back and queried it as it seemed expensive and the girl serving just gave us a receipt. The receipt told us that the poached eggs were over £6.30 and scrambled egg was nearer £7. I may be wrong but that seems a lot for what was basic , and nothing special egg on toast. The scrambled eggs were ok but the poached eggs were more like hard boiled eggs. When we walked out we saw people eating veggie breakfasts outside the next door cafe which looked delicious so we will be going there next time.
Popped in for coffee and cake while in the High Street. Comfy inside and there is seating upstairs too. We could also have had maybe breakfast, sausage rolls or cake although we didn't on this occasion.
After waiting in a very slow queue and a long time for our food everything came out wrong, the staff didn’t seem to even know what they were serving and gave me someone else’s bagel when I had ordered toast. We saw at least 4 other people taking their food back because it was either cold/ wrong during the hour we sat there! The breakfast came to £25- definitely not worth the money.
I didn't add this in my original review but due to the response below I will add that we did talk to the owner/ manager in person and he was very rude. My intentions behind writing a review on Google and Trip Advisor is to warn other locals (or visitors) of the service and food we experienced. I am glad to hear that this isn't a reflection on your everyday service.
Hi owner,
I and on other in the party had a fry up, the poached eggs were hardboiled and solid in the middle. My partner had poached eggs on toast the same happened to hers. She ended up just eating the toast and leaving the eggs as did myself and the other party member.
The breakfast took so long to come we couldn't be bothered to complain and to be honest shouldn't have too, the eggs should never of been plated.
Another member of our party had to wait 40 mins after our first breakfast was delivered to the table to get their food.
3 of the Teaspoons provided with the coffees were dirty on arrival.
So I think a one star review is pretty fair. But
I will happily amend the review if you think that is too harsh.

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