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1303 Metro Ave, Gallup, NM 87301 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I just moved back from Tennessee and I hate having to shop for nail salons and hair dressers. I tried out this place the first time and she did my nails SO AMAZINGLY. She perfected them to a T and was extra and gentle. I am obsessed with how my nails came out and I’m so glad I don’t have to shop around because I will be coming here every time!!! ABSOLUTELY recommend!!
First off, the place has a horrible smell of smoke and even though I had a 4-ply layered mask on, I could still smell the horrible stench
Secondly, I wasted 2 hours to come out with these awful claws.
I started off with a male and showed him the design I wanted. Half way through I was switched over to lady who clearly does a half a** job and does nothing to satisfy customers but say “I can’t do that, I can’t do that” without bothering to TRY. The design I was requesting was simple tiny hearts and she tells me she can’t do it, all she could do was make the hearts backwards and not the way I requested from the beginning. At this point, she told me think of what I wanted and she left me to help another customer with her eyebrows, this was very disrespectful as she was helping me first and just up and left. Once she returned I told her, if I knew from the beginning if I wouldn’t be getting the design I wanted then I would have not come here. She then says “well what do you want them off” I told her “yes I might as well since you can’t even try to make the hearts the right way” at this point she clipped off the acrylics at an ugly angle and this is what I left with. I requested her to at least cut it off better and she says “I don’t want to touch you”
Some other things I noticed while I wasted 2 hours there, another lady had to complain about the price of her daughters nails because the QUALITY was not there. Additionally, a customer had to tell the same disrespectful lady there she had to fix her eyebrows because they were uneven after she had paid. Luckily this young lady noticed it as she was still waiting around with her family.
Would not recommend, uneven nails, wrong color, top coat partially on nail.. not enough effort clearly shown.
Full set nails - Service was bad, was required to pay full, hand polish was awful! Not going back!
Sadly I am writing this review on a business I have given my business to for over 15 years. Today I experienced a very bad customer service. I was treated unfairly and was publicly humiliated by owner Jeannie and Ty. As their longtime customer and friend on FB I had to unfriend them due to what happened. When I got to Tip Top there was no one sitting in the pedicure section and about 3 in the manicure section. And 2 sitting in the chair. I waited for about 10 min and they called one of the ladies to the pedicure section. Then another lady showed up, another lady with a child, and then 2 other ladies. They all were placed in the pedicure section because Jennie said they all had appointments. Thereafter Ty asked me to come back at 3 pm in which it was 11 am. This didnt feel right so I asked Jeannie what was going on. She then started to yell at me saying that no one wanted to do my nails because I was not happy last time. Later on she changed her story and said it was because I was scared to have them do my nails and they were all scared of me. (I told her this back when the Navajo Nation numbers were high) She was saying all this in front of all the customers that were there not caring how she was treating me and what she was saying. Anyhow to confirm if the other customers had appointments I went up to each and asked if they had appointments, they all did not have any. Thereafter, I just left because of how upset they made me and then Ty call me via FB more than 6 times in a row and finally messaged me about my payment. I had left 3 cards where there was stamps from previous business. I asked what the discount was going to be. Ty would not answer me. I did not want to treat them the way they treated me so I paid her full via FB. I am writing this review because I have always recommended Tip Top Nail to all my family and friends and other people I had talked to. This review is to warn you about what can happen regardless of how long you have done business with a business and how ungrateful/unappreciative a business can be.
Probably the worst nail salon in Gallup .. lady was done with my halfa** pedi in 9 minutes!! I know .. couldn't believe it either .. terrible would NOT recommend ????
I have been going to tiptop for years and I'm always taken care off. but I have noticed there customer service is getting bad. this weekend was the worse. it was girls day for me, my mother and daughter. they made my mom nails bleed they said they we sorry, burn my daughter eye brow and her gel polish came off the same day and they didn't try to fix it and wanted us to still pay full price. I mean we were regulars there, idk if I want to go back after that. but it was 1 day day for all of us.
Fast service. Sanitation procedures are followed. The chair I sat in for a pedicure didn't work. My nail tech was rude to another customer. She just tossed her ponytail when the customer told her she just wanted to see the (nail polish) colors. I think their prices are the most decent in town. It's not decorated like the one across the road. Overall, good enough.

Quick Facts About Tip Top Nails

Tip Top Nails has received a mix of positive and negative feedback from customers. Let us analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the salon based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, one customer who recently moved back from Tennessee had an amazing experience. They praised the salon for their excellent nail services and mentioned that they would continue coming to Tip Top Nails in the future. This positive review signifies that the salon has the ability to provide exceptional nail services and satisfy their customers.
Moreover, another customer mentioned that the sanitation procedures are followed at the salon. This is important as it ensures that the salon maintains cleanliness and prioritizes the health and safety of their customers.
Additionally, a customer appreciated the fast service provided by the salon. Quick service is often desirable for customers who are looking to save time and get their nails done efficiently.
Furthermore, a commenter mentioned that Tip Top Nails has relatively affordable prices compared to other salons in town. This could be a competitive advantage for the salon, as customers are always on the lookout for good value for their money.
Moving on to the weaknesses of Tip Top Nails, one customer had a terrible experience and strongly advised against visiting the salon. They mentioned a foul smell of smoke, which suggests a lack of proper ventilation in the salon. This could be discomforting for customers who are sensitive to smells or who prefer a clean and fresh environment.
Moreover, the same customer had their nails done poorly, with uneven nails, the wrong color, and top coat only partially applied. This indicates that the quality of service at the salon may not always be consistent or up to the standards expected by customers.
Additionally, the customer mentioned disrespectful behavior from the nail technician. The technician did not make an effort to fulfill the customer's request and simply refused to try. Furthermore, the technician left the customer unattended to help another customer, which is unprofessional and disrespectful.
Another customer commented on the bad customer service they received after being a longtime customer of the salon. They were publicly humiliated by the owner and left feeling mistreated. This indicates that the salon may not prioritize the satisfaction and well-being of their loyal customers.
Furthermore, a customer mentioned witnessing rude behavior from a nail technician towards another customer. This is not acceptable and suggests a lack of professionalism and customer service training among the salon's employees.
In conclusion, the strengths of Tip Top Nails include their ability to provide excellent nail services, follow sanitation procedures, provide fast service, and offer relatively affordable prices. On the other hand, the weaknesses include a foul smell of smoke, poor quality of service, disrespectful behavior from the staff, and incidents of rude behavior towards customers. Based on the feedback provided, it is recommended to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and perception of Tip Top Nails.


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