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The Robert Peel

+44 161 764 7287
5-10 Market Pl, Bury BL9 0LD United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

No longer a Spoons. The bar was sold recently but apart from management little has changed. Same low prices and near identical menu. Very regimented interior and excellent real ale served by friendly staff. Good pint of Bowland Pheasant Plucker. ( From the famous tongue twister ... one I can do .. unlike red lorry yellow lorry!)
The breakfast a touch bland .so lost 2 points .price was good .so gained a point. The tables were a bit sticky .
So lost a point atmosphere good. Not far from the center .
It's the Spoons so you sort of know what you're getting food beer and ambiance. This Spoons one is up to the usual standards. We visited early lunch and it was perfectly acceptable, plenty busy. With people eating and not being idiots.
One of the few places I'd recommend in Bury for Lunch (Bury has a dearth of decent mid range places)
Not bad, new owners seem to be treating the place well. But it is very quiet now.
Expect to potentially be the only one in on a quiet night
The last 2 times I've been they've also closed early (20:00)
Nice decent sized pub that serves food. Staff are helpful and it's relatively easy to order food. The prices are good and the food came out in good time.
They have a large selection of beer with plenty of seating.
The pub looked clean enough and well kept.
Large pub, but felt quite cosy inside. Drinks are very reasonably priced & the bar staff were pleasant. Worth a try if you're in Bury,
Popped in for a spot of breckie and a light ale. Food was served fairly quickly. I had been told there was no eggs and offered a choice of extras. I opted for extra sausage. There was 4 sausages, 4 crispy hash browns, beans, 2 lean bacon and mushrooms and two toast. It was good but my only slight complaint is the food wasn’t hot. By the time I was nearly finished the beans had gone cold. I did furnish it off though. The pub itself is a typical weatherspoons. Not a bad place.
I visited this pub on a Saturday evening and would recommend a visit. Freindly atmosphere from staff to patrons. I didn't purchase any food although I noticed several other couples that had done. The drinks are excellent value for my money. Staff always on hand to clear empty glasses & clean tables tops. DJ and Karree Okay ???? if this is you
I'd recommend a spending a night out at The Robert Peel ????????????????️

Quick Facts About The Robert Peel

The Robert Peel Place, formerly known as a Wetherspoons, has experienced a change in ownership recently. However, this transition has not brought significant changes to the bar, as the menu and low prices have remained the same. The interior design of the pub is described as regimented, which suggests a lack of character or uniqueness in its decor. On the positive side, the pub is known for serving excellent real ale and having friendly staff. The Robert Peel Place is also conveniently located near the center of Bury.
One strength of The Robert Peel Place is its consistency. As a former Wetherspoons, customers know what to expect in terms of food, beer, and ambiance. This consistency is seen as a positive aspect, as the pub lives up to the usual standards and is perfectly acceptable for an early lunch. Additionally, the pub is recommended as one of the few decent mid-range places to have lunch in Bury, indicating that it stands out among its competitors.
The relatively low prices and helpful staff are also notable strengths. The pub offers reasonably priced food and a large selection of beer, making it an affordable option for patrons. The staff are described as pleasant and helpful, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere.
However, there are some weaknesses identified by the comments. One customer noted that the breakfast was a touch bland and the tables were sticky. While the price of the breakfast was good, these factors resulted in a loss of points. Another customer mentioned that the pub can be very quiet, to the extent that you might be the only one there on a quiet night. This lack of atmosphere could be seen as a weakness, especially for those seeking a vibrant pub experience.
Furthermore, the pub has been known to close early, with one comment mentioning a closing time of 20:00. This limited opening hours can be seen as a disadvantage for those looking for a late-night option.
In terms of the food, one customer mentioned that their breakfast wasn't hot and the beans had gone cold by the time they finished eating. This suggests a lack of attention to detail in food preparation and service.
Overall, The Robert Peel Place has some strengths, such as consistent standards, reasonable prices, friendly staff, and a convenient location. However, there are also weaknesses, including bland breakfast options, sticky tables, limited atmosphere, early closing times, and issues with food temperature. These weaknesses may impact the overall dining experience at The Robert Peel Place, and potential customers should consider them when deciding whether to visit.

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