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The Real Italian Ice Cream Co

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17 York St, Bath BA1 1NG United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About The Real Italian Ice Cream Co

The Real Italian Ice Cream Co in Bath, England is a popular spot known for its delicious gelato and ice cream flavors. Reviewers have praised the large portion sizes and the overall quality of the products. However, there are also some criticisms regarding the high prices, the wait times, the quality of certain food items, and the customer service.
One of the main strengths of The Real Italian Ice Cream Co is the quality and taste of their ice cream. Reviewers have consistently mentioned that the gelato and ice cream flavors are delicious and rich. They appreciate the fact that the ice cream is made fresh, although there are some comments suggesting that it may be made with artificial flavorings. Additionally, the option to try different flavors before making a final decision is a positive aspect that customers appreciate. The unique and creamy flavors offered by the establishment are also highly praised.
The location of the shop is another strength, as it is conveniently situated near the Bath Abbey and the cathedral. Reviewers mention that it is easy to find, being located on a street just south of the church square. The presence of an Italian pizzeria nearby adds to the convenience and ensures that customers can easily locate the ice cream shop.
However, there are several weaknesses that have been mentioned by customers. One of the major criticisms is the high price of the ice cream. Several reviewers express their discontent with the price they have to pay for just two flavors of ice cream, with some considering it to be excessively expensive. This high price may deter potential customers from visiting the shop, especially if they are on a tight budget.
Another weakness is the quality of certain food items. Some reviewers mention that the waffles served at the shop were undercooked, while others comment on the chewiness and hardness of the second waffle that was made for them. The poor quality of the waffles may reflect poorly on the overall experience for some customers. Additionally, one reviewer complains about the Napolitana pizza being extremely salty and the poor service they received when they brought it up with the staff. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of the food served at The Real Italian Ice Cream Co.
Customer service is also a weakness that has been mentioned in some reviews. One customer mentions feeling unwelcome upon entering the shop, with the staff exhibiting a rude and unhelpful attitude. The reviewer describes the encounter as a negative experience and expresses their disappointment with the lack of professionalism from the staff. Another customer mentions the uncleanliness of the shop during a slow night, which may indicate a lack of attention to cleanliness and hygiene.
In conclusion, The Real Italian Ice Cream Co in Bath has several strengths, such as its delicious ice cream flavors and convenient location. However, there are weaknesses that should be addressed, including the high prices, inconsistencies in food quality, and poor customer service. These weaknesses may affect the overall experience for customers and potentially deter them from revisiting the shop.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Italienisches Eis in England, ist eigentlich schon ein Widerspruch in sich, aber dieser hier in Bath ist wirklich sehr sehr gut und die Portionen sind richtig groß, ohne Überladen zu wirken.
Wir haben hier verschiedene angebotene Produkte versucht und ich muss einfach sagen: Sie waren ALLE sehr lecker.
Wer die Kathedrale besucht, einfach südlich unterhalb des Kirchplatzes die Straße Richtung Osten weitergehen, dann läuft man automatisch an dieser Eisdiele vorbei. Davor ist noch eine italienische Pizzeria, kann man also fast nicht verfehlen.
Direkt an dem Dreiecksverkehr, ist die alte Glocke auf dem Mittelstück zu sehen.
Das Eis mag ja vielleicht frisch gemacht sein, aber nur mit Aromastoffen. Bei dem Preis von 3,35 £ für zwei Sorten ist dies nur unverschämt teuer. Wir waren als Gruppe dort und ich konnte somit 6 Sorten probieren von denen keine überzeugte.
My partner got a milkshake which was lovely. But we waited 30 minutes for an undercooked waffle. The staff there made another one for us which was nice. But the second one was very chewy and hard. It would have been better if they use waffle batter for it
I came here for the gelato because it seems that’s what they are known for. It was delicious. The staff was kind enough to allow me to try a couple of flavors first before making my final decision. They do take credit card payments now as well. When I come back to bath I’ll definitely be visiting here again. I got the dulce de leche and cream. Can’t go wrong with that combination.
Pasta Canollini was really good but the Napolitana pizza was extremely bad and salty. I asked the servers if the pizza is this salty, they said its the anchovies thats super salty and sorry. But had to remove all of it as they wouldn’t take it back or change it. Pizza issue could be limited to just that one but service can be better. I wouldn’t want my customer to suffer through salty food.
How is it possible to come into a store laughing and enjoying your evening with your friends, when it is even raining, and within 1 minute the person at the till, last night, ruined your next 20 minutes. We walked in and their grunt as a welcome was as if we disturbed them for coming for ice cream. I personally could not find any flavor with the catch of my eye that I like. Asked if there was Pistachio, grunt again, only what's here (or something like that) is what I heard. I asked for a 3rd small spoon of tasting and was rudely stated only 2 per person but I was given a 3rd. I offered to pay more at the till for the major steal I just performed in broad daylight but got another grunt. Long story short, the person needs to be trained again? I will not visit again this place. Plus it was very dirty for a slow night. Oh, I didn't even get what I ordered. I asked for mango and vanilla. Only got vanilla x2! Btw, the ice cream was good. Not like in Rome, but good.
Rich and creamy unique flavours of Ice cream a short walk away from the bath abbey. A must visit for all ice cream lovers!
Amazing amazing, best ice cream we have had in UK. If you love ice cream, you Definitely need to stop here.

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