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The One Hair Salon

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33-17 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11103 United States of America
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At first i went into a consultation at another salon called Art Room Hair Spa (not too far from this salon) They told me repeatedly it was impossible to get a blonde balayage with the dyed jet black hair i already had but they can try with the price of $460. i left as that was an unreasonable price. When I walked into The One Hair Salon as a walk in, I was greeted with kindness and got sat right away. Gordon took care of me, he did not once say it was impossible to achieve my hair goal. He was patient and kind. He made sure he tried to the best of his capabilities. He checked up on me numerous times, asking me if I was okay, if I was tired, if I needed water or any drinks. I was there from 11am to 5pm. He even offered me candy! He’s the sweetest and extremely professional. All the staff were extremely kind and professional as well. I cannot thank Gordon enough for doing my hair perfectly as he went above and beyond for me! I really do recommend this salon it’s the best ! a hidden gem for sure. they charged me only $200, an extremely affordable price. Thank you Gordon!
Do not go to this salon for a haircut - especially not with the guy with the gray ponytail & shaved sides. I asked for a v- layered cut. What I got was a lopsided mess- plus he cut off half of my hair. When he was done I told him it was shorter on one side and he said no, it wasn’t. I paid for the haircut to just get out of there and he had the audacity to ask for a tip. When I refused and told him that it wasn’t what I wanted or a good job at all. He told me to not come back. My mom came with me and she told him the cut was not correct- keep in mind that we never ONCE raised our voices- I was pretty calm though I could feel the tears coming … from the sadness as well as the anger lol. Anyway, this guy started cursing at us, telling us not to come back cause “he knows my face already” - don’t know if I should take this as a threat or not?? THEN we were already walking out - again never raising our voices & and he starts YELLING that I was picky and that I should style it before saying something. The last thing he yelled was “FUCK YOU”. …. Sooo, honestly this is your fair warning.
I've been coming to this salon for years and figured it was time for a review. After desperately trying to find a salon that didn't charge $100 for a wash and cut, I found The One. Everyone here is super nice, and there's never a wait with walk ins. Wash cut and dry is only $30 and for someone with long hair, that's a miracle in NYC. They'll even trim my bangs for $6 which is a lifesaver. I can't say enough good things about this place and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair!
I am a mother of 4 kids and I have been coming to this hair salon for many years. Today I came in to get my 3 boys a haircut, I asked the guy with a ponytail and gray hair to give my youngest a haircut. My son started to cry and said he didn’t like it since the hairdresser shaved all his hair off. Keep in mind my son was not causing to much of a scene he wasn’t screaming or anything. The hairdresser then started to scream and curse at me stating “Never come back here again”. Their was a lady waiting for them to do her hair and she got up and defended me since this guy was screaming at us to leave while the other hairdressers didn’t say anything. He then made me pay him $70 plus tips. I would give it zero stars if I could. Please avoid this hair salon!
The owner just demanded a tip and he brought out a calculator to show me how much to tip after he raised his prices and charged for stuff I usually don't get charged for.After I said I didn't need him to tell me how much to tip he told me "I didn't need to come back." He continued yelling and cursing.Haha
What a joke.Can't even speak proper English but surely knows to demand tip.Haha
I used to come here a lot and have been a good customer but the treatment I received today was really really bad.Avoid at all costs!
Awesome hair salon! They do a fantastic job every time, have very good rates, and the staff is wonderful. They truly look out for their customers and do their very best to make sure you are happy. Lucky to have them around. Highly recommended!
I couldn't resist the sign that has been up for at least a few weeks now. "$20 for men's haircut."
Steven did a very good job.
Clean salon, not a barber shop, no wait, 20 mins (just like he said it would take) and it was a good haircut! I'll be back.
Great price compared to most places in the area.
Every time I've been there, there's little to no wait time and the gentleman who cut my hair is great at understanding my request.

Quick Facts About The One Hair Salon

The One Hair Salon has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. It is important to note that these comments reflect the personal experiences of individuals and may not be representative of every customer's experience.
1. Affordability: Many customers appreciate the salon's affordable prices for services such as balayage, haircuts, and bang trims. These prices are seen as a great value compared to other salons in the area.
2. Customer service: The staff at The One Hair Salon are described as kind, professional, and attentive. Customers appreciate the personalized attention they receive, such as being offered drinks, candy, and checking in regularly during long appointments.
3. Quality of service: Some customers have had positive experiences with their haircuts and styles, noting that the salon understands their requests and delivers satisfactory results. This demonstrates that the salon is able to provide quality services and meet customer expectations.
4. Short wait times: The salon is praised for having little to no wait time, allowing customers to receive services promptly.
1. Inconsistent haircuts: One customer had a negative experience with a specific hairdresser, who provided an unsatisfactory and lopsided haircut. The customer felt that their concerns were dismissed, and the hairdresser responded inappropriately, cursing and shouting at them. This reflects poor customer service and a lack of professionalism.
2. Communication issues: Another customer mentioned that the owner demanded a tip and became confrontational when the customer expressed their dissatisfaction. The owner's behavior, including yelling and cursing, indicates a lack of effective communication and customer service skills.
3. Limited expertise: The comment about the difficulty of achieving a blonde balayage on jet black hair suggests that the salon may not have as much expertise or experience with certain hair coloring techniques. This can be seen as a weakness in terms of their ability to cater to a wide range of customer needs.
4. Language barrier: A customer expressed frustration with the salon owner's inability to speak proper English. While this may not directly impact the quality of the services provided, it can affect effective communication between the salon and customers, leading to misunderstandings and unpleasant experiences.
In conclusion, The One Hair Salon has strengths in terms of affordability, customer service, and the quality of services provided. However, it also has weaknesses in terms of inconsistent haircuts, communication issues, expertise in certain techniques, and a potential language barrier. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses and strive for consistent and professional service in order to attract and retain satisfied customers.

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