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The Lemon Tart

+44 7311 930625
71 Barbourne Rd, Worcester WR1 1SB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Absolutely delicious food. My husband had the double full english breakfast (yummy black puddings) and I had the coronation chicken sandwich which was well-seasoned and generous in portion.
We ordered a biscoff waffle delivery to arrive the morning of my sibling's birthday and the Lemon Tart very kindly wrote a happy birthday message from us. It was above and beyond and really made the gesture of buying them a birthday breakfast that bit sweeter!!
Incredible customer service and the waffles look beautiful (I'm sad I'm not in Worcester!)
Walked from Worcester through the race course and Gheluvelt Park to The Lemon Tart, about a mile and a half just about right to build up an appetite for a coffee and a snack. Lucky to get a table as it's a not big in size. Warm friendly welcome. Had proper tea pots coffee and a mixture of cakes and breakfeast style choices all of which were good. Locals obviously love his place as take away was going a storm! Would recommend arriving off peak times to get a table or getting take away and returning to the park with take away.. Happy Days :)
Would definitely return.
My husband ordered in our first at home meal for the day he brought our son and I back from hospital.
The Lemon Tart were so so lovely, including a congratulatory message in with some yummi home made biscuts ❤️
Thank you so much for your service, as always ❤️
Well worth a visit, cracking little place.
Run by friendly people, coffee and cakes impessive!
Cooked food looked lovely as well!
As the guy on next table was impressed!!
I have many breakfast from here and they are always amazing fresh and hot and great quality. It's always a nice treat and even better when it's delivered to your door.
Always a friendly welcome here. Sandwich & cappuccino served to a high standard. Wish we could visit more often.
Brilliant little community cafe! In need of coffee and the loo it was recommended to us and what a find. Spotlessly clean and my son voted his hot chocolate,'the best!' My capuchino was fabulous and no question of large or small, I've had soup in a smaller bowl!The aroma of cooking was absent for such a small area,until it was served. Lovely people and they should be proud of giving the community such a great service.

Quick Facts About The Lemon Tart

The Lemon Tart place receives overwhelmingly positive comments in terms of the food quality, customer service, and overall experience. These strengths contribute to its reputation as a brilliant little community cafe.
One of the main strengths of The Lemon Tart place is its delicious food. Customers repeatedly mention the high quality of the food, describing it as fresh, hot, and amazing. The double full English breakfast is specifically highlighted, with one customer praising the black puddings as yummy. The coronation chicken sandwich is also well-received, with one customer mentioning that it was well-seasoned and generous in portion. The positive feedback on the food suggests that The Lemon Tart place has a strong culinary team and a diverse menu that caters to different preferences.
The customer service at The Lemon Tart place is another aspect that receives consistent praise. Multiple comments mention the incredible customer service, with one customer noting that it went above and beyond expectations. The Lemon Tart place was willing to customize the customer's order by writing a happy birthday message on a biscoff waffle delivery, making the birthday surprise even sweeter. The staff is also described as warm and friendly, providing a welcoming atmosphere for customers. The fact that they were commended for their service even during a home delivery suggests that their customer-oriented approach extends beyond the physical cafe.
In addition to the food and service, the atmosphere and environment of The Lemon Tart place are highlighted as strengths. The cafe is described as a cracking little place and a brilliant community cafe. Customers mention that it is clean and well-maintained, contributing to a pleasant dining experience. The cozy size of the cafe is not seen as a weakness, but rather as a charming characteristic that adds to its appeal. The fact that it is recommended by locals and frequently frequented by the community further reinforces its positive reputation.
The Lemon Tart place is also commended for its take-away option. Several comments mention that the cafe is popular for take-away meals, with one customer noting that take-away orders were going a storm. This suggests that the quality of the food remains consistent even for take-away orders, as customers continue to enjoy their meals outside the cafe.
While the comments overwhelmingly emphasize the strengths of The Lemon Tart place, there are no explicit weaknesses mentioned. However, one comment does suggest that arriving during off-peak times or getting take-away may be necessary to secure a table due to the cafe's limited size. This implies that the popularity of The Lemon Tart place may result in limited seating capacity during busy periods.
In conclusion, The Lemon Tart place stands out for its delicious food, incredible customer service, and welcoming atmosphere. The positive comments about the food quality, personalized service, cozy environment, and popularity among the locals showcase its strengths. Although there are no explicit weaknesses mentioned, the limited seating capacity during peak hours indicates a potential challenge for customers looking for a table. Nevertheless, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied customers demonstrates The Lemon Tart place's strengths as a top-notch community cafe.

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