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Edgewood Towne Centre

+1 513-554-1110
1763 S Braddock Ave, Swissvale, PA 15218 United States of America
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Stores of course have changed over the years but Giant Eagle is an extra pleasant one- big but not overwhelming. Dollar Tree, and other good basic stores. There are a lot of interesting stores. I was sad to not find the Restore still there, but was so pleased when saw they were still in area! Restore is on Church St a few doors down from CVS. Truly thrilled to find it again.
There Rainbow store has the best selection of clothes and compared to all the others. Not even woman or junior miss wants to dress like some hip hop chic wanting to be in a rap video
Love Giant Eagle, after purchasing at GE, used my receipt-coupon at Pets Supply Plus. Visited Edgewood Town Center ???? Beer and Tobacco for tobacco supplies also.
Nice variety of businesses, like a huge Giant Eagle that sells beer and wine, clothing stores, beauty supplies, Dollar Tree, restaurants ,beer and tobacco outlet.
The OG of shopping centers on the area. It’s truly amazing that companies still rent places here. Most stores are always changing so you never know what will be there. So that’s fun I suppose.
I remember when ETC was just built, it was a great thing for the area at the time. Most of that land was Union Switch & Signal, a mill foundry making parts for rail road cars. It had employed a lot of people who supported the railroad industry.
Dr. App. All well, Only bad thing, The requir a mask in Bldg.
Has a nice little bit of stores that I like it has the Dollar tree Giant eagle Rent-A-Center cricket plasma center it has a lot

Quick Facts About Edgewood Towne Centre

Edgewood Towne Centre, also known as ETC, is a shopping center located in the Edgewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In order to assess its strengths and weaknesses, we must consider the comments provided.
One strength of Edgewood Towne Centre is its range of stores. Commenters mention a variety of businesses, including a large and pleasant Giant Eagle supermarket, Dollar Tree, Rainbow clothing store, beauty supplies, restaurants, and even a beer and tobacco outlet. This diverse selection allows shoppers to find everything they need in one convenient location.
The presence of a Giant Eagle supermarket is particularly highlighted as a strength. Shoppers appreciate the size of the store, which is big but not overwhelming. The store offers a pleasant shopping experience and is known for its selection of beer and wine. Customers also mention an interesting range of products, and many express their love for Giant Eagle. Additionally, one commenter appreciates the ability to use their receipt-coupon at Pet Supply Plus after shopping at Giant Eagle, demonstrating the convenience and potential for savings.
Another strength of Edgewood Towne Centre is its historical significance. One commenter mentions that the area used to be occupied by Union Switch & Signal, a mill foundry that played a role in the railroad industry. By transforming this land into a thriving shopping center, Edgewood Towne Centre has brought new life to the area and provided employment opportunities.
Additionally, the commenters express their satisfaction with the location of the shopping center. It is mentioned that they were pleased to find the Restore, a store they were familiar with, still in the area. This suggests that Edgewood Towne Centre is situated in a convenient location, making it accessible to the surrounding community.
However, there are also weaknesses that should be considered. One commenter mentions that stores at Edgewood Towne Centre are constantly changing, which can be seen as either a strength or weakness depending on individual preferences. While some people may enjoy the element of surprise and novelty, others may find it frustrating and prefer more stability in their shopping experience.
Another weakness mentioned is that masks are required in buildings within Edgewood Towne Centre. While this may be seen as a necessary safety measure given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it can be seen as a inconvenience for some shoppers who may find wearing masks uncomfortable or restrictive.
In conclusion, Edgewood Towne Centre has several strengths that contribute to its appeal. These include a diverse range of stores, notable mentions of a pleasant Giant Eagle supermarket, historical significance, convenient location, and the ability to find familiar stores in the area. However, it also faces some weaknesses, such as the constantly changing nature of the stores and the requirement of wearing masks. Overall, Edgewood Towne Centre provides a variety of shopping options and convenience to its community, making it a desirable destination for many.

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