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The Elite Barber Shop

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1167 Basketweave Dr, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 United States of America
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A friend introduced me to this barbershop and I'll never go anywhere else as long as Larry is around. Always does great haircuts! His fades are always good and the price is steal for what you get. While I have a beard, I've never gotten him to straight shave or clean mine up besides basic lining up, but I hear he's the man if you want a shave or if you have a long beard you wanna keep in shape. Conversation was really friendly and he's super nice. The shop is shared with one other barber and it's small so it can get crowded fast. He doesn't just rush through haircuts and takes the time to make sure he gives you a good cut and the cut you want so if there are people expect to wait. It's worth it. Sometimes it's packed when I go in, other times I'm the only person or one other in front of me. Just gotta go a handful of times to figure out what works best for you. Overall best priced cut in Charleston, does a fantastic job, really friendly and outgoing, and apparently a magician that can keep your beard at the top of its game.
Finding a good barber can be a challenge. You can go somewhere like Causey's and they'll give you a $12 cut that looks exactly like a $12 cut, or you can go to one of the shops down town and pay $35+ with the understanding that you may or may not get a good cut depending on the stylist and how they're feeling that day.
I've gone to see Larry for a couple years and I've never gotten a haircut from him that was anything less than superb. You can feel his attention to detail and it shows in his work.
$25 and a tip (it's cash only) will have your hair looking awesome every time without fail.
I always regret going anywhere else for a haircut.
I see reviews talking about the wait time and yes, they are completely true. Expect to be here for a minimum of 1-2 hours before you get your haircut but I think it's worth it. It was my first time here and it was amazing to me to see the barber actually remember details of people's lives while he was talking to them. I'm very particular about my hair since nobody has ever really been able to cut it the way I want but they did a great job here. Is it pricey? Yes. But you won't be able to find customer service like this place at any Super Cuts.
Larry is an extremely talented barber with an adept skill at both traditional and modern cuts. That goes double for facial grooming. I'd recommend him to anyone any day and twice on Sunday. Please be aware that this is a cash establishment and don't forget to tip accordingly!
If you're tired of strip mall chop shops go see Larry and Joe. They give great cuts with an authentic barber shop experience. Larry is sharp, creative, pays great attention to detail and really cares about his work. He's a cool guy to boot. I've never been disappointed and I'm kind of hard to please. I went to salons and stylists all over Mount Pleasant and Larry nailed what I wanted the first time, BOOM!
Great barber shop but I typically don’t go anymore because they don’t take appointments. I don’t have the margin to wait 1.5 hours to get a haircut. No hard feelings though, Larry is a great barber. Spoken with the owner several times and he was pleasant.
I went in to see Larry off of a recommendation and I’m glad I did. I’ve been growing a beard for many years and only one time aside from today have I let anyone trim it. I took the leap today and let Larry give me a cut and a beard trim and they were both outstanding! This guy is a clipper wizard lol. He is very meticulous and has impeccable attention to detail. I live 45 minutes away one way and it is well worth the drive. I have definitely found myself a new barber.
I waited almost an hour and a half to get my haircut the other morning but I'll gladly wait. I've been going to Larry for a couple years now and not once have I been disappointed, even with the wait. I've tried other places, but there is always a guessing game as to what you are going to end up with. Not here. These guys are good. Although, I dont get cut by Joe, it's fun to hear all his stories. Thanks guys.

Quick Facts About The Elite Barber Shop

The Elite Barber Shop seems to have several strengths based on the comments. Firstly, the quality of haircuts provided by Larry is consistently excellent, and his attention to detail is evident. Customers are satisfied with the outcome of their haircuts and appreciate the skill and precision with which Larry works. This is a significant advantage as finding a reliable barber can be challenging.
In terms of pricing, the Elite Barber Shop offers good value for money. The price is considered a steal for the quality of haircuts received. This affordability makes it an attractive option for customers who want a great haircut without breaking the bank. Additionally, the shop is reportedly the best-priced cut in Charleston, further strengthening its appeal.
The friendly and outgoing nature of Larry is another strength of the shop. Customers appreciate the conversation and rapport they have with Larry during their haircuts. This creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, which is often lacking in larger chain establishments. The personal touch and attention given to each customer's needs contribute to a positive experience.
Larry's expertise in beard grooming is also praised by customers. While he may primarily focus on haircuts, he is known to excel in shaving and shaping beards. This versatility is an advantage for those looking for comprehensive grooming services. The comments suggest that Larry can keep long beards in shape and is skilled at straight shaves.
The barbershop's authenticity and traditional barber shop experience is another strength mentioned by customers. The experience is described as an escape from the typical strip mall chop shops, offering a unique and nostalgic atmosphere. Customers appreciate the genuine barbershop experience and acknowledge Larry and Joe's commitment to their craft.
Despite these strengths, several weaknesses are identified in the comments. One major drawback mentioned by multiple customers is the wait time. The shop can get crowded quickly due to its small space shared by only two barbers. This leads to significant waiting times, with customers reporting having to wait for 1-2 hours before getting their haircut. While some consider it worth the wait, others find it impractical, especially those with limited availability or tight schedules.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of appointment availability. The shop operates on a walk-in basis and does not take appointments. For customers who prefer to plan their haircuts in advance or have limited time, this can be frustrating. The inability to schedule appointments may deter potential customers who prioritize efficiency and convenience.
Additionally, the shop is cash only, which may inconvenience some customers who prefer alternative payment methods or forget to bring cash. While this is not a significant issue, it is a notable inconvenience for those accustomed to the convenience of electronic payment options.
In summary, The Elite Barber Shop has several strengths that make it an attractive option for customers seeking quality haircuts at an affordable price. The skills and attention to detail of Larry, coupled with the friendly atmosphere and traditional barber shop experience provided, contribute to the shop's positive reputation. However, the weaknesses, such as long wait times, lack of appointment availability, and accepting only cash, are factors that potential customers should consider before choosing this barber shop.


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