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The Braiding Place Elgin

+1 847-468-1887
119 W Chicago St, Elgin, IL 60123 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM


Health & safety
  • Appointment required
  • Mask required
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Appointments recommended
  • Cash-only

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Honestly, I would have rated this place 5 stars for a good job but for not keeping to time I decided to give 4 stars. My daughter's appointment was supposed to be at 10am which we were there only to be told that she was running late, that she will be there in ten minutes. so we waited in my car at the parking lot and told her to let me know once she arrives at the store since it was so windy and I couldn't stay outside her door. We were waiting in the car till 10:50 and there was no call. So I called her, only for her to tell me she has already opened, on getting into the store I met 3 people there and she was making another person's hair. I was really upset about her behave, I was the first to get there but there she was making some other person's hair. Honestly I would have left if not that my daughter had a busy week hence I had to make the hair. Hopefully she will read this and make amends on timing issues because I read some review about that but wanted to give benefit of doubt. After going back and forth with her, she apologized and I was good.... I also got mine hair done. Anyways she does great her, myself and my daughter loved our hair except my daughter's hair was way too tight and it was so painful. I will be back again hopefully it will not be like my first experience.
I was looking for somewhere cheaper than where I usually go to get my hair braided and I'm glad I found this place. I got goddess box braids in dark brown mixed with a burgundy color, & it came out so pretty!! ????????????♥️ My birthday was 10/13 & I couldn't wait to dress up now that my hair is done lol! I unfortunately didn't get the name of the woman who did my hair (it wasn't Flo; She had short red hair and worked in the back left corner), but I definitely recommend her. My braids and parts were done very neatly & not too tight.
Best of all she had me outta there in 3 hours! I've never gotten my hair braided that fast! Unfortunately, it took about 3 hours before it was my turn though, so I decided to take 1 star off for that. I hope they get a better system in place for setting appointments, other than that, I would definitely go back.
I love these girls! They create such a pleasant atmosphere in their work place. My braids came out excellent and I’m excited to go back for more braids! Thank you ????
Flo did an amazing job on My baby’s lemonade feed ins today ???? Very neat, reasonable price and works fast. Thank you so much. We love it
Here getting jumbo Lemonade Braids and I Just love them. Hair was done Very quick and now very easy for me to get up and go. Thank you @The braiding house❤️
I have been in this community for years, and had not known that the absolute most talented braiding shop was right under my nose. I could remember this style I would get when I was younger, and back then my hair was longer. The style is called GODDESS BRAIDS! Not everyone know how to do them considering my hair is short, and it take a special technique. When I tell you “ “The Braiding Place did that!” my hair is absolutely beautiful, and I’ll be back!! If you are looking for a unique braiding style different from most, visit “The Braiding Place” guaranteed perfection!!!!
Love my babies hair! And they were quick! A little pricey though.
First time customer. Excellent service for my daughter and I. Very friendly, fast and affordable. We will return.
Update: our box braids barely lasted 1 month. I went back for my daughter a ponytail braid and box braids for myself. Our hair is 3 days old and looks weeks old already. SMH I did not pay $120 for a kid’s hairstyle to look this bad 3 days later! They charged me to take down box braids they put in even though I was getting a fresh style by them. I washed my hair myself at my house. I am so disappointed I thought I found a gem

Quick Facts About The Braiding Place Elgin

1. Good quality work: Many of the commenters express satisfaction with the braiding work done at The Braiding Place. They mention that their hair came out neat, beautiful, and well-done. This indicates that the stylists at the salon have good braiding skills and attention to detail.
2. Pleasant atmosphere: Multiple commenters mention the pleasant atmosphere at The Braiding Place. They appreciate the friendly and welcoming environment created by the staff, which enhances the overall experience of getting their hair done.
3. Affordable pricing: One commenter mentions that The Braiding Place offers affordable prices compared to other places they have been to. This can be a significant strength as it attracts customers who are looking for quality braiding services at a reasonable cost.
4. Fast service: One commenter mentions that they were impressed with the speed at which their hair was braided. They specifically mention that they have never had their hair braided so quickly before. Fast service can be a strength for customers who are on tight schedules and prefer not to spend too much time at the salon.
1. Timing issues: One commenter expresses frustration with the salon's lack of punctuality. They mention that despite having a scheduled appointment, the stylist was running late and did not inform them in a timely manner. This reflects a weakness in the salon's ability to adhere to appointment times and communicate effectively with customers.
2. Inconsistency in quality: One commenter mentions that while they were satisfied with their own hair, their daughter's hair was braided too tightly and caused discomfort. Inconsistency in the quality of work can be a weakness as it may lead to dissatisfaction among customers who have different hair types or preferences.
3. Appointment system: One commenter mentions that they had to wait for about three hours before their turn, even though they had made an appointment. This indicates a potential weakness in the salon's appointment system and organization, which can lead to long waiting times and dissatisfaction among customers.
4. Durability of hairstyles: One commenter mentions that their box braids did not last long and started looking worn out within a short period of time. Another commenter mentions that their fresh hairstyle looked bad after only three days. This suggests a weakness in the durability and longevity of the hairstyles provided at The Braiding Place. Customers may expect their braided styles to last longer and be more resilient.
The Braiding Place has strengths in terms of the quality of their braiding work, the pleasant atmosphere in the salon, affordable pricing, and fast service. However, there are weaknesses related to timing issues, inconsistency in the quality of work, the appointment system, and the durability of hairstyles. Addressing these weaknesses could improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction at The Braiding Place.

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