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T20 Nail Salon

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59 Columbia Point Dr, Richland, WA 99352 United States of America
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Pros: The place looks great! The service was very friendly and accommodating but ultimately my full set of acrylics turned out not great, after an hour and a half and with the 20% for new opening it was $78. This is full set plus v-tip ($?) plus almond ($6) (tip not included). The tech was doing her best though. Always asking if they were okay and did what she could to fix. Cons: She was using the same brush for white and blue which left white streaks in the color. They didnt use a pink base so you can see through the nail and see where the plastic nail meets glue to real nail. As much as she was willing to fix and take suggestions, they aren't uniform by a long shot. Not shaped straight, lines are convex, concave, or straight, very very messy edges and under, there's white paint on my hands. The colored polish was several shades darker than advertised. The painted points do NOT look the same. I'm no nail tech, but I could've done them better myself (not free hand). Was not worth the discounted $78.
Great nail salon! They are very organized in attending you. All there equipment is well sanitized and the nail techs are very friendly. They did a great job on my nails, definitely recommend this place!
This salon is incredible! If there is a wait it is so worth it! From start to finish I felt like each person treated me so kind. My favorite acrylic nail artist is Jessy! Very talented in every way possible. I will definitely be going only here after this whole experience. Thank you for making my nails perfect.
I called this place on a whim because my normal nail salon usually only had 2-3 people working and my daughter and her 3 friends wanted manicures for her birthday. They were able to get us in and the place was beautiful and super great prices! All the girls got their nails done at the same time. I might even start going here myself. They had a huge selection of colors as well I was shocked!!!
My daughter went to T-20 to get her nails done for HoCo. She had them do a full set w/ painted black tips. First off, they look terrible. but what makes it SO much worse, it was THE most expensive nail job I have ever paid for, and I've been getting acrylic nails for over 25 years. The nails are not smooth, the black tips do not have clean lines, and that was the worst $75, I REPEAT SEVENTY FIVE dollars I've ever spent. DO NOT go to this salon. There is NOTHING so special about the work that they do that would warrant charging over $20 more than any other salon I've been to. In my opinion, they do not deserve to be in business - and anyone who frequents this establishment obviously does not value their money and likes being taken advantage of.
The coordinator was so full of life and fun. She really set the tone of the environment in such a good positive way. I was a walk In and had Vi as my nail expert and I absolutely LOVE the way my nails turned out. She was very friendly and made sure my nails were what I wanted.
I’ve tried this salon many times and I’m done.
I was charged for 125 dollars for a FILL (NOT A FULL SET and no nail art + a pedicure.)
I was charged extra for “extra long nails” and “changing shape”. even though I had the same shape when I came in and my nails are not that long!
All I needed was a fill and polish, a fill comes with filing of the nails. It’s part of the process ????. Yet I was charged more for this too.
My nails weren’t cut or reshaped ( I always do stiletto )and they are not some crazy length but I was charged an extra 12 dollars on top of the fill.
The 3 times prior to this I had to have my nails redone because they were either chipping or falling off. I had pedicure gel fall off within a couple of days.
I told the front desk guy that I was overcharged and he literally did not care to make it better.
I was spending my hard earned money there every week for a fill or pedicure but apparently the owner doesn’t care to have my business????????‍♀️
I’m getting nickeled and dimed for the most ridiculous things at this place. I won’t ever go back at this point. Bottom line, I believe they’re ripping people off, I do not believe they are charging fairly at all and the owner does not care.
Danny did an AMAZING job! The manicure I wanted included a lot of different colors and swirls. He perfectly matched the colors and patterns from my reference picture. His attention to detail is impeccable! I didn't have an appointment, but they were able to get me in within 45 minutes. I didn't mind because I was able to relax in the Starbucks next door. Next time I'll make an appointment ahead of time. The wait was 100% worth it though and didn't bother me. There is a reason T20 is the highest reviewed salon in the area! This salon is seriously the s*#t!

Quick Facts About T20 Nail Salon

T20 Nail Salon has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, the salon is described as looking great and being well organized. The equipment is also mentioned to be well-sanitized, which is an important aspect for any nail salon. Additionally, the staff is described as friendly and accommodating, providing good customer service. They are also praised for their ability to get customers in quickly, even for larger groups.
While there are positive aspects, there are also several weaknesses highlighted in the comments regarding the quality of the service. Multiple customers express dissatisfaction with the results of their nail treatments. One customer mentions that their full set of acrylics did not turn out great, despite the technician's efforts to fix the issues. The same customer also notes that the salon did not use a pink base, resulting in nails that were transparent and showed the glue and plastic nail. The shape and lines of the nails are also described as messy and not uniform. Another customer complains about the poor quality of a full set with painted black tips, stating that it was the most expensive nail job they had ever paid for and was not worth the price.
In addition to the quality of the nails, there are also concerns raised about the pricing and charges. One customer mentions being charged extra for "extra long nails" and "changing shape" even though they had the same shape and length as before. They also state that they were charged for a fill, which should include filing of the nails but were charged extra for this as well. The customer expresses feeling overcharged and not receiving good customer service when they addressed the issue with the front desk. This indicates a lack of transparency in pricing and a disregard for customer concerns.
Furthermore, there are several instances of customers having to have their nails redone due to chipping, falling off, or gel polish peeling within a few days. This reflects poorly on the salon's ability to provide long-lasting and durable nail treatments.
While some positive comments praise specific nail technicians for their skills and attention to detail, it is worth noting that these positive experiences seem to be the exception rather than the norm based on the other negative comments.
Overall, T20 Nail Salon has strengths in terms of its appearance, organization, and friendly staff. However, the weaknesses become apparent when considering the dissatisfaction with the nail treatments, issues with pricing and charges, and the lack of long-lasting results. These weaknesses indicate a need for improvement in the quality of their services and their customer service practices.

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