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T Spa Nails

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7839 Martin Way E #107, Lacey, WA 98516 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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My sister treated me to a mani pedi and I felt so pampered! It was my first time getting a gel manicure. They did a great job and the complimentary mimosas were the cherry on top! So much fun I brought my youngest in to get glam for a wedding! A+++
I love coming here I tried a few places before I found them. And they have been doing amazing nails for me ever since! Any idea I come in with they end up pulling off beautifully ❤️
I only got to the Lacey one, as they do an Excellent job! they are careful, considerate and creative! These are after a week's growth. I only see Ning or Niko for freestyle creations and art like these. reasonably priced and very durable!
I’m really upset about my nails. I went in on New Year’s Eve and was not acknowledged for a good 5 minutes. I should’ve walked out then… I was sat down and re-sat a total of 3x.
The lady that did my nails was rushing and answering calls at the same time. I went in for a fill and she hurt my nail bed with how much pressure she was putting on the bits to grind off the polish. I asked her to fix a couple nails because the polish was clearly not dry all the way so it wrinkled. She didn’t think anything was wrong but she went ahead and attempted to fix it with no complaints. There was still some wrinkling on the polish so I left since grinding down my already sore nails for the 4th time did not sound at all pleasing.
The dip polish almost immediately started coming off the next day and over the course of 5 days the gel polish began coming off in chunks. Then the acrylics started coming off… I have 3 nails with missing acrylics and the rest of my nails have chipped polish.
$60 is a rip off for the service I received. If you can’t provide quality work then don’t accept every walk-in and overbook people. This is truly the worst service I’ve ever received and I will never go back.
I took my little brother here to get his first pedicure, and we'll be coming back for sure. Comfortable and clean atmosphere and great polish job on my toes. Couldn't ask for more.
Love this location! Super clean, excellent staff, and amazing talent!
Such a fun, friendly, atmosphere everybody's wonderful!

Quick Facts About T Spa Nails

1. Excellent customer service: Multiple comments highlight the friendly and helpful staff at T Spa Nails. The employees provide good advice, are attentive and considerate, and make customers feel pampered and valued.
2. Skillful nail technicians: Customers are pleased with the quality of the nail services provided at T Spa Nails. They mention that the staff consistently does amazing nail work and can execute various styles and designs requested by customers.
3. Reasonable pricing: One customer mentions that the salon is reasonably priced, indicating that T Spa Nails offers competitive prices for their services. This can be seen as a strength, as customers appreciate getting good value for their money.
4. Clean and comfortable atmosphere: Customers comment on the cleanliness and comfort of the salon. This suggests that T Spa Nails maintains a hygienic environment and creates a relaxing atmosphere for customers to enjoy their treatments.
1. Poor customer service experience: One customer shares a negative experience where they felt ignored for a significant amount of time. This indicates that the salon may not consistently prioritize acknowledging and attending to customers promptly.
2. Rushed service and lack of attention to detail: A customer complains that their nail technician was rushing and multitasking, resulting in a subpar service. The technician's lack of focus led to issues like hurting the customer's nail bed and not properly fixing a wrinkled polish. This highlights a weakness in the salon's ability to provide attentive and detail-oriented service.
3. Durability issues with nail treatments: A customer expresses disappointment with the longevity of their nails, reporting that the dip polish started coming off immediately, the gel polish chipped, and acrylics began to loosen within days of the appointment. This suggests a weakness in the quality and durability of the products and techniques used at T Spa Nails.
4. Overbooking and lack of consistency: A dissatisfied customer mentions that T Spa Nails overbooked appointments, resulting in rushed and subpar service. This indicates a potential weakness in the salon's ability to manage their appointment schedule efficiently and provide consistent quality service.
In conclusion, T Spa Nails has several strengths including excellent customer service, skillful nail technicians, reasonable pricing, and a clean and comfortable atmosphere. However, the salon also has weaknesses in terms of occasional poor customer service experiences, rushed service, durability issues with nail treatments, and potential overbooking problems. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses and work on improving the overall customer experience to maintain and attract a loyal clientele.

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