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T Nails & Spa

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2021 Mt Zion Rd, Morrow, GA 30260 United States of America
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I have been going here for over 10 years I love the staff like family. Nikki is the best and she does my eyebrows great!!! They did my toes, nails, ???? and eyebrows for my wedding day 9 years ago, and they haven't lost their touch even after they grew.
There is zero wait time and the pedicures used to be very good. On a positive note, my toe nail polish looks great. This is my second time getting a pedicure since 2020 and it will be my last. The nail tech was rushing through my pedicure. My legs were beat up during the very short massage, felt like he was trying to scrub off my skin when buffing my feet, and the towel was so hot it felt like he was trying to make hot chocolate. On to the next nail salon I go.
This place is always busy so they rush to do everything and deliver poor quality every single time. Lifting and chipping within a week.
I’ve tried them multiple times.. but today was the last straw.
They also pressure you into getting gel polish by charging you an extra fee to take off the gel polish *they have to take off anyway*, if you don’t get gel polish again. This place is the perfect example of a nail salon that cares absolutely nothing about you and ALL about your dollar.
Excellent customer service. When My daughter, Ayana & I came in the nail salon, got greeted and was asked May I mama, I said. Good Morning, is Reeta here? They said, "Yes!!" Reeta sits in station #21. This is her new location. Reeta is the bomb???????????????? with her designs , very, very skillful, creative, and very nice. Been following her 9mths now!! Highly recommend her.
Got a simple gel mani. No designs, no tips, not even a polish removal. Took about 15 mins. My total was $30 without the tip. I probably could've done better myself at home. Otherwise, service was fine.
Pros - they get you in and out and zero wait time. The guys up front doing the reception know how to speak English well and make you feel super comfortable. They will even double down and soak off your nails or drill the polish off before the nail tech is available. They have a loud speaker method which calls an available nail tech to let them know they have a customer. Great price and never overcharge. I paid $35 for a basic gel pedicure, which is a wonderful price compared to other salons.
Cons - The place is not clean. They don’t sanitize the chairs after each customer, the plastic dividers in between each pedicure station are horrendous. Everything is dirty even the front door. They need a good deep cleaning and all will be well.
I’m not a fan of their hand nails since Justin, Lila and Mimi moved out of there but I still go there for my pedicures. You can’t beat it!
they're ok , depending on who u get tht day [ some are good at shaping & some are not ] . they tend to be busy alot but I'm normally in & out within the hour for a fill + pedi .
This was by far the WORST pedicure ever!!!! The job was completely rushed. My side walls weren’t cleaned properly she offered me the pedi in a box I accepted it but she did it so fast I didn’t even realized she did it! The bottom of my feet are still rough I’ve never had to get another pedicure after getting a pedicure. Do yourself a favor and drive by this CHOP SHOP! The service is HORRIBLE!!! They only want your money because quality service isn’t their top priority

Quick Facts About T Nails & Spa

T Nails & Spa has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the place, we will examine the comments in detail.
Starting with the strengths, one recurring theme is the friendly and welcoming staff. One customer mentions that they have been going to T Nails & Spa for over 10 years and consider the staff as family. Another customer specifically praises a staff member named Nikki for her exceptional eyebrow services. This indicates that the salon has built a loyal customer base and has staff members who are skilled and personable.
Another strength highlighted by customers is the efficiency of the salon. Multiple comments mention that there is zero wait time, and one customer states that they are normally in and out within an hour for a fill and pedicure. This suggests that the salon is well-organized and able to accommodate a high volume of customers.
In terms of services, one customer reminisces about getting their nails, toes, eyebrows, and another service for their wedding day several years ago and expresses that the salon has maintained its quality over time. Another customer mentions that their toe nail polish looks great. These comments suggest that, in general, the salon provides satisfactory services and produces good outcomes.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one common complaint is the rushed nature of the services. Multiple customers mention that the salon rushes through the treatments, resulting in poor quality. One customer mentions that the nail technician was rushing through their pedicure, causing discomfort during the massage and applying hot towels. Another comment states that the salon is always busy and this leads to rushed and poor-quality services. This indicates a potential lack of attention to detail and a focus on speed rather than quality.
Several customers also mention issues with the cleanliness of the salon. One comment states that the chairs are not sanitized after each customer and that everything, including the plastic dividers and front door, appears dirty. This suggests a potential lack of proper hygiene practices, which is a significant concern in a nail salon. The need for a deep cleaning is mentioned as a solution to this problem.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the salon's pricing strategy. They state that the salon pressures customers into getting gel polish and charges an additional fee to remove the gel polish if customers choose not to get it again. This practice is seen as prioritizing profit over customer satisfaction and can create a negative impression of the salon.
Taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses identified, it can be concluded that T Nails & Spa has loyal customers who appreciate the friendly staff and efficient service. However, there are significant areas for improvement, such as addressing the rushed nature of services, maintaining cleanliness standards, and reevaluating the pricing strategy to prioritize customer satisfaction. By addressing these weaknesses, the salon can enhance its overall customer experience and strengthen its reputation in the market.

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