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Merry Christmas ⛄????
& Happy New Year Lady's ????????
#2021 Will be a better year ????⛄???????? Sincerely Kellylove,
Not bad for a normal haircut. Just depends on who you get. Ceres is by far better then Manteca. I drove to Ceres just to get my boys hair cuts done. Its almost a 4 star, but 3 seems more fitting because of the last time we were there. Nice and friendly.
Always pleased with the customer service here, usually get my hair cut by the manager sean who always puts her clients first. Felt very safe there regarding the coronavirus/CDC guidelines that the county has as well, only 4 stylist chairs and literally 2 very very separated guest waiting area chairs
Come here often and at the beginning I wasn't sure if I was going to like the place but now that I've been coming here for at least a year or more, I find myself comfortable and I actually let thus far, every stylist cut my hair as they all do a good job.I do prefer Emily at the moment, but I am not afraid to use someone else if she is busy.
Also, using the mobile app to check in before I even get there is so much nicer than showing up and checking in person. basically check in as soon as I leave the house by the time I get there I'm literally sitting in the chair most of the time. while other people who are barely showing up or walking in have to wait even after I get my haircut. So long as you use the system that works at everybody's benefit.
Kimmy cut my Grandson's hair. He is 4 and not very cooperative but she was so patient with him and his haircut was perfect despite the fact he does not sit still. This never happens at any other salon and they're never patient with him. I will never take him anywhere else!! Thank you Super Cuts and Thank you Kimmy!
Great experience!I am so glad I went to this hair salon. I totally recommend it. Took my almost two year old who hates haircuts, and even though he cried the whole time, the girl cut it very fast and we were out quick. I will go here next time.
Called to discuss an appointment for hair color. The stylist was really nice and went over the process with me. Unfortunately they did not offer the services I was looking for, but glad I was given information over phone saving me a trip.
Worst place to go, i told the lady to cut my hair only like 2 cm, and she ended up going for like an inch and i dislike how she cut my hair, not only that, its too much money for just so they can mess up your hair. Its a waste of your money, don't bother to go there guys, it annoyed me so much.

Quick Facts About Supercuts

Supercuts is a popular chain of hair salons known for its affordable prices and convenience. It has both strengths and weaknesses, which can be derived from the comments provided.
One strength of Supercuts is its customer service. Several comments mention the friendly and helpful staff, as well as the patience exhibited by stylists when dealing with younger customers. This demonstrates that Supercuts values its customers and strives to provide a positive experience.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the adherence to COVID-19 guidelines. Customers appreciate the safety measures put in place, such as limited seating and separate waiting areas. This shows that Supercuts is proactive in taking precautions to protect both its customers and staff during the pandemic.
Supercuts also offers a convenient mobile app for check-ins, which is lauded by one customer. This feature allows individuals to save time by checking in remotely and reduces wait times. It demonstrates that Supercuts is utilizing technology to improve the customer experience.
One weakness of Supercuts mentioned in a comment is the inconsistent quality of haircuts. While some customers have had good experiences, others have encountered issues. This suggests that the skill level of the stylists can vary, and there may be a lack of consistency in the training provided to the staff.
Another weakness highlighted is the disappointment with a specific haircut. One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the length of their hair after requesting a specific length. This could indicate a lack of attention to detail or communication breakdown between the stylist and the customer.
Another potential weakness is the limited range of services offered. One customer mentioned that Supercuts did not provide the specific hair color service they were looking for. While this may be a subjective issue, it is important for a salon to offer a wide range of services to cater to diverse customer needs.
Lastly, the price point of Supercuts is mentioned in the negative comment. One customer felt that the cost was too high for the quality of the haircut received. This suggests that the value for money may not be consistent across all customers, and some may feel that they are not getting their money's worth.
In conclusion, Supercuts has several strengths such as friendly customer service, adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, and a convenient mobile app for check-ins. However, it also has weaknesses such as inconsistency in haircut quality, limited range of services, and potential discrepancies in pricing. These strengths and weaknesses should be considered when deciding whether to visit Supercuts for a haircut.


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