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Strathdon Hotel

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44 Derby Rd, Nottingham NG1 5FT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Strathdon Hotel

The Strathdon Hotel, located in Nottingham, has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One strength of the hotel is its location. It is conveniently located near the city centre, making it easily accessible for guests who want to explore the city. This is particularly appealing for those who want to have easy access to restaurants, bars, and shops.
Another positive aspect mentioned by a guest is that room 213 was nice and quiet. This suggests that the hotel can provide a peaceful and restful environment for guests.
Additionally, the hotel is praised for its affordability. One guest mentioned that it was good value for money, which suggests that the prices are reasonable and competitive compared to other hotels in the area.
The hotel also has function rooms, which can be beneficial for those looking to host events or conferences. These spacious rooms can accommodate larger groups and provide a suitable setting for various types of functions.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses mentioned by guests that should be taken into consideration. Firstly, the hotel has outdated decor and rooms. This suggests that the hotel has not undergone recent renovations or updates, which can affect the overall guest experience.
The lift in the hotel is also criticized for being old and unreliable. It is mentioned that it is slow, sometimes doesn't work, and feels like it is going to fall apart. This can be inconvenient and frustrating for guests, especially those with mobility issues.
Some guests also mentioned that the hotel had poor soundproofing. The noise from the traffic outside was disruptive and affected their sleep quality. This suggests that the hotel needs to improve its insulation to provide a more comfortable and peaceful stay for guests.
Furthermore, it is mentioned that the hotel requires guests to submit their key each time they leave the hotel and ask for it back upon return. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient for guests, as they have to go through this process every time they enter or leave the hotel.
The main entrance of the hotel closes at 11 pm, and guests have to ring a buzzer to gain entry. This can be inconvenient for guests who may want to come and go late at night or have plans that extend beyond the closing time.
Additionally, a guest commented on the dated carpet and small TV in the room. These aspects contribute to the overall outdated feel of the hotel and may detract from the overall guest experience.
Overall, while the Strathdon Hotel has some strengths such as its convenient location, quiet rooms, and good value for money, there are significant weaknesses that should be addressed. The hotel would benefit from renovations and updates to improve the decor and facilities. Additionally, improvements should be made to the lift, soundproofing, and key submission process to provide a more satisfactory experience for guests.

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The Strathdon is no longer functioning as a hotel. Following a fire in 2021, it immediately closed and never reopened. It currently stands empty awaiting a decision about the future of the building, the general consensus at the present time is that it will cease to be a hotel.
Sorry about awarding one star, it was necessary in order to pass on this information.
The hotel is in a great location for those wanting easy access to the city centre. We stayed in room 213 - nice and quiet. Decór is a bit dated but we still enjoyed our stay. Our en-suite had a bathtub which was good. I would stay here again as it was good value for money.
They shoved me an my 2kids in a room where the window kept banging the view was limited to the roof top of an infestation on pigeons complained about it a few time the woman refused to move us at first 3days I couldn't sleep for by the third day I was that emotionally drained I'd had enough until I was told by foot hold support worker that I'm a paying customer an that they had to move my room so in the end got an even better room an we finally got 2nights sleep an before any wants to comment a staff member had said previously that they knew about the problem so it was already an issue before we was put in there. Other than that it is a decent hotel with a few spacious function rooms
Hotel is in a good location and fairly comfortable. Staff were all friendly. The rooms are outdated (our blind did nothing to keep out the light), our bin hadn't been emptied and the lift felt like it was going to fall to pieces. An overall good stay but our friends comment of a 90s faulty towers definitely felt right at some points!
Dated interior, lift is antiquity; very slow, doesn't work some times, take ages to respond.
You have to submit the key each time you leave the hotel to the reception and ask them to hand it back when you return.
Main door closes at 11pm, you have to ring the buzzer to get in.
Carpet is so dated and TV is very small.
Good point? Very good hot water and large shower.
Very close to the city center, off road paid parking.
This place is a little gem, 6 of us stayed there, the bar never shuts so we could watch all the early morning and late night sports, the staff were amazingly friendly and helpful.
Yes the rooms could do with updating but that adds to the charm. It close to all the clubs and bars, only one lift that works(badly) and it’s more like a rollercoaster so added excitement every time you use it.
We have already decided to go back as group as we had such a good time there
OK place, well located for Rock City and the Theatres/nightclubs. Hotel itself is a bit tired looking but the staff were really nice. Rooms were clean and tidy, generous size but could do with an update. Only issue I had was traffic noise - the hotel sits between two main thoroughfares and a road linking the two runs across the front of the hotel. The soundproofing is poor and the secondary glazing fitted does nothing to reduce the noise so you get disturbed by traffic roaring by 24/7 - take earplugs if the convenient location and good price means more to you than a quiet night...
The Strathdon Hotel is a really good option for a cheap stay in Nottingham. It's in a great, central location and all the staff were very friendly and helpful. The room was just what I needed. For the price you aren't getting the best standard of accommodation, but it's comfortable and has all of the essentials. The breakfast is also quite good, but make sure you buy the B&B rate as buying the breakfast separately is expensive for what it is. I haven't given 5 stars as the place does need some TLC and upgrading in places. The lift also stopped working, but the staff are happy to take you up and down in the service lift if needed.

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