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Soda Springs Broulims Supermarket

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89 W 2nd S, Soda Springs, ID 83276 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Soda Springs Broulims Supermarket

Soda Springs Broulims Supermarket has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. It is important to consider these comments when evaluating the overall experience at the supermarket.
One of the strengths mentioned is the variety of dairy-free milk options. This is a positive aspect for customers with dietary restrictions, as it shows that the supermarket is attentive to providing options for a diverse range of needs. Additionally, the comment about being greeted by store employees upon entering and experiencing little to no waiting for check out indicates efficient and friendly customer service, which is always a desirable aspect for shoppers.
Another positive comment mentioned the supermarket being a "great little oasis." This suggests that the supermarket provides a pleasant and convenient shopping experience in a beautiful mountain community, which is likely appealing to residents and visitors of Soda Springs.
However, there are notable weaknesses based on the comments as well. One recurring complaint is about the deli. Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the deli's offerings, specifically mentioning issues with bulk salads, fresh sandwiches, and rotisserie chicken. This indicates a lack of consistency and quality control in the deli section, which can be a major downside for customers who rely on ready-to-eat options or are looking for specific items.
There are also negative comments regarding the bakery and cake decorator. Complaints include failures to fulfill orders, inaccurate communication about capabilities, and lack of timely preparation. These comments highlight issues with customer service, communication, and overall execution in the bakery department. This can be a significant drawback for customers looking for reliable and high-quality bakery items.
Furthermore, there is a specific complaint about the sushi at the supermarket. The customer reported that the rice was not cooked properly, indicating a lack of attention to detail and quality in the sushi department. This negative experience might discourage customers from purchasing sushi from the supermarket and instead seek alternative options elsewhere, as suggested in one of the comments.
It is worth noting that some positive comments also express gratitude towards specific employees within the supermarket who provided exceptional service. However, these positive experiences seem to be overshadowed by the recurring negative comments regarding the deli, bakery, and sushi departments.
In conclusion, Soda Springs Broulims Supermarket has strengths in terms of offering a variety of dairy-free milk options and providing a pleasant shopping experience with efficient customer service. However, the weaknesses emerge in the form of inconsistent quality and execution in the deli, bakery, and sushi departments. Addressing these weaknesses would be crucial in improving overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Since the remodel of the deli it’s gone downhill. No bulk salads rude people asked for fresh sandwich was directed to day old on shelf. Why does Afton and Montpellier have stellar delis
Very Disappointed
Cake decorator assured me multiple times she could do my order!! Failed to do so! ???? I don’t grocery shop here have only used the bakery for cakes for family and friends!! I will never shop for anything at broulims again! They deserve zero stars but have to leave one..
I place a order for 4 dozen cupcakes when making the order they didn’t have cupcake toppers for baseballs, so I asked if they could just simply add lines and make it look like a baseball… the cake decorate assured me this would be no problem, I double checked this multiple times while making the order, incase I just needed to order baseball cupcake toppers! They reassured me again and again it was not a problem and would be done.. Day of his party, I arrived at 1:50 to pick them up for his party that started at 2, all of the people in the bakery were like we don’t have baseball cupcake toppers and don’t have ur order done, they had 4 dozen cupcakes with white frosting! ???????????? poor poor communication on the cake decorator and the lady who took my orders part!! If the cake decorator was incapable of simply adding red lines to a cupcake to make it look like a baseball she should have told me that when I place my order not the day of his party 10 minutes before it started leaving the problem on the rest of the bakery workers!! I would have ordered cupcake toppers and not had a problem or even better ordered them through lallatins or another local baker that wouldn’t have lied and had my order ready when I arrived for them!! I will NEVER order through the baker at Broulims again! I usually order every member of my families cakes there!! I will go to Lallatin for my cakes now like I do my groceries! No longer have a reason to go to Broulims!
I do truly appreciate Karen M who is not the cake decorator but saved our day and simply added the red lines to make a baseball top that the actual cake decorator nor any others in the bakery could do!! Which was what was the original plan for the order so one reason that it wasn’t done when I arrived to pick it up!!
I was impressed with their options. I thought I’d be lucky to find anything dairy free, but they had tons of dairy free milk options! So glad we stopped in!
We went to the deli to get chicken. The girl behind the counter had a British accent. I asked her what part of England she was from. She with her perfect English accent said "Utah". I about peed my pants laughing ????
I was greeted by the store employees as I entered, which is a quality I enjoy!! Clean store with little to no waiting for check out!! Very pleasant ☺!
We are yet to come here and not find what we need or something close to it. What a great little oasis in a beautiful mountain community.
We went to see Leo's Mom in Soda Springs on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. She is in Assisted living. She looked Great. This is also a very nice place, people are friendly. The workers are very attentive, friendly and caring too.????????????
The deli sucks!!!! Can't get rotisserie chicken. The sushi has to be the worst in the world the rice was not even cooked. DONT BUY SUSHI....!!!!!! Shop at latitins... shop at latitins

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