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Silver Nails

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1320 Pabst Farms Cir, Oconomowoc, WI 53066 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I’ve gone to silver nails a few times but this time was not it! It hasn’t even been a week since I got my nails done and they’ve chipped so bad!!! Not the shape I wanted had to go fix them when I got home started chipping I had to peel the thumb off hasn’t even been a week since I got them done They always change they’re prices sometimes they charge me 45 sometimes 50 so disappointed .
My full nail wasn’t even painted..will not be coming back. Felt rushed even tho I had an appointment.
Update: I got gel pedi and it is already starting to peel off after 1 day.
Photo doesn’t even do justice. Mani, pedi and an iridescent pearl chrome top. Not to mention their massage chairs…OMG. My whole body is in heaven. They always kill it! Only place I go when this momma needs a little RNR.
I really enjoy this salon. They do excellent work and are very friendly and eager to
please their clients. The facility is very clean and their staff very professional. This is the only salon I go to and I drive from Palmyra.
I have been coming here for years and it seems hit or miss every time. This last visit was a joke. I got the new guy - who didn't have much knowledge and made mistakes and skipped steps. I had to fix my fingers and toes when I got home and the colors were to be the same for both and they are CLEARLY 2 different colors. I'll look for a new place.
Got a pedicure was mediocre at best ..she didn't even get all the dead skin off my heels and she nipped me twice and said for me not to move excuse me?? You just cut me
I would not recommend this place. I went in to get a gel full set and everything just went wrong. First, my nails looked nothing like the picture I had shown. I asked for almond shape and the lady filed them pointy. They were way too short even though I asked for them to be longer. Also, the lady was going way too fast and rough on my nails. She even cut part of my pinky while filing because of how rough she was being. Overall, she just didn’t take her time on my nails at all and they were very sloppy. Would not recommend going here.
Horrible. I was out of there in 20 min and I still have nail polish on my skin. Asked for a simple design and was told “nothing too complicated” it was a simple flower that I could do myself. Do not recommend.

Quick Facts About Silver Nails

Strengths: 1. Clean facility: The salon is praised for its cleanliness, which contributes to a professional and hygienic environment. 2. Friendly and eager to please staff: The staff at Silver Nails are known for their friendly and accommodating nature, which helps create a positive customer experience. 3. Excellent work: Some customers mention that the salon does excellent work, suggesting that their nail technicians are skilled and competent. 4. Massage chairs: The massage chairs at Silver Nails are highly regarded, providing customers with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent service quality: There are multiple comments indicating that the service quality at Silver Nails can be inconsistent. Some customers have had positive experiences, while others have had disappointing ones. 2. Pricing inconsistencies: Several customers mention that the salon has inconsistent pricing, with some experiencing fluctuating charges. This lack of pricing stability can be frustrating for customers. 3. Chipping and poor durability: Multiple customers complain about the durability of their manicures, stating that their nails chipped or peeled within a short period of time after getting them done. This indicates that the salon may need to improve in terms of the longevity of their nail services. 4. Rushed service: Some customers felt rushed during their appointments, despite having made prior bookings. This suggests that the salon may not prioritize providing a relaxed and unhurried experience for their clients. 5. Lack of attention to detail: Customers have reported instances of missed dead skin during pedicures, as well as inconsistencies in nail shape and design. This lack of attention to detail suggests the need for improved precision and thoroughness in their services. 6. Rough treatment: There are complaints about rough, fast, and careless treatment by certain technicians, leading to discomfort and even injury for some customers. These incidents highlight the need for more gentle and attentive handling of clients' nails. 7. Communication issues: Some customers mention miscommunication or misunderstandings with the nail technicians. This can result in the final result not matching the customer's desired outcome and can lead to dissatisfaction.
In conclusion, while Silver Nails has some strengths such as a clean facility, friendly staff, and positive customer experiences, there are also several weaknesses that need to be addressed. Inconsistent service quality, pricing inconsistencies, chipping and durability issues, rushed service, lack of attention to detail, rough treatment, and communication issues are areas that the salon should focus on improving in order to provide a more consistent and satisfactory experience for their customers.

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