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Biddulph Plaza

+1 216-459-9332
6910 Biddulph Rd, Cleveland, OH 44144 United States of America
Open Today: 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Service options
  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Store is well stocked, cashiers r pleasant. Store is clean nd organizable, not a lot of unopened boxes ???? scatters around the aisles, that makes it easier to go through the store.
Plentiful Plaza! Bring sturdy bags to Giant Eagel tho.. Cashier put my wine in a paper bag with my groceries & it busted through the bottom of the bag & hit the ground soon as I got home. The handles on the rest of the bags broke.
Staff knows me by name because I come here so often ????. Staff is great friendly and always willing to lend a hand or help you find what you need. This location is good at keeping there shelves stocked only downside is prices can be a bit steep compared to marcs or Walmart but you can definitely find what your looking for either way
The Tavern on Biddulph has a great selection of finger foods and pizza. The wings are crispy and delicious. Great music with great prices. I recommend you stop in
Great variety, unfortunately the staff lacks knowledge and the manager walking around up front had no people skills, incredibly rude. Went to a locally owned store for good customer service.
Very helpful and nice people in the pharmacy. And they do have a drive thru for the people that weren’t aware!
Mad I couldn't get no butter and my eggnog...still kept it cool wit coolers going out
Steve's, SA Thrift, Giant Eagle, Biddulph Bev, Plaza Nueva: All cool places with friendly service right in the middle of a pleasant neighborhood.

Quick Facts About Biddulph Plaza

Biddulph Plaza, based on the comments received, has a number of strengths and weaknesses that can be identified.
One of the strengths of Biddulph Plaza is that the store is well stocked. Customers mention that they can find what they are looking for easily, which suggests that the store carries a wide variety of products. The comment about there not being a lot of unopened boxes scattered around the aisles indicates that the staff maintains the store's cleanliness and organization. This contributes to a positive shopping experience for customers. Additionally, customers mention that the cashiers are pleasant, which further enhances the overall customer service.
Another strength of Biddulph Plaza is the presence of a pharmacy with helpful and nice staff. The availability of a drive-thru option for the pharmacy is also mentioned, which adds convenience for customers who may have difficulty entering the store. This focus on customer convenience is a positive aspect of Biddulph Plaza.
The presence of various other businesses within Biddulph Plaza is also highlighted as a strength. Customers mention Steve's, SA Thrift, Giant Eagle, Biddulph Bev, and Plaza Nueva as cool places with friendly service. This suggests that Biddulph Plaza offers a diverse range of services and shopping options, making it a convenient and enjoyable destination for residents of the neighborhood.
However, there are also weaknesses that can be identified based on the comments received. One recurring weakness mentioned is the high prices compared to other stores such as Marcs or Walmart. This suggests that Biddulph Plaza may not offer the most competitive prices, which could deter some budget-conscious customers from shopping there.
Another weakness mentioned is the poor customer service exhibited by the manager walking around up front. This staff member is described as having no people skills and being incredibly rude. Poor customer service can greatly impact the overall shopping experience and deter customers from returning in the future.
In terms of specific businesses within Biddulph Plaza, one weakness identified is the lack of knowledge exhibited by the staff at one of the stores. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the level of training and expertise among the various businesses within the plaza. In contrast, another business, the Tavern on Biddulph, is praised for its great selection of food and drinks, indicating that it provides a positive experience for customers.
Furthermore, there is a comment regarding the packaging of items at the Giant Eagle store within Biddulph Plaza, where a customer's wine bottle broke through the bottom of a paper bag. This indicates a potential issue with the quality and durability of the bags used by the store, which can be seen as a weakness.
Overall, Biddulph Plaza has strengths such as a well-stocked store, pleasant cashiers, a clean and organized environment, and friendly staff in the pharmacy. The presence of various businesses within the plaza also adds to its appeal. However, weaknesses such as high prices, poor customer service, inconsistent staff knowledge, and quality issues with packaging have been identified. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve the overall shopping experience at Biddulph Plaza.

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Monday 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Tuesday 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday 07:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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