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Midvale Park Shopping Center

1550 W Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ 85746 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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My favorite Walmart to go to! They always try to keep everything stalked and it's a fairly clean store. We've been coming here for years and never had a problem. We will continue to keep coming here as satisfied customers
The area has become a busy place for people seeking stuff from harbor freight and the dollar store. Its never been my favorite parking lot because its hard to get in and out of the spaces. Just be careful when you park its easier to go to the light to get out safely.
I love this Walmart, it's very big. My reasons for 4 stars is because it has more self checkouts and i personally don't like self checkout. This goes to all Walmart not just this one.
This is by far one of the worst Wal Mart stores I've ever been to. We went to get COVID shots. Appointments were set for weeks. When we got up to the window, the girl said mine was cancelled. I showed her the text I got from them stating my app date and time. So I had to wait. There were people in front of us that hadn't made appointments, they had them fill out forms and gave them all shots. Then, they got to me. It took forever, but I had not been notified of a cancellation. I don't think it was. I think the people ahead of us were her friends and she had to have an excuse to let them get theirs. She turned the paper over that had our names and shot statuses on it so I couldn't see it. I will not go here again.
I wasn't very impressed. Most of the employees i dealt with had attitudes and didn't know where anything was and wouldn't check into locating anything for me. But they had what I normally get available where as the one by my house almost never does so that's huge in my book.
Went to office max got some paint markers then best buy then finished of at firehouse subs
Muy buenos precios en los neumáticos y buena atención de los empleados.
It's a big Walmart with a grocery, pharmacy, vision center, and Subway inside. It stays moderately busy and sometimes it can take a little while to check out. Usually you can find what you need, get help if you need, and do self check out in a reasonably short amount of time.

Quick Facts About Midvale Park Shopping Center

The Midvale Park Shopping Center has received mixed reviews from customers. Let's analyze the strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
Strengths: 1. Well-stocked and clean store: One customer mentioned that the Walmart at Midvale Park Shopping Center always tries to keep everything stocked and is a fairly clean store. This indicates that the store is proactive in maintaining a good inventory and cleanliness, providing a positive shopping experience.
2. Satisfied long-term customers: Another customer mentioned that they have been coming to this Walmart for years and have never had a problem. This indicates customer loyalty and satisfaction, suggesting that the store has managed to build a strong customer base.
3. Availability of products: One customer appreciated the fact that the Walmart at this shopping center had the products they needed, which makes it a convenient place to shop. This indicates that the store offers a good variety of products, meeting the demands of customers.
4. Affordable prices: A comment in Spanish mentioned that the prices for tires are very good at this shopping center, indicating that the store offers competitive pricing. This is a significant strength, as it can attract price-conscious customers.
5. Variety of services: The Midvale Park Shopping Center offers additional services such as a grocery, pharmacy, vision center, and Subway. This provides convenience for customers who may need to access these services while shopping.
Weaknesses: 1. Parking lot congestion: One customer mentioned that it is difficult to get in and out of the parking spaces at the shopping center. This can be a significant inconvenience and may deter some customers from visiting the center.
2. Negative experience with appointments: A customer had a negative experience when visiting the Walmart for a COVID shot appointment. They claimed that their appointment was canceled without notification, while others without appointments were prioritized. This reflects poor management and lack of communication, which can result in customer dissatisfaction.
3. Unhelpful employees: A customer complained about unhelpful and attitude-filled employees. This indicates potential issues with staff training, customer service, and the overall friendliness of the store. Unhelpful employees can leave customers feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with their shopping experience.
4. Self-checkout preference: One customer mentioned that they personally do not like self-checkouts, and this particular Walmart had more self-checkout options. While this may not be a major weakness, it could be a deterrent for customers who prefer to have a cashier-assisted checkout.
In conclusion, the Midvale Park Shopping Center has several strengths, including a well-stocked and clean store, satisfied long-term customers, availability of products, affordable prices, and a variety of services. However, there are some notable weaknesses, such as parking lot congestion, negative experiences with appointments, unhelpful employees, and a preference for cashier-assisted checkouts. Addressing these weaknesses could greatly improve the overall shopping experience at the shopping center.

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Wednesday 06:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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