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Senias Hair Salon Boutique & Spa

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35 W Main St, Meriden, CT 06451 United States of America
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I will never return to this place she basically fried my hair off and put unnecessary heat on my hair after I left it felt so gummy and it keeps breaking off, she got the color right but my roots are so bad, spotty,splotchy. She dried my hair while it still had some bleach and it made it really crispy and when I let her know if my hair is supposed to feel gummy she said it was normal
Pésimo servicio fui con mi cabello largo hasta la cintura solo para que me lo espuntara un poquito para que se me fortaleciera mas y termine con dissque una picoteadera de pelo asquerosa y con el pelo cortado mas arriba del brasier no se la recomiendo a nadie que tenga su pelo lacio y largo porque ella hace todo lo posible por dejarte el pelo como el de una negra africana y conste no tengo nada en contra de las personas de color no vallan a ese lugar si tienes cabello largo y lacio
Senia did an excellent job in cutting my natural curly hair that was damaged from swimming in chlorinated water. She washed my hair and cut it exactly how I wanted it. The kersane relaxing hair treatment she put in my hair was amazing. She placed me under a hot hair dryer for 45 minutes then blowed dried and flat ironed my hair.
The end results were phenomenally beautiful. I will no longer go to my old hairstylist after 30 years but continue going to her for many years to come. Senia is highly recommended for haircuts and people with curly or wavy hair that love a sleek, silky, soft straight hair.
She also excels in hair coloring.
Excellent experience. Senia have excellent professionalism and do exceptional work. I recommend for whoever want and exceptional work.
Fui por referencia y fue un desastre me dieron mal el bleach para retoque de color azul y el color me quedo todo manchado entre amarrillento y verde,hable cn la dueña la cual me dijo q fuera para arreglarmelo pero le dije que no podia pq me quemo el cuero cabelludo,a lo cual no dijo nada, me salio cascara en la mayor parte de la cabeza y en algunas areas se callo el pelo cn todo y casacara,solamente me he lavado el pelo dos veces y ahi partes q se ve amarrillo completamente sin tinte,la verdad no recomiendo el lugar,yo no voy para que me lo arreglen pq no quiero volver a sufrir el dolor y ardor en el cuero cabelludo...
Beautiful nice,clean place And quality service I highly recommend.
Very clean place friendly people highly recommended
I had a wonderful experience. My hair looks amazing, the service I requested was my ends cut and blow dry and she did an amazing job.
Thank you

Quick Facts About Senias Hair Salon Boutique & Spa

Senias Hair Salon Boutique & Spa, located in an undisclosed location, has garnered mixed reviews among customers, with a wide range of experiences reported. In this analysis, we will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, one customer commended Senia for her exceptional hair cutting skills. The individual had damaged, natural curly hair from swimming in chlorinated water, and Senia was able to provide a satisfying cut and a kersane relaxing hair treatment that left the customer with phenomenally beautiful results. This positive feedback highlights Senia's ability to work with different hair types and provide tailored services.
Another customer praised the cleanliness of the salon and the friendly atmosphere. A clean and welcoming environment can contribute to the overall customer experience and make individuals feel comfortable. This positive aspect showcases Senias Hair Salon Boutique & Spa's commitment to maintaining a hygienic space for its clients.
The quality of service was also highlighted as a strength. Several customers expressed their satisfaction with the work provided by Senia, emphasizing her professionalism and exceptional skills. This positive feedback suggests that Senia has a knack for delivering an excellent experience and achieving the desired outcome.
In terms of weaknesses, negative feedback centered around various aspects of the hair coloring services provided by Senias Hair Salon Boutique & Spa. One customer expressed disappointment with their hair color, stating that they received a poorly done bleach for a blue color retouch that left their hair with splotchy and uneven results. This complaint sheds light on a weakness in Senia's hair coloring skills, as it seems there was a lack of precision and attention to detail in achieving the desired color.
Additionally, another customer mentioned concerns about the use of excessive heat on their hair during a styling session. They reported that their hair felt gummy, crispy, and ended up breaking off. The customer expressed dissatisfaction with the stylist's response, as they were informed that the gummy feeling was normal. This incident highlights a weakness in communication between the stylist and the customer, as well as a potential lack of proper hair care techniques in managing heat damage.
Furthermore, there was one comment expressing dissatisfaction with the haircut received. The customer requested a small trim to strengthen their long, straight hair, but ended up with a significant cut above the bra strap. This complaint suggests a lack of attention to the customer's desired outcome and a failure to deliver the requested service.
Overall, Senias Hair Salon Boutique & Spa has strengths in hair cutting skills, cleanliness, and providing quality service, as highlighted by positive customer experiences. However, weaknesses in hair coloring techniques, communication, and attention to customer requests were also identified through negative feedback. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to provide a consistently positive experience for all customers.

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