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Ernesto's Taco Shop

+1 305-971-0600
20095 S Dixie Hwy, Cutler Bay, FL 33189 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Gutes Essen zu kleinen Preisen. Große Auswahl und gute Qualität
Absoluter Insider. Sehr gut
Googlemaps is my go-to when I need to find a good place to eat, and the reviews for this place were great. The place is very low key, little hole in the wall, but the food was amazing! We had the 3 tacos al pastor and the 3 beef taquitos combo with beans and rice. Had the guacamole but did not care for it. They have a little condiment bar, and their encurtido and green sauce is so good. The only downside for me was the counter service, the lady seemed annoyed at my questions, not friendly at all. But the food saved the day.
This was my first time going here But I can say it's been atvthis location for years more then 10 years from this date , I made a phone call order and the tpyng lady who was taking my order was very RUDE , I came in to pick up order the same young lady ask me dud I place an phone order I said yes,
I paid with my card and she put a piece of paper on the counter and said sign, I looked to the side it was 3 papers I ask one she replied the one I put down on the table, I told her it's three ,she rolled her eyes and picked the one O had to sign out the 3.
Seconds later she ask so you want salsa O said sure , I waited and waited and she said what do you need ,I said the salsa the she pointed to a silver box , I told her it's my first time I did not know . SHE ROLLED HER EYES AGAIN.
chicken quesadilla was good
Everything else I ordered was not that great
My First and last time
La comida es bastante buena, las salsas son bastante similar a las mexicanas
Se ve que la tortilla es hecha a mano
Pero… La atención es terriblemente mal, a pesar de que la comida es buena, no da muchas ganas de regresar por la atención
Si deseas probar la comida de este lugar te recomiendo pedirlo a través de Uber Eats, para que no pases un mal rato en este lugar
I've been coming to this place ever since I was a kid with my parents. Seen the location go through a lot of changes over the years and I love the new mural that they have inside and the new menu board and all.
I know nothing can be done about it but I really wish that the parking situation was just a little bit better and that there was actually a bathroom for customers to be able to use. I went here with a friend and the food was good and everything but they're always seems to be a slight little problem when it comes to the consistency of the food. I know it can't be always the same person that's cooking the food everyday so it is to be expected but sometimes you can kind of just tell y'know? Overall though I don't think anybody would really be disappointed in the food here and as a landmark and sentimental location for me despite the changes that it has gone through in the lack of a bathroom I still love this place to death but I'm giving it a fair rating of a four because it does have its minor inconveniences.
Love this little gem. Food is top-notch, and the service is awesome. I used to call and pick up and always found my order ready.
Now I show up and order take out, and the wait is like 7 minutes. All their sauces are amazing, fresh, and tasty.
Go check them out, Tell them Marc sent ya.
My food was delivered with wrong items, no salsa, loaded with tomatoes which were not ordered and I hate tomatoes, meat so dry and tough from overcooked. The entire order had errors. Horrible food! I tried calling and the phone number kept disconnecting THEN...Watch your credit card for fraud charges after eating here. Someone attempted to use my credit card to charge close to $100 worth of cleaning supplies at the target a few blocks away from there. I have now canceled the card I used for the meal and disputed the charges. A new card is being issued. How dare you! FYI...this Ernesto's in Cutler Bay IS NOT THE SAME OWNER as the Ernesto's in KENDALL and COUNTRY WALK. Their food is excellent. We have eaten at those two numerous times and they have delicious food and I never had anyone try to use my card.

Quick Facts About Ernesto's Taco Shop

Ernesto's Taco Shop has both strengths and weaknesses, as reflected in the comments provided.
One of the main strengths mentioned is the quality of the food. Many comments praise the food, describing it as "amazing," "good," and "top-notch." The menu offers a large selection at affordable prices, making it appealing to customers looking for good value for their money. The hand-made tortillas and tasty sauces are also mentioned as positive aspects of the food.
Another strength mentioned is the longevity of the establishment. One comment highlights that Ernesto's Taco Shop has been at the same location for over 10 years. This can create a sense of trust and stability in the minds of customers, who may value establishments with a history of success.
The establishment's low-key, "hole in the wall" ambiance is also considered a strength by some. This can create a unique and authentic experience for customers who enjoy discovering hidden gems and prefer a more casual dining environment.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses mentioned in the comments that should be addressed by Ernesto's Taco Shop. One common complaint is the poor customer service. Comments mention that the staff members were rude, annoyed, and rolled their eyes in response to customer inquiries. This negatively impacts the overall dining experience and can deter customers from returning.
Another weakness is the inconsistency of the food. One comment mentions that the food's quality varies based on the different individuals preparing it. Consistency is an important aspect of maintaining customer satisfaction, and this inconsistency may lead to disappointment for some customers.
The lack of a customer bathroom is also mentioned as a weakness. This can be seen as an inconvenience and may deter customers from staying longer or returning to the establishment.
Parking is another issue that is mentioned as a weakness. Customers express frustration with the limited availability of parking spaces, which can make it difficult for them to visit the establishment.
Lastly, one comment mentions a serious issue regarding fraudulent charges on a credit card after dining at Ernesto's Taco Shop. While this may be an isolated incident, it is a significant concern for customers who value the security of their personal information and financial transactions.
In conclusion, Ernesto's Taco Shop has strengths such as the quality of the food, affordability, long-standing presence, authenticity, and convenient location. However, there are also weaknesses, including poor customer service, inconsistency in food quality, lack of a customer bathroom, parking limitations, and a potential security issue with credit card fraud. Addressing these weaknesses would help enhance the overall customer experience and improve the reputation of the establishment.

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