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Ruby Nails

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7550 Mission Hills Dr #312, Naples, FL 34119 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I am so impressed with Ruby Nails! Their facility is clean, they’re professional, and they have an incredible array of colors and designs.
Anna did my nails in the pictures above. I was blown away by her expertise. She ‘built’ my nails In certain areas that had been previously damaged and knew how to layer and shape the colors so the dip looked completely natural. She had great technique and her artistic skills were a second to none; even managing to fade three colors into one and draw on top with a glitter design. I will most definitely be returning to Ruby nails in the future.
I get my nails done a ruby nails routinely and have never had a bad experience. They are so lovely and do an amazing job. This time I asked for an ombré look and she killed it, per usual. Then laughed and said “give me 5 stars” jokingly. So here I am, making sure you guys know how great they are! Also, their pedicures are to die for????
My daughter went here on 10/14, it’s 10/26, just twelve days later all but three nails are gone. You charged her $55 and she gave you a tip for a total of $65. This is horrible work and you should be ashamed of the service and taking advantage of a young student. I have no idea how you have over four stars. She deserves a refund! Just Horrible!!!!!! pictures below!
Clean, quiet, no wait most of the time. Everyone super friendly and I find myself dozing off during my visits. Very very pleasant place. And I've had 3 different techs and not one has disappointed me yet.
I go monthly to have my eyebrows done by Lisa and she has done an incredible job every single time. I have also gotten a pedicure as well and for my first time, it was incredible! I highly recommend Ruby Nails to anyone looking for manicure, pedicure, or waxing!
I have neglected to review this salon and the working owners deserve.
1.) My acrylic nails have rarely lasted two weeks.
2.) Their prices are below industry standards. (there's a reason why).
3.) They intentionally speak in Vietnamese so they can and do disrespect the very people keeping them in business. I didn't believe this until I turned on my translator! Whoa!!! They speak and understand just fine. They are playing dumb and talk trash about everyone.
4.) It has been updated, but I have yet to see them sterilize any of the drill bits, files, buffers, etc. between clients.
Hello hepatitis!
Best nail salon! Very clean and professional! Great owners as well. Thank you Lee and Lisa!
First after an appointment time I waited 40min with my fingers sitting in acetone before they started my dip. Then I selected OPI bubble bath dip. What they applied was very bright pink and the excuse was “the company changed the color”. When I voiced it was not the color I selected/shown on the sample he was upset I didn’t tell him sooner but then just put a different color over it to “fix it”. First dip/manicure I’ve ever had that didn’t finish with cuticle oil or lotion. My mom went as well for pedicure which did not even include a massage besides when they put scrub on her. Very dissatisfied and disappointed.

Quick Facts About Ruby Nails

Ruby Nails, as described in the comments, has both strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, the strengths and weaknesses will be discussed in detail.
1. Cleanliness: Multiple comments praise the cleanliness of Ruby Nails. This is a crucial strength as it ensures a hygienic environment for customers. A clean facility is important in a nail salon to prevent the spread of infections and maintain a pleasant experience for customers.
2. Professionalism: Reviewers mention the professionalism of the staff at Ruby Nails. This indicates that the employees are trained and knowledgeable, providing a high-quality service to customers. Professionalism ensures that customers feel comfortable and well taken care of during their visit.
3. Wide range of colors and designs: Ruby Nails offers a diverse selection of colors and designs for customers to choose from. This variety allows customers to personalize their nails and find a style that suits their preferences. It also indicates that the salon keeps up with current trends in the nail industry.
4. Expertise in nail services: Several reviewers highlight the skill and expertise of the nail technicians at Ruby Nails. Customers commend the technicians' abilities to repair damaged nails, create natural-looking designs, and perform various techniques such as ombre. This expertise is a key strength as it ensures that customers receive high-quality and tailored nail services.
5. Pleasant atmosphere: Reviewers mention that Ruby Nails has a calm and relaxing environment. The salon is described as clean, quiet, and with little to no wait times. Creating a pleasant atmosphere is important in a nail salon as it contributes to a positive customer experience and encourages repeat visits.
1. Poor nail durability: One reviewer mentions that their acrylic nails rarely lasted more than two weeks. This indicates that the durability of the nail enhancements provided by Ruby Nails may not meet customer expectations. Nail durability is an important factor for customers as they expect their nails to last for a reasonable amount of time.
2. Price below industry standards: A reviewer mentions that the prices at Ruby Nails are below industry standards. While this may initially attract customers due to affordability, it could also raise concerns about the quality of the services provided. Customers may question if the lower prices are reflected in the overall experience and results.
3. Language barrier and disrespectful behavior: A reviewer claims that the staff at Ruby Nails intentionally speak in Vietnamese to disrespect customers. While this comment may be based on an isolated incident, it raises concerns about the professionalism and communication within the salon. Customers expect to be treated with respect regardless of their background or language.
4. Lack of sterilization practices: Another reviewer expresses concerns about the sterilization practices at Ruby Nails. If the salon fails to properly sterilize tools and equipment between clients, it poses a risk for infections and diseases to be spread. Strict sterilization practices are necessary in a nail salon to ensure the health and safety of customers.
5. Inconsistencies in service: One reviewer shares a negative experience where they had to wait a long time before their appointment started, received a different color than selected, and did not receive the expected finish for their manicure. Additionally, their mother's pedicure did not include essential elements such as a massage. These inconsistencies in service quality can lead to customer dissatisfaction and affect the overall reputation of the salon.
In conclusion, Ruby Nails has several strengths such as cleanliness, professionalism, a wide range of nail colors and designs, expertise in nail services, and a pleasant atmosphere. However, there are also weaknesses including poor nail durability, prices below industry standards, concerns about the language barrier and disrespectful behavior, lack of sterilization practices, and inconsistencies in service. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to maintain customer satisfaction and continue to improve their overall reputation.

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