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Rohrbaugh's Barber Shop

+1 717-632-0260
104 Baltimore St, Hanover, PA 17331 United States of America
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Recently moved to the area and was skeptical about getting a new barber. Came into this place looking like a wolf, came out with a masterclass cut done with pure perfection. I am still shocked at how good of a haircut I’ve gotten. You’ve gotten a new customer for life. Well done.
Really nice haircut but a tiny bit pricey for a barber shop. Worth it if you are okay with the price.
Just came from getting my haircut and I'm fully satisfied with the service I got. Walked in, sat right down, and she went to work on the 1 fade all around. Couldn't have taken more than 20 minutes from start to finish. Now I'm ready for the wedding I'll be attending on Saturday! Place is clean, friendly, quick. And great quality.
I almost had a heart attack when he turned that chair around and I saw 21 bucks for a haircut he already started so I was committed to it. But for what this place charges that dude should do a lot better job of cutting hair. That will be my first and last time going to this place
Hands down, best local barber shop.
Usually able to get myself and the kids in and out quickly.
Both barbers are great with the kids and take pride in every cut.
New to the area and I was still driving to Maryland for my haircuts. Decided to try a new place And Barber here in Hanover. Best haircut I have had in long time. Good price and I definitely will going back
I will be a return customer for as long as I live in the area.
Absolutely fantastic business. The gentleman running the place is a rare breed these days, and he ensures that you look good and professional, and not like a walking piece of modern "art". You don't have explain what a traditional haircut is, because he's actually a barber and not some neo-clown trying to make a name for himself - he actually cares about doing his trade. The place had a rustic feeling, everything was quick and well managed, and surprisingly cheap. I highly recommend this place to anyone who needs a real haircut.
Best Barber in town! My brother went there for 40 years and now I take my 8 yr. Old son. Same quality and service tht u would expect. It's worth the trip there ????

Quick Facts About Rohrbaugh's Barber Shop

Rohrbaugh's Barber Shop has several strengths based on the comments provided. These include:
1. Skill and Quality: Many customers praise the exceptional skill and quality of the haircuts they receive at Rohrbaugh's Barber Shop. These comments highlight that the barbers provide masterclass cuts and take pride in every cut, ensuring customers leave satisfied. The mention of getting the best haircut in a long time and the fact that one customer will be a return customer for life demonstrates the consistency of high-quality service.
2. Quick Service: Another strength highlighted in the comments is the speed and efficiency of the service. Customers mention being able to get in and out quickly, with one comment stating that the haircut took no more than 20 minutes. This is particularly important for customers who have busy schedules and need a quick haircut.
3. Good with Kids: Several customers mention that the barbers at Rohrbaugh's Barber Shop are great with kids. This strength is important for families who need a barber shop that can cater to the needs of children. The ability to provide a positive experience for children can increase customer loyalty as families may choose to come back to the shop for their future haircuts.
4. Reasonable Prices: Many customers consider the prices at Rohrbaugh's Barber Shop to be fair and worth the quality of service they receive. While one customer did find the prices a bit pricey, others mention that they are surprised at how cheap the services are. This affordability can attract new customers and encourage repeat business from existing customers.
5. Traditional Barber Experience: Customers appreciate the traditional barber experience provided at Rohrbaugh's Barber Shop. One customer mentions that the barber is a rare breed and cares about his trade, unlike some modern stylists. The mention of a rustic feeling in the shop also adds to the traditional and authentic experience. This uniqueness can be a strength, particularly for customers who prefer a traditional barber shop experience compared to more modern salons.
Despite these strengths, there are a few weaknesses that can be identified:
1. Price: While many customers find the prices reasonable, one customer mentions that the haircut felt expensive for a barber shop. This suggests that some customers may find the prices at Rohrbaugh's Barber Shop to be on the higher end compared to other options in the area. This could potentially discourage price-sensitive customers from visiting the shop.
2. Inconsistency: Although most customers praise the skill and quality of the haircuts, one customer mentions that the barber should do a better job considering the price charged. This suggests that there may be some inconsistency in the quality of haircuts at times, which could be a concern for customers seeking consistent and reliable service.
In conclusion, Rohrbaugh's Barber Shop has several strengths that include skill and quality, quick service, good skills with kids, reasonable prices, and a traditional barber experience. While there are a few weaknesses such as price and potential inconsistency, overall, the positive feedback outweighs the negative feedback, indicating that it is a reputable and reliable barber shop in the area.


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