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Rasele Beauty Cambridge

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128 Wulfstan Way, Cambridge CB1 8QJ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Rasele is one of the best beauticians I have used and will continue to use, she always fits me in around her busy schedule and will happily change if needed. Her services are professional and she will always advise before doing treatments so she won't just take your money off you, she dedicates her time to her clients and will always give an honest opinion which is what I prefer tbh! Always friendly and room is spectacular, thank you Rasa xxx
Rasa goes above and beyond for her clients and always manages to fit me in when I forget to rebook! Honestly I couldn’t recommend her enough, she always makes me comfortable and the lashes are incredible!
I was given a groupon gift by my best friend for my birthday. I tried on several occassions to contact this lady to get my lashes done without luck. She ignored all my calls. After trying several times to contact her on Whats app and text messages I was offered test patch and lash appointment, however as soon as I asked for availability around my sons nursery times she ignored any further booking enquiries and not responded for weeks after which she has said she had no bookings available for upcoming weeks. When my friend contacted her to make a booking on my behalf she was told to go to groupon and enquire for a refund?! This is not the customer service i would expect from anybody ever. Do not use her services. Terrible and disappointing.
I have been going to Rasele for over five years for lashes and microblading. I have tried others for lashes in Cambridge before but at Rasele beauty they do them the best. I always get complimented on how my lashes look. I always go for the 6D lashes which look full without the heaviness some other practitioners do. Also great for eyebrow microblading and touch ups. I wouldn’t go to anyone else now.
DO NOT use especially with groupon deal. I booked a eyebrow appointment for my mums 60th she was very excited. Proceeded to try contact lady, she ignored all calls/texts couldn´t be bothered. Lied about being busy, so are you busy for the whole 4 months to avoid groupon deals, please stop lying just admit you cant be bothered with groupon deals.....DONT DO GROUPON DEALS IF YOU DONT WANT TO, no one is forcing you. Stop wasting peoples time and money. Disgraceful company, awful customer service - shouldnt be allowed on groupon.
Rasele was one of the most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with in a service industry. She was rude, cancelled the appointment at last minute, suggested that I reach out to Groupon to get a refund (complaining Groupon is waste of her time/revenue), rushed the treatment, performed the treatment roughly and complained the entire time that this was a Groupon treatment (where she gets paid less money than normally). When she cancelled an appointment - she suggested I reach out to Groupon to get a refund because she doesn't get paid enough for Groupons. However, she wouldn't write a 3 WORD sentence ("I confirm refund") in an email to me - in order for me to get the refund from Groupon! Despite me asking her several times. Shocking behaviours and treatment by a 'professional'! Alos, make sure you get appointment times in writing; otherwise she will stitch you up. She definitely does not treat the client in a respectful way (she argues with you and raises her voice, acts snappy). Her rude, abruptness is also evident in how rushed and rough her treatments are (though this may be just because she's bitter and angry about having to do so many Groupons). Regardless, I would NEVER go back to her and if she spends the entire complaining about Groupon, then maybe she shouldn't do it? It's not my fault she signed up!
Wow! What can I say? An amazing experience from start to finish! I had my eyebrows microbladed two years ago and just recently done top up. Rasele done great job! Couldn’t be happier! Everyone in salon was friendly. Highly recommend!
I purchased a coupon from Groupon about 2 months ago and finally after 1 month we aggreed for a patch test.However i went there for a patch test and after that i get a message from this place saying they cannot do my eyelash extensions.
Very unprofessional,very disappointed and they waste my time,fuel money plus my husband take half day of from work as well due i do have 2 kids.
Same day i went somewherelse and they done it straight away.

Quick Facts About Rasele Beauty Cambridge

Rasele Beauty Cambridge place receives a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insight into its strengths and weaknesses. The strengths of Rasele Beauty Cambridge place include:
1. Professionalism: Many customers praise the professional services provided by Rasele. She advises clients before treatments and ensures they are comfortable throughout the process.
2. Availability: Rasele is commended for her flexibility in fitting clients into her busy schedule. She tries her best to accommodate last-minute bookings and changes.
3. Quality of Work: Several customers mention the excellent quality of Rasele's lash extensions and microblading services. They appreciate the compliments they receive on their lashes and eyebrows.
4. Friendly Atmosphere: Rasa is described as friendly and welcoming, which contributes to an enjoyable experience for customers.
5. Spectacular Room: One customer specifically mentions the outstanding appearance of the treatment room, highlighting the attention to detail and aesthetics of the environment.
On the other hand, Rasele Beauty Cambridge place has some weaknesses, as indicated by negative comments from customers:
1. Poor Communication: Several customers report difficulties in contacting Rasele, with unanswered calls, messages, and ignored booking inquiries. This lack of communication leads to frustration for potential clients.
2. Unprofessional Behavior: One customer mentions Rasele's rude and unprofessional attitude towards Groupon customers. The customer alleges that Rasele rushed the treatment, complained about Groupon, and even recommended contacting Groupon for a refund.
3. Groupon Deal Issues: Multiple customers express dissatisfaction with Rasele's handling of Groupon deals. Some claim she lied about availability to avoid the deals entirely, while others criticize her attitude towards Groupon customers and the subpar quality of their treatments.
4. Lack of Refund Assistance: One customer mentions that Rasele refused to provide a simple confirmation email necessary for a Groupon refund, showcasing her unhelpful and uncooperative behavior.
5. Time Wasting: A customer states that their time was wasted by Rasele's unprofessionalism and lack of transparency in canceling appointments.
Overall, Rasele Beauty Cambridge place demonstrates strengths in professionalism, availability, quality of work, friendly atmosphere, and an aesthetically pleasing treatment room. However, the business suffers from weaknesses such as poor communication, unprofessional behavior, difficulties with Groupon deals, lack of refund assistance, and instances of time wasting. These weaknesses suggest areas for improvement to ensure a more consistent and satisfactory customer experience.

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