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Rabbie Burns Fish & Chips

Wellington Ln, Ayr KA7 2DA United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Rabbie Burns Fish & Chips

Rabbie Burns Fish & Chips place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, highlighting both its strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, multiple customers praised the value for money and portion size at Rabbie Burns. They mentioned that the prices were reasonable and the portions were generous. In addition, customers mentioned that the food was not greasy, indicating that the fish and chips were cooked well. The fact that the food was delicious and good value was mentioned by multiple customers as a positive aspect of their experience.
Another strength that was highlighted by customers was the friendly and welcoming staff. Some customers mentioned that the staff made them feel welcome, and one even mentioned that they allowed the customer's family dog to sit in and even provided a complimentary treat for the dog. This level of customer service was appreciated by the customers and contributed to a positive dining experience.
Customers also appreciated the cleanliness of Rabbie Burns Fish & Chips place. One customer specifically mentioned that the place was lovely and clean, which is an important factor when choosing a food establishment. Additionally, the location of the shop was mentioned as a positive aspect, with its proximity to the beach being a convenient feature for customers.
Moving on to the weaknesses, some customers mentioned that the food quality was inconsistent. One customer mentioned that their previous visit had resulted in hot, fresh, and crispy fish and chips, but on another occasion, the food was served quickly and was soggy and pale. This inconsistency in food quality is a weakness that needs to be addressed by the establishment.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer was the run-down interior of the shop. Despite being situated in a good area, the shop's appearance was described as "very run down." This can create a negative impression and discourage potential customers from visiting the establishment.
Some customers also mentioned poor customer service as a weakness of Rabbie Burns Fish & Chips place. One customer specifically mentioned that the girls behind the counter had no manners at all. This lack of manners can leave a negative impression on customers and can potentially harm the reputation of the establishment.
In terms of the food itself, there were several negative comments regarding the taste and quality. Customers mentioned that the fish was dry, bland, and tasted horrible. One customer even questioned if the fish was off or borderline spoiled. Additionally, there were complaints about orders being incorrect, such as being charged for a special fish supper but receiving a regular fish supper instead. These mistakes can lead to customer dissatisfaction and should be addressed by the establishment.
Furthermore, there were complaints about the quality of sauces. One customer mentioned that the HP brown sauce packets they received were more than 6 months past their expiry date. This is a serious concern as it can compromise the health and safety of the customers.
Lastly, one customer mentioned that the chips had been stood for too long, resulting in a negative dining experience. This indicates that the food may not be consistently prepared in a timely manner, which can affect the overall quality of the meal.
In conclusion, Rabbie Burns Fish & Chips place has several strengths such as good value for money, friendly staff, cleanliness, and a convenient location. However, there are weaknesses that need to be addressed, including inconsistent food quality, a run-down interior, poor customer service, and concerns about the taste and quality of the food. By addressing these weaknesses, the establishment can improve its overall customer experience and potentially increase repeat business.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Visited this lovely fish & chip shop when I was in Ayr recently and thought it was great. Good value for money with good portion size and not greasy at all. Staff were lovely and welcoming as my partner and I sat in to enjoy our food. Lovely and clean and not far from the beach also. Huge thumbs up ???? Will be back soon.
Invited to sit in with family dog, we were made to feel very welcome, doggie enjoyed a complimentary nugget and my son was given a couple of sweets, staff were very friendly and attentive and our food was delicious and good value, definitely be back next time in Ayr.
We enjoy coming to Ayr for a fish supper and call into Rabbies for our favourites. We visited a few weeks back and the fish and chips etc was all cooked fresh, we sat outside on the benches and it was brilliant. So nice, hot fresh and crispy. Unfortunately though we called in the other evening and got served very quickly as the fish, chips and sausages were already cooked. We took them away to the seafront and upon opening found soggy batter and pale looking. Brilliant place and I know it can be busy but we would prefer to wait next time I think for fresher crispy coated fish. We will visit again though and check first. Hence the 3 stars this time.
Had saus, chips and gravy from here. Sat on benches out front with lovely views to eat them the portion size was quite big. I wrapped a sausage up and ate it later. Was very nice
Very run down looking interior, a shame as it’s situated in a great area for a fish and chip shop business. Food was very average, cost extra for sauces. Girls behind the counter had no manners at all, if that was me I would be sacked instantly, no wonder the place is always empty.
Really poor experience here. Fish was probably off, definitely borderline anyways and tasted horrible. Plus the hp brown sauce packets they sold us went out of date more than 6 months ago. Also we ordered special fish suppers and they apparently didn’t have any breadcrumbs but never bothered telling us, so they just put it through as a regular fish suppers and charged us anyways
Fish dry and bland. Ordered special fish supper and was given battered fish and when queried was told they had run out of breadcrumbs!! also brown sauce out of date. Hate leaving bad reviews but they need to do better if they want repeat custom.
Absolute utter rubbish, wet batter,dry fish & the chips had been stood for far too long.. Yuk.

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