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Prince House Of Pizza

+1 803-542-7226
135 Blythewood Rd, Blythewood, SC 29016 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Have had some good experiences and some bad. That’s why the 3 out of 5 stars. Good salads and pizza for the most part. Subs are below par. Last one was cooked to a crisp. Called to tell them about it and all they said is sorry we (kitchen) are busy A little pricey as well.
The restaurant was clean, and there were several families enjoying meals when I came in. The food was tasty, and the service was hospitable and genuine. I ordered pastrami with spicy mustard that came with fries and pickle spear, and my husband ordered meat lovers pizza. We both enjoyed our meals. They had a large variety of items on the menu, including salads, pasta, gyro, strombolis, pizza, seafood, Mediterranean, chicken wings with a small kids menu, and sides. They also serve coke products as well as some bottled drinks. Will definitely order again.
Amazing pizzas and the salads are huge! I really enjoy this place and highly recommend it! Been living in Blythewood for 7 years, and i had no idea this place even existed. We only found out about through word of mouth from a friend. Maybe they should do a little more advertising.
I'm not even going to say too much in this review here are pictures of what they sent me and expected me and my children to consume. I wouldn't feed this to a stranger's dog.
Ordered over phone was told cheesecake had strawberry's and was $3.00. Ended up $5 no strawberry and was a thin slice about 1/4" across. Lasagna was cold and tasteless. I use to eat here every weekend for years. Last visit my pizza was horrible. Absolutely will not recommend eating here.
Always good food. Had the lunchtime veggie sub. One of my favs. Mel is a good server and attentive. Only issue I have is the ranch dressing is too watery.
As far as local pizza shops go, this is definitely in my top three. Now my review is strictly based on the pizza. I haven't tried anything else. The pizza tasted great, it was cheesy, loaded with toppings, and they're very accommodating with customization on toppings. The staff was friendly, prices were reasonable, and the place was clean. Not much more you can ask for in a restaurant.
We needed a good place to eat and it was late and they were open. Ordered the club with fries and house dressing, the best club we had ever eaten, fresh, and the waitresses were so friendly and kind to me and my wife. We will be back!

Quick Facts About Prince House Of Pizza

Prince House Of Pizza has received a variety of comments from customers, indicating both strengths and weaknesses of the establishment. Taking these comments into account, here is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of Prince House Of Pizza:
1. Good salads and pizza: Several customers have stated that they enjoyed the salads and pizzas at Prince House Of Pizza. This indicates that the establishment has succeeded in delivering quality food in these categories.
2. Hospitable and genuine service: One customer mentioned that they experienced hospitable and genuine service at the restaurant. This highlights the efforts of the staff to create a welcoming and positive dining experience for customers.
3. Clean restaurant: Another comment complimented the cleanliness of the restaurant. A clean environment is important for customers to feel comfortable and confident in the hygiene standards of the establishment.
4. Wide variety of menu items: Customers appreciated the large variety of items on the menu, including salads, pasta, gyros, strombolis, pizza, seafood, Mediterranean dishes, chicken wings, and sides. Having a diverse menu allows customers with different preferences to find something they enjoy.
5. Friendly staff: Some customers mentioned the friendly and accommodating staff at Prince House Of Pizza. Friendly staff members contribute to a positive dining experience for customers and create a welcoming atmosphere.
6. Reasonable prices: Several reviewers mentioned that the prices at Prince House Of Pizza were reasonable. Affordable prices can attract customers and encourage repeat visits.
1. Inconsistent food quality: One customer mentioned that their sub was below par, and another stated that their pizza was cooked poorly. Inconsistent food quality can lead to disappointed customers and impact the reputation of the establishment.
2. Lack of responsiveness to issues: A customer mentioned that they had a negative experience with their burnt sub, and when they called to inform the restaurant, they received an unsatisfactory response. Failing to address customer complaints adequately can result in lost business and a negative reputation.
3. Pricing discrepancies: A customer stated that they were charged more than the advertised price and received a smaller portion than expected. Inaccurate pricing and portion sizes can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a perception of dishonesty.
4. Lack of advertising: One customer mentioned that they only found out about the restaurant through word of mouth. Lack of advertising may limit the customer base and prevent potential customers from discovering and trying the restaurant.
5. Inconsistent food taste: One customer mentioned that the lasagna was cold and tasteless. Inconsistencies in taste can be off-putting to customers and may result in them not returning or recommending the restaurant.
6. Watery ranch dressing: A customer mentioned that the ranch dressing served at Prince House Of Pizza was too watery. Inconsistent quality of condiments can detract from the overall dining experience.
In conclusion, Prince House Of Pizza has various strengths, including good salads and pizza, hospitable service, a clean restaurant, a wide variety of menu items, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. However, the establishment also has weaknesses, such as inconsistent food quality, lack of responsiveness to issues, pricing discrepancies, lack of advertising, inconsistent food taste, and issues with condiments. It is important for the management of Prince House Of Pizza to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation.

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