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502 C Ave, Cache, OK 73527 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Pizza Express

Pizza Express has received overwhelmingly positive comments from customers, highlighting its strengths and few weaknesses. This analysis will delve into their strengths and weaknesses, and provide a comprehensive understanding of why customers love Pizza Express.
Starting with the strengths, one of the most common praises for Pizza Express is its great price and service. Customers appreciate that they are able to enjoy high-quality pizza without breaking the bank. The combination of affordable prices and excellent service contributes to the overall positive dining experience. Additionally, the comment that Pizza Express is the best pizza in all of Oklahoma demonstrates its reputation for outstanding taste and quality.
Another significant strength of Pizza Express is its wide variety of pizza choices. Numerous customers mention that they have been loyal patrons of the restaurant since its opening, which indicates a consistent and diverse menu. The fact that they have maintained a strong customer base speaks to the quality and variety of their pizza offerings.
The comment about finishing the crust highlights another strength of Pizza Express – their crust is delicious. Many pizza lovers know that the crust can make or break a pizza, and the fact that customers are eating it all showcases the skill and taste of the dough. This positive comment also implies that the crust is not dry or tasteless, but rather enjoyable to consume.
Apart from the pizza, customers also appreciate the boneless wings offered at Pizza Express. This positive feedback strengthens the restaurant's reputation, demonstrating their ability to excel in multiple food categories. The inclusion of wings extends their menu options and appeals to a broader range of customers.
The reputation of being the best pizza in Lawton and surrounding areas is another noteworthy strength. This demonstrates that Pizza Express has established itself as a local gem, excelling in both taste and service. Being recognized as the best in a specific location enhances their appeal and encourages customers to choose them over other pizza establishments.
It is apparent from the comments that Pizza Express pays attention to customer satisfaction. The staff is described as taking care of customer orders and ensuring they are delivered promptly. These positive interactions contribute to an overall positive dining experience and demonstrate that Pizza Express values their customers' needs.
Moreover, the consistency in delivering hot food as ordered is another considerable strength. Customers appreciate that their food arrives at their table or doorstep as intended, which reflects the attention to detail and quality control measures implemented by Pizza Express. This consistency further solidifies the restaurant's positive reputation among its customers.
The final strength to consider is the preference of Pizza Express over national pizza chains. Several customers have expressed their loyalty towards Pizza Express, stating that they would choose it over a national chain any day. This preference highlights the unique qualities and taste that Pizza Express provides, making it stand out from the competition.
While there are numerous strengths, there is one notable weakness that customers have pointed out. The comment regarding the taco pizza brings attention to the fact that Pizza Express's version of the taco pizza does not meet the commenter's expectations. They describe a traditional Midwest style taco pizza that includes lettuce, tomato, cheese, and crushed Doritos. However, it seems that Pizza Express does not offer these specific toppings on their taco pizza. This may disappoint customers who are accustomed to the Midwest-style version and might prompt them to seek alternatives elsewhere.
In conclusion, Pizza Express has numerous strengths that make it a highly regarded pizza place in Oklahoma. These strengths include affordability, extensive pizza choices, delicious crust, boneless wings, reputation as the best pizza in the area, attentive service, consistent delivery of hot food, and customer loyalty. While there is one noticeable weakness regarding the taco pizza, it does not negate the overall positive dining experience provided by Pizza Express. With its diverse menu, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing, Pizza Express has established itself as a local gem that customers prefer over national pizza chains.

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Great price and service probably best pizza in all of Oklahoma
Awesome pizza choice! We have been coming here since they opened.
Really good pizza n boneless wings! U know it's good pizza when u eat all the crust too.???? O recommend getting the 2nd pizza for $8 Xtra bucks????????
Absolute best pizza in Lawton surrounding area. A true small town jewel in Cache OK.
The pizza is soooooooo tasty!! The staff really take care of your order and get it out quickly!!
Best pizza and wings around!! It has become a weekly tradition to order pizza and wings from Pizza Express. The food is always hot and as we ordered. Customer service has never been anything but exceptional. I would take this pizza over a national pizza chain any day!!
I absolutely love to eat here!! The pizza is amazing! My favorite is the hot and spicy pizza. I also love the cinnamon sticks. The service is a ok ways good, too.
Great food but your taco pizza leaves much to be desired. Idk if its just a Midwest thing but the taco pizza im used to comes standard topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and crushed doritos (or off brand equivalent). It's really good and sells ALOT.

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