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Philly's Style Barbershop

+1 267-387-8995
550 Street Rd # B, Warminster, PA 18974 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Philly's Style Barbershop

Philly's Style Barbershop has several strengths based on the comments provided. First, the barbers are known for their ability to accommodate customers, even during busy periods. One customer mentioned that they were able to fit their teenage son in, despite a packed shop, and their son was happy with the resulting haircut. This shows that the barbers prioritize customer satisfaction and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure they can meet their clients' needs.
Additionally, many customers have been loyal to Philly's Style Barbershop for years, which indicates that the barbers consistently deliver high-quality haircuts. One customer mentioned going to Freddy for over ten years and being consistently impressed with his thoroughness and attention to detail. The fact that customers have been going to Freddy for such a long time highlights the trust and satisfaction they have in his skills as a barber.
The barbershop is also praised for its friendly and professional atmosphere. Numerous comments mention the friendliness of the staff and the positive experiences customers have had interacting with them. This creates a welcoming environment for customers and can contribute to their overall satisfaction with their visit.
Customers also appreciate the fair pricing at Philly's Style Barbershop. One comment mentioned reasonable prices for a great cut, while another mentioned the affordability of the services. This indicates that the barbershop provides value for money, which is an important consideration for many customers.
Despite these strengths, there are also a few weaknesses that can be derived from the comments. One customer had a negative experience with a barber named Primo. The customer mentioned that Primo made fun of their laugh and speech, did not listen to their haircut preferences, and displayed a lack of respect and manners. This suggests that there may be a lack of consistency in the professionalism and behavior of some barbers within the shop.
Another customer had a negative experience with the pricing at Philly's Style Barbershop. They mentioned that they were initially quoted $25 for a haircut but were charged $30 after the cut due to a fade. This customer felt misled and gouged by the barbershop and mentioned that their website clearly states the pricing as $25 for adult fades. This discrepancy in pricing and lack of clarity can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a negative perception of the business's integrity.
In conclusion, Philly's Style Barbershop has several strengths including the ability to accommodate customers during busy periods, skilled barbers who consistently deliver high-quality haircuts, a friendly and professional atmosphere, and fair pricing. However, there are also some weaknesses such as inconsistencies in the behavior and professionalism of certain barbers, as well as issues with pricing transparency. Despite these weaknesses, the majority of comments indicate positive experiences and recommendations for the barbershop.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The first time we came (3 years ago) without an appointment (was last minute plan) on Christmas week the place was extremely packed and the barbers had back to back customers sit on their chair, they tried to accommodate to fit my teenage son in, even tho we had to wait for 30/45 mins but they took us, and Freddy was the one had a spare time and guess what at the end my son really like how Freddy did it to his hair.
So since then I’ve been making an appointment with Freddy when my son need to get a hair cuts. Happy customer.
Thank you Freddy!
Have been going to these guys for about 10yrs. Phenomenal haircuts, and everyone there are very friendly and professional. Fabi is wonderful at doing fades and any other haircut you want. Highly recommend this place!!!
I've been going to Freddy since he was at the old shop in Hatboro(over 10yrs).
He's very thorough, listens to what you want and has always delivered every single cut. Even when he has people waiting he gives you his undivided and does not rush. He's always done his best to take me on short notice but appts. are always better. I've tried many shops from Lower to Central Bucks and Eastern Montco. These guys know their stuff. Reasonable prices for a great cut. I Highly recommend!
Best barber shop in town. Went to six or more barber shops since I moved here. To get to quality haircut I used to receive when I lived in philly I had to drive to Philly. I’m not one to brag or tell others I’m from philly but the haircuts and attention to detail they have is much better than the suburbs. Prices are great even though I over tip. Pretty much all the barbers are top notch here. I sent a few people here and not one was disappointed. You won’t be either.
I’ve been going to Freddy for 5 years now and every cut is a 10/10. Great service, friendly employees and very fair pricing. Appointments only during the week and walk-ins on Saturdays. Highly recommend getting your hair cut here.
Fantastic hair cut. Easily the best I've had. David does a great job. Huge attention to detail.
Usually I do not have an issue when going to this place. Yesterday when I went to the place the guy made fun of the way I laughed and spoke plus he said he was going to cut all my hair off which was very stupid of him because I told him nice and politely that I only wanted a chinstrap. When I tried to shake his hand and thanked him after he was done he didn’t shake it back. He wanted the money and then he shook my hand. This guy’s name is Primo. The next time I come to that place I do not want to use him as my barber. I will use somebody else. This guy needs to learn respect and manners.
First time here. I was a walk-in and they were able to take me right away. I asked the barber how much for a haircut but he did not speak much English and did not understand me. I noticed that most of the shop was speaking Spanish. That’s cool but I wanted to make sure my haircut needs were clear. A female barber who was working a chair away spoke English and told me $25. I asked if they took credit cards. She said no, just cash and recommended I get cash across the street from the ATM after the haircut. I thought that was nice and agreed. After my haircut, I asked again to confirm the price of $25 and that is when she said it was now $30 due to the fade. I grabbed the money returned to pay $30 and gave a $10 tip to Cortez (my barber). Nice cut but bad business practices when you mislead and gouge your customers. Afterwards, I checked their website that clearly shows pricing of $25 for adult fades. Must have been a reason they charged me more, but I can’t figure it out. Enjoy the tip and remember to treat your customers better in the future.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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