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Perfection Hair & Nails

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951 N Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92801 United States of America
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Hey ladies over all experience was good ???? the one who did my nails was Tom, It seemed as if he may have been new to gel x . I like my nails and he kept a conversation ish lol but he's cool ???? , I should have asked him for a color on my butterfly fingers because I personally dislike the clear glue showing ???? so that was my mistake. However I don't think he placed the butterflies good , I don't think I'm supposed to feel them let alone see them popping up , I think it should have been a smooth surface ???? He cut my nails and made sure that my nails were even ( that is always good & very much appreciated ) I saw my middle finger nail crooked and I kindly asked him if he can fix it and he made no annoying faces to do so , so I appreciate that too ???? It's not the best set to say the least but I am greatly appreciative of his work and time of course ???? Thank you Tom !
Tiffany from what I heard and seen is good , so next time I go , I'll ask for her ????
I’ve been a customer at this salon for 7 years now and I’m from Arizona.
Tiffany is the only one who can do my hair. She knows exactly what to do color and hi lights of my hair. Every time I post my picture in Facebook or Instagram, everyone are trying to copy the way my hair done.
I recommend this salon especially Tiffany as your salon . 5 star
Me and my daughter came to perfection nail and hair and Tiffany did an amazing job! I highly recommend coming here if doesn’t take too long to get acrylics.
Helen did a wonderful job on my daughter's nice. Thank you so much for making her feel special on her birthday! Highly recommended to everyone
First time I came & great customer service, very nice and showed a picture of nails i wanted and got the exact result!! so happy! My new favorite nail place, definitely recommend to everyone !!????
I have been here two times and amazing service. They accept both walk-ins and appointments. I highly recommend booking an appointment if running short on time but very fast in and out service. Even if you come late, they will accept you and give you a five-star service that you deserve. They accept both cash and cards !
Tiffany is the best!!! Store is very clean, Tommy is the best nail tech and Mimi does a great job at pedis!!! Love this place, recommend it!!!
I’ve been here three times already and every single time my nails are perfect!! I will keep coming back ????????HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Quick Facts About Perfection Hair & Nails

Perfection Hair & Nails place has received mostly positive comments, with customers praising the quality of service and specific nail technicians. However, there are some areas for improvement that can be identified as well.
1. Good overall experience: Several customers mentioned that they had a positive experience at Perfection Hair & Nails place. This indicates that the salon is generally able to provide a satisfactory service.
2. Friendly and attentive staff: Multiple customers appreciated the customer service and highlighted the friendliness of the staff. They mentioned that the staff made them feel comfortable and took the time to listen to their preferences.
3. Talented nail technicians: Tiffany and Tommy were specifically mentioned as skilled nail technicians. Customers praised their ability to understand and deliver their desired nail designs. This indicates that the salon has talented professionals who can provide quality nail services.
4. Accepts both walk-ins and appointments: The salon's flexibility in accepting walk-in customers as well as those with appointments is a strength. This allows for convenience and caters to customers who may have last-minute plans or time constraints.
5. Fast service: Some customers mentioned that they received quick service and were able to have their nails done efficiently. This suggests that the salon values the customers' time and strives to provide a speedy service without compromising quality.
6. Accepts both cash and cards: Having the option to pay with both cash and cards is convenient for customers, as it provides them with flexibility in their payment methods.
1. Inconsistency in service quality: While some customers had a positive experience with their nail technicians, others expressed dissatisfaction with aspects such as nail placement, glue visibility, and uneven nails. This indicates a lack of consistency in the quality of service provided by the salon.
2. Limited nail technician options: Although some customers had positive experiences with specific nail technicians, there were also comments expressing a desire to try other technicians. This suggests that the salon may have a limited pool of highly skilled nail technicians, which could result in longer waiting times or limited availability.
3. Need for better communication: One customer mentioned that they did not ask for a color on their nails and later regretted it. This suggests that there may be room for improvement in terms of clear communication between customers and nail technicians to ensure desired outcomes.
4. Lack of expertise in certain services: While customers generally praised the nail services, there were no specific mentions of the salon's hair services. This suggests that the salon may not have specialized expertise or a strong reputation in the hair department.
In conclusion, Perfection Hair & Nails place has several strengths, including good overall experiences, talented nail technicians, friendly staff, the flexibility of accepting walk-ins and appointments, fast service, and multiple payment options. However, there are areas for improvement, such as the need for consistency in service quality, expanding the pool of highly skilled nail technicians, improving communication with customers, and possibly developing more expertise in hair services.

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