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Susie's Grill

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1252 Mariner Blvd, Spring Hill, FL 34609 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Susie's Grill

Susie's Grill place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant. Overall, the strengths of Susie's Grill place include the tasty and ample food portions, good service, casual atmosphere, and a large menu with various options. However, there are also weaknesses highlighted such as rude staff, outdated menu pictures, and a lack of flavor in certain dishes.
One of the major strengths of Susie's Grill place is the delicious and ample food portions. Multiple customers have praised the taste and quantity of the food they ordered. One customer mentions having clam chowder that exceeded their expectations in terms of taste, while another praises the meatloaf dinner with three large pieces of meat and a sizable portion of mashed potatoes with tasty gravy. Another customer compliments the Monte Cristo sandwich and remarks that the portion sizes are good.
Another strength that stands out is the good service and welcoming atmosphere. Several customers appreciate the friendly and attentive waitstaff, praising their politeness and excellent service. One customer mentions a specific waitress named Dani, describing her as a gem. The frequent coffee refills and pleasant dining environment are also mentioned positively.
Susie's Grill place is also commended for its large menu with various food options. Customers mention the wide range of choices available, and express excitement about trying other dishes from the menu. The extensive menu caters to different tastes and preferences, making it appealing to a diverse group of diners.
However, there are weaknesses that have been flagged in the comments. One notable weakness is the rude behavior of certain staff members. A customer recounts an incident when the hostess seated them at the wrong table and they were rudely told to move by a certain staff member. The staff member's attitude and response to the situation were deemed uncalled for and left a negative impression on the customer and their party. This kind of behavior from staff members can significantly impact the dining experience.
Another weakness highlighted is the outdated menu pictures and potential price discrepancies. One customer comments that the menu pictures listed online are outdated and do not reflect the current prices. Although this may not directly impact the quality of the food, it can cause confusion and disappointment for customers who rely on the online menu for reference.
There are also comments regarding the lack of flavor in certain dishes, suggesting that the food quality may not be consistent across the entire menu. One customer describes their turkey stuffing with gravy and mashed potatoes as "nothing spectacular" and mentions that it tasted bland. This indicates that some dishes may not meet customers' expectations in terms of flavor.
In conclusion, Susie's Grill place has several strengths, including tasty and ample food portions, good service, a casual atmosphere, and a wide-ranging menu. However, there are weaknesses related to rude staff members, outdated menu pictures, and occasionally bland flavors in certain dishes. These areas for improvement should be addressed in order to enhance the overall dining experience at Susie's Grill place.

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The food was very tasty ample amounts. I had the clam chowder and it was beyond expectations it was so tasty. I had the meatloaf dinner three pieces of meat nice big scoop of mashed potatoes with tasty gravy. My wife had the Monte Cristo with Fry's and she thought it was one of the better ones she's ever had again good sized portions. One of these days I'm going to try their breakfast. We are new to the area great comfort food.
Our group have been here in the past and would recommend this place to anybody. I made reservations this morning for 14 people and was seated. The hostess had seated us at the wrong table by accident and we were rudely told to move so we did. We had to move our own things plus our drinks which was no big deal until a certain have us an attitude about to having to move. She said if we didn’t like it basically to bad. My husband said something and she said. If you can’t drop your attitude then go somewhere else. That was very uncalled for and I own my own business and if my waitresses ever talked to my customers like that she would have been fired on the spot!!!!! Our waitress was wonderful but it’s a shame another had to ruin our dining pleasure. I got dirty looks from this waitress the whole time I was there and a few more of our party did also. Our party will never dine here again. I will be calling to talk to the owner .
My friend and I go here frequently for lunch dates and are NEVER disappointed. It is a casual atmosphere with great food, excellent service and good prices. We always sit in Dani's section and she Isa gem! Lots of great food choices on the menu but our favorite is the fries and gravy! YUM!
I have lived in Spring Hill 4 years and FINALLY tried this place. I honestly had a great breakfast. The restaurant was clean and old fashioned in a cozy sort of way. The wait staff came around the busy dining room frequently to top off our coffee and our food came out fresh and delicious. And I felt like everything was fairly priced. Although I will mention some of the menu pictures listed on here are outdated and the prices have changed. But with the current prices of eggs, I dont blame them. We will be coming back for sure.
I have been in Spring Hill for 4 years now. I have always wanted to try this little restaurant. Recently my husband passed and have found myself alone. So I decided to visit this little restaurant. I ordered the turkey stuffing with gravy and mashed potatoes. Sliced luncheon meat with mashed potatoes and chicken gravy on top of Turkey. Nothing spectacular. Taste kind of bland. Maybe this restaurant is geared to older people.
Met some friends for lunch, I have to say, even though they were very busy, everyone was so polite and the waitress was so friendly. The food was great, from our shared appetizers (best mushrooms EVER!!!) to our cheesecake dessert. You will not go wrong eating here.
As a local, I have to say we love everything about Susie's, from the great staff to the food! My Favorite is the FRESH STUFFED MUSHROOMS!!! Honestly you will not find the flavor and quality of stuffed mushroom anywhere else. Best $10 appetizer ever!!!
Really good food and large portions. The omelets are awesome. Our first time here and we will definitely be back. They have a huge menu with several things we'd like to try.

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