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Paw Prints Salon

+1 510-471-1851
3986 Horner St, Union City, CA 94587 United States of America
Open Today: 08:30 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Paw Prints Salon

Paw Prints Salon has received mostly positive feedback, indicating several strengths of the business. The strengths are as follows:
1. Friendly and down-to-earth staff: Customers appreciate the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the staff at Paw Prints Salon. This friendliness contributes to a positive experience for both pets and their owners.
2. Safe and accommodating environment: The salon is commended for providing a safe space for pets, including those with special needs, such as blind dogs. The staff ensures that all pets feel comfortable and secure during their grooming sessions.
3. Professionalism and attention to detail: Customers appreciate the professional approach taken by the salon, from booking appointments to the actual grooming process. The groomers are described as attentive and thorough, taking the time to double-check specific instructions before proceeding with the haircuts. This attention to detail results in well-groomed pets.
4. Long-term customer loyalty: The fact that some customers have been bringing their dogs to Paw Prints Salon for as long as 10 years demonstrates the quality of service and care provided. The salon has managed to build a strong and loyal customer base, even when customers have moved away from the area.
5. Courteous and attentive staff: Customers highlight the courteousness and attentiveness of the staff. They listen to specific instructions and preferences for each dog's grooming, ensuring that the pets are groomed according to their owners' requests.
6. Exceeding expectations: Several customers mention that the salon consistently exceeds their expectations and delivers a compassionate service. This indicates that the salon goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.
While there are primarily positive comments about Paw Prints Salon, there is one negative comment that should also be considered. The weaknesses mentioned are as follows:
1. Incidents of injuries: One customer expressed their disappointment with two separate incidents where their dog suffered injuries during grooming sessions. The comment indicates that in one instance, the dog's tongue was cut and in another, the dog had cuts on its neck. The lack of a sufficient apology exacerbated the customer's dissatisfaction, potentially indicating a lack of accountability and communication within the salon.
It is important for Paw Prints Salon to address and rectify these issues in order to maintain their reputation and customer trust. Health and safety should be a top priority for any grooming salon, and it is crucial that incidents causing harm to animals are dealt with professionalism and empathy. This negative comment suggests that the salon might benefit from reviewing their protocols and ensuring their grooming staff is adequately trained and equipped to handle all dogs safely. Additionally, addressing customer complaints promptly and effectively is essential for maintaining a positive reputation.
In conclusion, Paw Prints Salon demonstrates several strengths, including a friendly and down-to-earth staff, a safe and accommodating environment, professionalism, attention to detail, customer loyalty, and courteous and attentive service. However, the salon needs to address the weakness of customer injuries and improve their response to such incidents to maintain and enhance their reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I love this place. The staff are all super friendly and down to earth. My pup is always excited to get his hair cut there and they do a GREAT job.
Love this place. I have been bringing my Littpe Very Old Poodle who is blind to these folks for a long time. They always provide a safe space for him.
Great customer service, down to booking appt and pick up, groomer was very professional and even phoned to double check regarding hair cut, my little fur baby came out perfect. Thank you ????
Erica n Michelle have been grooming my dog for 10 years now.. They do such a great job.. I even moved out of area n still drive over an hr just for them to cut my dogs hair. They really care for ur pets like one of there own.. Thank you paw prints!! ????????
I take my dog here regularly. The staff here is courteous and listens to specifics for his grooming.
always exceeds my expectations in a compassionate way for more than 2 years now.. feeling stress free my fur after grooming..
The employees at paw print were great they were able to take mushu the same day I love it there and I will be returning
I used to bring my dogs here for awhile but one groomer when I came in to pick him had cut my dogs tongue and he was bleeding from the mouth for about 12 hours and I had to monitor him. Only got a small apology from one of the groomers, the actual groomer who cut my dogs tongue couldn't even face me and apology himself when I came to collect my dog! On another visit my dog has cuts on his neck. But the cut on the tongue was the last straw!
Never going again. Avoid this place at all cost if you value your pet! OR at least have one of the female groomers do the grooming and not the male(s) unless he was fired for his incompetence.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance


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