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Pacific Nails

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3332 Pacific Ave, Forest Grove, OR 97116 United States of America
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  • Identifies as women-owned
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  • Appointment required
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Appointments recommended
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

GREAT ladies here that do amazing work. I am always happy with my nails. They always remember me and are so welcoming. Steve is helpful by making sure you have the color you want! He also gives suggestions. which, in my case, is great cause I'm always changing my mind. Love going back each time and that I can trust them with my nails. My only issue is that it is by appointment only, and sometimes I just can't go by appointments cause I've got kids and unplanned schedules. BUT... it works with their salon, and I understand it! I love going there, so I try to make the sacrifice.
I have arthritis and am self-conscious about the appearance of my hands. I decided to try get gel nails and went to Pacific Nails. Everyone is friendly, and the customer service is excellent. The manicurists are able to make my crooked nails look so much more normal. I'm so happy with the results, and not as embarrassed by my hands. I'm getting so many compliments on my nails!!!
I hated the job my last salon did for a manicure, so I tried this place as a walk-in, and it was AMAZING! They called another technician in and I only has to wait 15 min (I was fine waiting longer as a walk-in). I was there for a gel manicure. The technician did a fabulous job. She took her time and made my nails absolutely perfect. She didn’t harass me for additional services or make rude comments regarding my “need” for other beauty products. She just did what I came for and did the best job I’ve had in years! I’m three weeks out and my nails still haven’t chipped. They are fair priced and have everything I’m looking for in a nail/spa salon. They’ve gained me as a faithful customer.
They allowed me as a walk-in which I appreciated. I wanted regular polish on my toes, but they used gel instead and didn't cure it under the light. I didn't notice and went home. 3 hours later my polish was still wet and I rubbed it all off with a tissue. I contacted them and they set an appointment with me to come back to repaint them. Mistakes happen, and I'm happy they fixed it. The reason I wouldn't go back is the salon is very dirty. It needs a deep clean.
In response to the owner, Steve, yes, it was your location. On Pacific Ave next to Papa Murphy's pizza. The service was not this month, it was a couple months ago.
Amazing nail technicians. Very talented artists. The prices are very reasonable. You can get in pretty quick for an appointment. This place is a gem I highly recommend it. The quality of their work is amazing
I had a great experience. I got a gel manicure with two designs. The staff was very nice and did an amazing job. For the designs my nail artist took her time in doing them, and even redid one of them because she didn't think it was good enough. They also stayed almost an hour past closing time to do me and my friend's nails. The rest of the manicure was nice too: the massage was long enough, filling and cuticle pushing wasn't rough, and the price was very reasonable. Overall I'm very happy, and will be going back again.
They were so welcoming and me and my best friend were 1st timers. We ended up being walk-ins but they still squeezed us in and did amazing on our nails!! They also offered us drinks while looking at colors!! In general it was an amazing experience!!!
Every nail tech I've had has been wonderful. I feel comfortable asking for what I want and the prices are reasonable. My new go to nail salon. ????

Quick Facts About Pacific Nails

Pacific Nails Place has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, the salon has a team of talented and skilled nail technicians who consistently deliver amazing nail work. Customers are happy with the quality of the services provided and are always satisfied with the results. The technicians are able to address specific concerns and make adjustments to meet the customer's preferences, as seen in the comment about making crooked nails look more normal. This shows their ability to provide personalized and tailored services to their clients.
Additionally, Pacific Nails Place is commended for their excellent customer service. The staff are described as friendly, welcoming, and accommodating. The salon creates a welcoming atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and valued. The fact that they remember regular customers and take the time to build relationships adds to the positive experience. The comment about offering drinks while looking at colors further demonstrates their commitment to providing a pleasant and relaxing experience for their clients.
Another strength of Pacific Nails Place is their ability to handle walk-in appointments. Although their primary mode of operation is by appointment only, they still accommodate walk-in customers whenever possible. This flexibility is appreciated by customers who have unpredictable schedules or may have last-minute needs. The comment about being able to get in quickly for an appointment highlights their efficiency in managing walk-ins.
The salon is also praised for their fair pricing. Customers perceive their services as reasonably priced, which adds value to their experience. The fact that they offer high-quality work at affordable prices contributes to their positive reputation.
However, Pacific Nails Place does have a few weaknesses that were mentioned in the comments. One customer mentioned that the salon is in need of a deep clean. Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is crucial in a salon setting, as it ensures the health and safety of both the staff and customers. It is important for the salon to address this concern in order to maintain customer satisfaction and prevent any potential health risks.
Additionally, there was one instance where a customer received a service different from what they requested. In this case, the customer wanted regular polish but was given gel polish instead, which was not cured properly. This miscommunication resulted in the customer having to return to the salon for a fix. While mistakes happen, it is important for the salon to ensure proper communication and understanding of the customer's preferences in order to avoid such situations.
In conclusion, Pacific Nails Place has several strengths that make it a recommended salon. Their talented technicians, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, reasonable prices, and ability to accommodate walk-in appointments are all mentioned as positive aspects. However, they should address the cleanliness issue and improve communication to minimize mistakes and ensure customer satisfaction. Overall, Pacific Nails Place seems to provide an enjoyable and high-quality experience for their customers.

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