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Natural Nails Salon

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340 E New York Ave, DeLand, FL 32724 United States of America
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this place is low-key, nothing fancy, just your basic little nail spot. unfortunately, it’s very hit or miss for manicures, the lack of consistency is a pretty annoying. when they’re busy, they really rush and don’t do a great job or care about the details. when they’re not busy, they actually care so the manicure looks great. i always get dip so it’s a time-consuming process that requires precision and attention to details or else it comes out bumpy and thick, which i’ve unfortunately experienced from here. that being said, pedicures here are really great! the prices here are also good so if you’re looking for something basic, quick, and inexpensive, this is the place.
Had a good experience! I called the day of and came in to get dip powder nails! TT did my nails and took her time, making sure they were good! Would come again!
nails were fine but when i had an allergic reaction they would not refund me and did not even properly remove the acrylics. Were extremely rude and did not sanitize the tools used. do not go here
to your response, i do not have health issues, and have had acrylics at other places but only have had an issue at yours…and then you blamed the situation on me
The lady that did my nails was absolutely amazing She made my nails look exactly like the picture I showed her I couldn't be anymore happy definitely will be coming back from now on
Went to this place twice and got my nails done by the same lady, by chance.
First time was great!! Nails lasted, no issues.
Second time, had an appt. Went early. Only two people working, which is fine. Mail tech started on my nails. About half way through, another customer walked in. The nail tech started racing through to finish my nails so she could do the next customer. Didn’t even bother to put the top coat on….
Two nails broke less than 24 hr….went back to get them fixed. Owner fixed them, no charge. Same day, two more nails broke off….
Adding since I can’t comment back to the owner below: I went back last week to get my nails fixed. I had an appt. You can check the cameras and check your appt book.
The WORST PLACE I’ve Ever gotten my nails done at. I went last week Wednesday to get my nails done by Friday my nail was lifting by Monday my nail was off completely. Went to get my nail fixed they charged me $3 to fix it and did a complete HORRIBLE JOB AND TO TOP IT OFF USED A DIFFERENT COLOR THAN WHAT I HAVE ON MY NAIL AND THE LADY WHO SUPPOSEDLY “FIXED” MY NAIL WAS SUPER RUDE 0/10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM
Service was fast as no one was there. Just needed a quick fill last min as mine was out of town. Nails turned out all different sizes half gel cured on nails and it took about 30 mins. Rushed right through, tools were not sanitized. Super important to find a good nail tech!
Such lovely sweet people! The nails were beautiful!’n

Quick Facts About Natural Nails Salon

After analyzing the comments, it is possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Natural Nails Salon.
One of the strengths mentioned by customers is that the salon has affordable prices. This makes it an attractive option for individuals looking for basic nail services without breaking the bank. Additionally, the comment praising the pedicures indicates that the salon excels in this particular service.
Another positive aspect highlighted by a customer is the talent and attention to detail of one specific nail technician. This suggests that there are skilled employees working at the salon who can provide a satisfactory service.
On the other hand, several weaknesses are also mentioned by customers. One common complaint is the lack of consistency in the quality of manicures. The salon is described as hit or miss, with rushed and inferior results when the salon is busy. This inconsistency can be frustrating for customers who want a reliable and high-quality service each time they visit.
Another weakness is the experience of a customer who had an allergic reaction to the acrylics used. The customer claims that the salon did not take responsibility for the issue and had poor sanitation practices. This raises concerns about the salon's commitment to customer safety and well-being.
In addition, a negative aspect highlighted by a customer is the broken nails shortly after the manicure. This indicates a lack of durability and quality in the products and techniques used by the salon.
Furthermore, there were complaints related to customer service. One customer mentioned that the salon refused to give a refund and was rude when an allergic reaction occurred. Another customer experienced rudeness from a nail technician who supposedly "fixed" her nails.
The comments also suggest that the salon may have issues with time management. One customer mentioned that a nail technician rushed through their service to attend to another customer, and this lack of attention resulted in improper application and missing a top coat.
Additionally, a customer criticized the sanitation practices of the salon, mentioning that tools were not properly sanitized. This is a significant concern for customers as hygiene is essential in nail salons to prevent the spread of infections and diseases.
To conclude, while Natural Nails Salon has some strengths, such as affordability and skilled nail technicians, it also has several weaknesses that need improvement. These weaknesses include inconsistency in the quality of manicures, allergic reactions with inadequate responses from the salon, broken nails shortly after service, rudeness from staff members, time management issues, and poor sanitation practices. Addressing these weaknesses would greatly enhance the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.

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