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I have been a customer of this nail shop for almost 3 years. Today I experienced a rushed pedicure and constant disrespect from the nail tech. I'm not a $150 customer so it's always obvious when you're being rushed along and mishandled just so that they can get to the more lucrative clients. I feel my money spends the same and when it comes to business you should treat everyone as though they are valued. The nail tech used the wrong color, accused me of using too much tissue in restroom while she was waxing my eyebrows, interrupted my conversation w/a customer that knew me, just to be rude and ask me to sit so she can do my top coat, as if I would leave without her missing that step; since she insisted I wait to let my nails dry before applying. She repeatedly interrupted my as I expressed my concerns with how she treated a paying customer. The owner just sat there and denied that he was who in informed me he was when I first visited the establishment. It's a shame he sat back and did not intervene nor did he care to hear my concern. I don't go there because it's the most aesthetically pleasing salon, it's my neighborhood nail salon, mediocre-yes but I'm able to get in and get what I need and go. The lady that sits right by the register is a disgrace, the male owner is another disgrace for allowing what he witnessed to go on. Its kinds obvious who is in charge and who owns these kind of operations, so to lie about it says so much. To be a Hole in The Wall, the customer service should always be great.
Nails of America has been my go to salon for 7 years. The prices are super reasonable, and EVERYONE does a great job there. I go every 2-3 weeks for SNS nails, and a deluxe pedicure. My nails never lift or chip. Most importantly to me though, everyone that works at Nails of America is so incredibly kind and caring. I am greeted by name when I go in, and the staff always asks about my kiddos too. I cannot say enough good things about the hard working employees here.
Loved my nails and they stayed on very well without lifting up before time was up
My wife went there for the nails work and she felt very humiliated at this store. She came out crying and extremely insulted. My wife doesn’t do nails very often. And is not much aware of type of nails work and other thing. Hence she had to ask a couple times about the type of services. To this the lady serving her started talking to her colleague passing comment about my wife and laughing. My wife felt disgusted at this behavior of the lady serving and manager and decided to walk out. Till this point they had just asked her to dip her feet in water. They even had the audacity to charge her for this. There was no apology or regret of any sort. She paid whatever was there in her pocket and walked out. She is extremely traumatized by this kind of treatment. I would request customers reading this review to not go to a store who do not treat their customer well and are racist in their behavior. Thanks.
I have been coming here for a year now and it is the best! Everyone is so friendly and they always do a wonderful job on my nails. I always get SNS and they last 4 weeks every time without chipping! Highly recommend!
Told me they were busy and couldn’t fit me in and as I was walking out they took a walk in customer which I feel was very distasteful
Went there yesterday with my 4 year old daughter. They were so pleasant to deal with. They sat my daughter down in a Hello Kitty chair. It was her first time getting her nails done. They were patient and carefully painted her nails while striking up a conversation with her. It was the best experience of my life and I will be going there again. Highly recommend this place!!!! Very very sweet hard working people!!!
Went to get my nails done and the experience was horrible! The lady who did my nails picked out the wrong colors and argued with me when I told her that those were not the correct colors that I wanted. Very unprofessional! The end result was very upsetting specially when I paid a good bit of money for them.

Quick Facts About Nails of America

Nails of America has received both positive and negative feedback from customers. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, these comments will be examined.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that they have been a customer for 7 years and appreciate the reasonable prices and quality work. This indicates that Nails of America is able to provide consistently good service and maintain customer loyalty over a long period of time. Another customer mentioned that their nails stayed on well without lifting up before the designated time was up. This suggests that the salon has skilled technicians who are able to properly apply and maintain nail extensions.
Additionally, one customer praised the staff for being kind, caring, and remembering their name. This demonstrates that Nails of America values personalized customer service and makes an effort to create a welcoming atmosphere. Another customer mentioned that they had a positive experience bringing their 4-year-old daughter to the salon, with the staff being pleasant and patient. This highlights the salon's ability to cater to a wide range of customers and provide a family-friendly environment.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one customer expressed dissatisfaction with their recent visit. They felt rushed and disrespected by the nail technician, who used the wrong color and interrupted their conversation. This indicates a lack of professionalism and attentiveness on the part of the staff. The customer also mentioned that the owner did not intervene or address their concerns, suggesting a lack of management accountability.
Another customer described feeling humiliated and insulted during their visit. They claimed that the staff made derogatory comments and laughed at them, leading to a traumatic experience. This highlights a serious issue with the staff's behavior and indicates a potential problem with discrimination or racism within the salon.
Another negative comment mentioned that the salon turned away a customer, claiming to be too busy, only to immediately take in a walk-in customer. This indicates poor customer service and a lack of transparency in their scheduling process.
Lastly, a customer reported a negative experience with a nail technician who picked out the wrong colors and argued when the customer requested a change. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and poor communication skills on the part of the salon staff.
In conclusion, Nails of America has several strengths such as reasonable prices, long-term customer loyalty, skilled technicians, and a reputation for kindness and caring. However, there are also weaknesses including rushed and disrespectful service, lack of management intervention, potential discriminatory behavior, poor scheduling practices, and issues with attention to detail. These weaknesses should be addressed by the salon in order to improve customer satisfaction and the overall reputation of the establishment.

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