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Nails 2000

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14908 Pacific Ave S Parkland, WA 98444
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I waited an extra 2 weeks to have my old nail set removed and had a full set done by them. I moved across the country but, if I could fly there every 2 weeks, for a fill, I would. Loved the service. Love my nails! My nails are not bulky or thick and they look fantastic, smooth and not that "OMG OBVIOUSLY" fake nail look.
Had a pedi and my toes are still nicely polished.
I need to get a fill and I don't want to go anywhere else. ????
Took my mother in law here. She loved it. They were very accommodating. We had a walk in and they were so friendly.
My husband and my sister loved it here as well. I've taken my husband other places. He loved it here more. He loved that they did treatment and conversation with the staff. By far my go to spot for my pedicures.
Great job on the Valentines design on requested. Love the shiny pink!
Have been here 4 times for pedicures, which are excellent. This was my first time getting nails here, she did a great job. Very gentle, quick & precise. Thank you!!
I spoke with a few people at my job who had nails that were beautiful. They all (4 people) said they went to Nails 2000. I called this morning right after opening hours and got an appointment time within 20 minutes. (Totally by chance.) I arrived and was taken in on time without issue. The gentleman who did my set (full set/gel) was awesome. I explained that I have sensitive skin/nails and I needed them done "thin" so that the chemical reaction (that normally takes place) would not burn my nail bed or skin. He did an amazing job and went above and beyond. I am so pleased. I cannot wait to go back for my refills. Hats-off to these people!
I've been going here a very long time. Brenda is the best.
They always do a great job. Changed my rating because trina is horrid at doing nails. Everytime she has done them they have looked terrible and fall off easily. If you go DO NOT SEE TRINA.
They do not have a good selection of colors and they are basic. They cannot do simple designs.
Nails 2000 always does an awesome job. The employees are friendly and really care about their clients.

Quick Facts About Nails 2000

Nails 2000 is a nail salon that has received predominantly positive comments from its customers, highlighting various strengths such as excellent service, skilled technicians, accommodating staff, and a friendly atmosphere. However, there are also some weaknesses mentioned, including limited color selection and issues with a specific technician named Trina. Overall, the strengths far outweigh the weaknesses, making Nails 2000 a desirable place for nail services.
One of the most frequently mentioned strengths of Nails 2000 is the quality of their services. Customers mention that their nails look fantastic, smooth, and natural without appearing bulky or thick. The technicians are praised for being gentle, quick, and precise, ensuring a comfortable experience. The salon also receives compliments for their pedicures, with customers stating that their toes remain nicely polished even after some time has passed. This consistent positive feedback indicates that Nails 2000 has skilled and well-trained technicians who provide high-quality services.
Another strength of Nails 2000 is their excellent customer service. Several customers mention that the staff is friendly, accommodating, and caring towards their clients. This is evident from the positive experiences of walk-in customers who were promptly served and had a pleasant time. The fact that customers mention their family members, including spouses, mothers-in-law, and sisters, also enjoying their visits to Nails 2000 further demonstrates the salon's ability to create a welcoming atmosphere for all.
Furthermore, Nails 2000 is commended for their attention to detail and ability to fulfill special requests. A customer mentioned that they were impressed with the Valentines design they requested, highlighting the salon's ability to deliver on specific requests and create attractive nail art. This attention to detail shows that Nails 2000 values customer satisfaction and strives to provide personalized services.
One of the most significant strengths of Nails 2000 is their ability to cater to individuals with sensitive skin or nails. A customer with sensitive skin mentioned that the technician went above and beyond to ensure their comfort and safety during the nail application process. This level of care and consideration for individual needs is a crucial aspect of customer satisfaction and contributes to the salon's positive reputation.
However, there are some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer states that the salon's color selection is limited and basic, which may be disappointing for those seeking more unique or trendy options. Additionally, a specific technician named Trina receives negative feedback. Customers mention that Trina's nail applications have resulted in nails looking terrible and falling off easily. This inconsistency in the quality of service from one technician may be a concern for some customers.
In conclusion, Nails 2000 has several strengths that make it a desirable nail salon. Customers appreciate the excellent service, skilled technicians, accommodating staff, and friendly atmosphere. The salon's ability to cater to specific requests and accommodate those with sensitive skin or nails adds to its appeal. While there are some weaknesses mentioned, such as limited color selection and inconsistency with a specific technician, the overall positive experiences and feedback demonstrate that Nails 2000 is a place worth considering for one's nail care needs.

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