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Got a callus removal pedi there and the Gentleman did an awesome job
First off, I picked a $50 pedicure and the lady purposely switched the color I picked to a gel color without telling me and upcharged me another 20 which i didnt have. Had to spend my gas money for work so i could leave. Then missed a whole toe! This place is a rip off.
Don't go here they schedule you a apt then nobody knows why they did when they have no openings then they take walk ins and I sat for almost a hour for them to not even bother finding someone to do my nails . If I can leave zero stars I would.
I love this nail salon. I have been coming here ever since they moved locations in the steamtown mall & renovated the inside. The staff is always friendly. They do an excellent job with pedicures and manicures, and are very clean. When I went around the holiday time, they gifted me a free face mask and a hand lotion, to show appreciation for their customers. I will be returning.
So this place is in the mall on the 2 floor in case your looking to go. I found this nail salon on Google but it wasn't my first choice but all other places were booked full. Im so Happy I made that choice to go here ☺ the two guys that are stationed next to ATM are so awesome and made me feel at ease. The picture im uploading is about 3 days later in. Mind you don't judge the painting as to im clumsy and messed it up but the shape.and the fact that they don't feel like dead weight on my fingers is a plus. All I have to say is I see them again in two weeks and the pay for thier services is fair. ????
This place has only got better with age rarely ever has an issue, long as you tell them what you want they do it and do it good. They all have things there better at whether it’s eyebrows, pedicures, or nails but they all have there specialties and are great at them!
Asked for shellac on my daughters nails, I was never told they didn't stock this product. Instead without my knowledge or consent, they used either regular nail polish or gel with UV. I paid $30 for my daughters manicure, plus $10 for 4 spider web designs on the wrong fingers. The wrong nail color was used, but my daughter was still satisfied with the outcome so I wasn't going to complain.
My daughter and I for our nails done on Sunday 10/14 and by 10/17 we both were seeing our polish peeling and chipping.
I had my nails done by another technician on the same day a few tables away; mine were filed unevenly which resulted in having them shortened past where I wanted them to be.
Also, this place also doesn't offer hand massage with manicures or even lotion, I've never been to a nail salon that didn't. I wouldn't go back and recommend to others.
Go to Danny he is the best my nails are always beautiful and perfect when I leave

Quick Facts About Nail Trix

Nail Trix place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. In this analysis, we will explore these aspects in further detail.
Starting with the strengths, one customer commented that they had a great experience with a gentleman who provided an excellent job with a callus removal pedicure. This positive feedback highlights the expertise of the staff members in providing quality services.
Another comment mentioned that the staff is friendly and does an excellent job with both pedicures and manicures. Additionally, the staff is praised for being clean. This feedback indicates that the salon maintains high hygiene standards, which is crucial for customer satisfaction and the overall reputation of the business.
Furthermore, during the holiday season, Nail Trix gifted a customer a free face mask and hand lotion, showing appreciation for their customers. This gesture of gratitude helps to foster a positive relationship with customers and encourages loyalty.
Additionally, a customer mentioned their positive experience with two specific technicians stationed next to the ATM. The customer felt at ease and was satisfied with the shape and weight of their nails. This indicates that the technicians are skilled at their craft and have the ability to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for their clients.
Moreover, one comment mentioned that Nail Trix has improved over time and rarely has issues. The staff members are efficient in understanding customer requests and delivering satisfactory results. This suggests that the salon has improved its operations and now has a solid reputation for providing good service.
Lastly, a customer highly recommended a specific technician named Danny, emphasizing his skill in delivering beautiful and perfect nails. This showcases the presence of talented and skilled staff members at Nail Trix.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one comment highlighted a negative experience where the customer was switched to a more expensive gel color without prior notification. This lack of transparency and additional charges can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a sense of being ripped off.
Another customer was dissatisfied with the scheduling system, stating that they were given an appointment but there were no available openings. This confusion and lack of organization can result in wasted time for customers.
Furthermore, a comment mentioned that Nail Trix did not stock the requested product and used an alternative without consent. This lack of communication and fulfilling customer requests can lead to disappointment and unsatisfied customers.
Additionally, some customers found that their polish started peeling and chipping shortly after their visit. This suggests that the durability of the nail services provided may be subpar, possibly due to issues with the application techniques or the quality of the products used.
Furthermore, a customer mentioned unevenly filed nails, resulting in them being shortened beyond their desired length. This lack of attention to detail and not meeting customer preferences can be frustrating for clients.
Lastly, a disappointed customer mentioned that Nail Trix does not offer hand massages or lotion with manicures. This lack of additional services and amenities can make the salon feel less luxurious compared to others in the market.
In conclusion, Nail Trix place has several strengths, including skilled staff members, friendly service, cleanliness, and a reputation for improvement. However, they also have weaknesses, including issues with transparency, scheduling, the use of alternative products without consent, durability of polish, quality control, and the absence of additional services. To enhance their strengths and overcome these weaknesses, Nail Trix should focus on better communication, training, and addressing customer concerns to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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