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Quick Facts About Nail Pro

Nail Pro place, located in the loop, has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, these comments will be analyzed in further detail.
Starting with the strengths, many customers have praised Nail Pro place for its efficiency and thoroughness. One comment mentioned that the pedicure lasted about 40 minutes and resulted in great-looking toes. This demonstrates that the salon is capable of delivering high-quality services in a timely manner. Additionally, the comment about walk-ins being welcome and the short wait time further emphasizes the salon's efficiency and customer-friendly approach.
Another strength of Nail Pro place is the complimentary lotion given to customers before the holidays, as mentioned in one of the comments. This gesture shows that the salon values its customers and goes above and beyond to provide a positive experience. Little touches like this can make customers feel appreciated and create a sense of loyalty.
Furthermore, several comments highlight the skill and professionalism of specific technicians at Nail Pro place. Customers mentioned that Lisa did an amazing job with their eyebrows and nails, and Kim was very nice and detailed with their manicure. These positive experiences with specific technicians indicate that there are skilled professionals working at the salon who can deliver high-quality services.
However, despite these strengths, there are also some weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the service, stating that the pedicure was poorly done. They observed that the technician did not apply a top coat properly and had to remind them to do so. The customer also mentioned that the nail polish was not painted over the tip, leading to a negative experience. This suggests that there might be issues with consistency in service quality and attention to detail at Nail Pro place.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the perceived attitude of the staff. They felt uncomfortable with the way the staff looked at them upon entering the salon and described it as if they were being suspected of stealing something. This comment raises concerns about the customer service and atmosphere at Nail Pro place. Creating a welcoming and friendly environment is crucial for customer satisfaction and loyalty, and this particular comment suggests that improvements may be needed in this aspect.
Another negative comment mentioned that the customer paid $25 for a nail service that they felt was subpar and suitable for children. This complaint indicates a dissatisfaction with the quality of the service compared to the price paid. It suggests that the salon might not consistently meet customer expectations in terms of the value and quality of their services.
While some customers have had consistent positive experiences with Nail Pro place, there are also a few negative comments that highlight areas for improvement. These weaknesses include inconsistency in service quality, potential issues with customer service and atmosphere, and concerns about the value of the services provided. Addressing these weaknesses can help Nail Pro place enhance its reputation and customer satisfaction. Overall, Nail Pro place has its strengths in terms of efficiency, skilled technicians, and small gestures of appreciation, but it also has some weaknesses that should be addressed to provide a consistent positive experience for all customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

A wonderful place to get your nails done in the loop. Trinity was very efficient but still incredibly thorough! My pedicure lasted about 40 minutes and my toes looked great! They also advertise as Walk-ins welcome, and they really do mean it! I waited only a few minutes before I was able to sit. Highly recommend to anyone looking for high quality efficient nail services in the loop! Oh, as a bonus, they also gave their customers a complimentary lotion before the holidays.
The pedicure was half done. I watched the lady as she polished my toes and she did not put a top coat, I asked her and she said she did and I had to tell her she didn't because I watched her the whole time. Just poor service. Finally the lady who was doing my nails put a top coat on my toes. Then the lady who did my nails didn't paint over the tip. I had to pick one star to write the review, but I would rate this place no stars!
This was my second time here. First time, I only got my eyebrows done and they were as expected. This time, I got both eyebrows and nails done. Lisa did an amazing job! They were very busy due to a beautiful Friday evening during Memorial Day weekend, but she took her time and did a very thorough job! Highly recommend this place.
The way how they all looking at you when you enter to place is very awkward it feels like if you are going to steal something. It was my 2nd time that I did my nails in this place and the guy did it horrible. I paid 25 dollars for a nails made it for a kid. I won’t go back again.
I've been coming here during lunch or after work for a few years, mostly in the summer season, mostly for regular pedicures. Not too bad of a wait for walk-in, if any. Don't have a specific tech I go to, but all are pretty good. Safe choice if you're in the area and new.
Very pleased with my experience. Kim was very nice and detailed with my manicure.
I've used this salon for years and am pleased with the service and no chip color choices.
This place is fabulous! I have never had a bad experience. They are friendly, professional, fast and care about the quality of their work. Their pricing is what you would expect to pay. I love the fact that they will still take a customer at 6:00 even with a closing time of 7pm. That means a lot for people who work and can't get there sooner. I don't live or work near downtown Chicago but will always drive here just for their service. It's worth it!

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