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840 Bristol Rd S, Northfield, Birmingham B31 2NS United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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First time going here today and first acrylics in years. Great customer service and my nails look beautiful. I couldn't be happier and will be back. Did my design exactly as I wanted it. I had an appointment but arrived early and they saw me straight away. Just to note it is cash only, which I didn't know before i went in.
Absolutely brilliant place to go to get nails done, so kind and caring, I couldn't choose which colours so the lady who done mine helped and loom what she achieved. Absolutely thrilled after a dull week she's definitely brightened my day.
It was my second time at nail lounge today,and for the first time in my life I can finally say I love my nails and that's thanks to nail lounge,I've always gone with acrylics and they have never lasted,they either break or completely come off,so I went into nail lounge after being told about the biab they do and I will never go back,not only do the nail lounge staff do an amazing job the nails last and are comfortable they feel like nothings there!so thankyou nail lounge for finally making me feel secure and confident surrounding my nails!????
I booked myself an appointment based on good reviews I had seen. I have damage to my nails due to a previous job so I explained this whilst making the booking. The person I spoke too was very knowledgeable. The lady who did my nails was very willing to try my design and executed them perfectly! I am so so so happy and will be back for infills very soon. Thankyou, what a lovely nail salon.
I have been going to Nail Lounge every month for the last 2 years. Tan and her team are wonderful - they always exceed my expectations with whatever I ask for and give great advice about colours, shape etc too! I have been getting BIAB for around a year and my nails have never been better. I cannot recommend it enough! ????????
I have been using nail lounge since last summer for my nails and pedicures. I will not go anywhere else now. They are all very friendly which is hard to find in nail salons these days. The prices are good and the quality of the nails and designs they do are amazing, I’ve never had any break or chip, they last a good month for me. I would highly recommend this place.
I've used Nail lounge for years & I wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff are lovely & professional & there is always a welcoming atmosphere in the shop. The staff are very accommodating & always willing to give advice on nail care & nail art designs. Highly recommended.
What a lovely salon Tan and her team are so friendly! First time I ever came to get my own damaged nail repaired she didn't even charge me as a gesture of goodwill! This is my 3rd visit and not my last!
Highly recommend ????????

Quick Facts About @Nail Lounge

With the comments provided, it is clear that the Nail Lounge place has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These strengths include excellent customer service, skilled nail technicians, attention to detail, timely service, and the use of high-quality products that lead to long-lasting results.
One of the strengths highlighted in the comments is the great customer service provided by the staff at Nail Lounge. Customers consistently mention how kind, caring, and accommodating the staff is. This shows that the Nail Lounge creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for its customers, making them feel valued and comfortable during their visit.
Another strength is the skill of the nail technicians. Many customers mention that their nails turned out beautiful and that their design was executed exactly as they wanted it. This indicates that the staff at Nail Lounge is highly skilled and capable of delivering high-quality results. They are also willing to offer advice on nail care and nail art designs, showing their expertise in the field.
Additionally, several comments highlight the long-lasting nature of the nails done at Nail Lounge. Customers mention that their nails have never lasted as long or felt as comfortable as they do after visiting Nail Lounge. This indicates that they use high-quality products and techniques that contribute to the durability and comfort of the nails. This is a significant strength as it shows that Nail Lounge prioritizes the satisfaction and convenience of its customers.
Another strength identified is the timely service provided by Nail Lounge. Customers mention that they were seen straight away even when arriving early or that their appointments were honored promptly. This shows that Nail Lounge values its customers' time and ensures that they are served efficiently.
In terms of weaknesses, there is only one mentioned in the comments: the fact that Nail Lounge only accepts cash payments. This can be inconvenient for customers who prefer to pay with credit or debit cards. However, it is important to note that this weakness is not mentioned by all customers, indicating that it may not be a significant issue for everyone.
In conclusion, Nail Lounge has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These include excellent customer service, skilled nail technicians, attention to detail, timely service, and the use of high-quality products. While there is a minor weakness regarding cash-only payments, the overall positive experiences shared by customers outweigh this drawback. Nail Lounge appears to be a highly recommended nail salon that provides a welcoming and professional environment for customers to have their nails done.

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