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Nail Dynasty

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1100 Hillcrest Pkwy # B1, Dublin, GA 31021 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Nail Dynasty

1. Friendly and pleasant staff: Many customers praise the friendliness and pleasantness of the staff members at Nail Dynasty. Sandra and Kim are specifically mentioned as being great nail technicians who provide exceptional service.
2. Attention to detail: There are multiple comments about the staff members taking their time and performing a thorough job. Sandra is mentioned as being meticulous and providing a great pedicure.
3. Accommodating: Kim is commended for staying late to finish a customer's pedicure and changing the gel polish to the customer's liking.
4. Clean establishment: The shop is described as extremely clean, which is a positive aspect for customers concerned about hygiene and sanitation.
5. Knowledgeable staff: Jimmie and Kim are mentioned as being knowledgeable and understanding the preferences of customers. They are commended for knowing what the customers want.
6. Prompt service: Some customers mention that there is little to no wait time when they visit Nail Dynasty. This is a positive aspect for customers looking for quick service.
1. Language barrier: A common complaint mentioned by customers is the lack of English-speaking staff members. This can make communication difficult and cause frustration for some customers.
2. Inconsistent service quality: Several customers mention inconsistency in the quality of service. While some staff members receive praise for their work, others are criticized for rushing or providing a poor job. This indicates a lack of consistency in the training and performance of the staff members.
3. Lack of professionalism: One customer complains about a staff member telling her to "just stop talking," which is perceived as rude and unprofessional. This highlights a lack of professionalism and proper customer service.
4. Wait times: One customer mentions waiting almost an hour for her appointment, despite having a scheduled time. This indicates a problem with managing appointments and can be a major inconvenience for customers.
5. Rough treatment: A customer complains about the rough treatment of her nails, resulting in broken and damaged natural nails. This suggests a lack of care and gentleness during the nail service, potentially causing harm to customers' nails.
6. Limited color choices: One customer mentions being restricted in choosing colors and feeling uncomfortable with the way it was handled. This indicates a lack of flexibility and customer satisfaction when it comes to color options.
In conclusion, Nail Dynasty has strengths in terms of friendly and meticulous staff, attention to detail, accommodating service, cleanliness, knowledgeable staff, and prompt service. However, the weaknesses lie in the language barrier, inconsistent service quality, lack of professionalism, long wait times, rough treatment, and limited color choices. These weaknesses can undermine the overall customer experience and should be addressed by the salon to improve its reputation and customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Sandra is the best. She is friendly, very pleasant and just overall a good nail technician. She took her time and did a great job on my pedicure. They need more people working that speak English well and that are people friendly.
Went back recently got a Mani and pedi. The lady that did my pedi was pretty good. She did a a good job. My mani on the other hand, was done by a male staff. He rushed and did a poor job in my opinion. I understand that they were busy on a Monday afternoon but still take your time a perform a great service for each customer. I payed 90 for both services I should be highly satisfied but sadly I'm not. I'm still waiting on some American owned and operated nail salons to open up. Why not?? We are the biggest patrons for this type of establishment and yet we don't own any businesses of this kind . So sad.
See pictures below. Excuse the ink and whiteout.
Love it!! Kim did my pedicure and changed my gel polish on my nails that i disliked from a different salon. She stayed late to finish and was pleasant the entire time. Thanks Kim!!
This was by far the worst experience I’ve EVER had at a nail salon. Currently new to the area and needed my nails done. Had a 4:00PM appointment and wasn’t in a seat until little after 4:45PM. Once seated I was left unattended and had to ask for someone to soak my nails off while sitting; since I knew that would be a waiting process as well.
At one point the lady who sits at the first chair attempted to tell me, I had on gel nails. I continued to tell her these are my nails and I wanted SNS. That ordeal was in itself ridiculous. Then they proceeded to take my nails off with their machines, even though I asked to have them soaked, due to my nails being thin and brittle. They barely soaked at all, since she kept taking my hand out to use the machine and get the old SNS off.
When everything was off my nails, I told her how I wanted them and as she got to dipping them I requested for them to be done a little thicker due to my nails being thin and brittle. She seemed annoyed by me asking her this question and even proceeded to tell me “just stop talking.” I find that to be extremely rude and poor business practice towards customers! Overall, the entire process seemed rushed.
Once done and home, my nails underneath have broken and whenever it is time to redo them, I know they will not last. I had to file my nails when I got home and place nail glue underneath to save my nails from breaking. It’s upsetting because I’ve wasted both my money and time at this establishment! It is frustrating for them to be this rude and rough with our hands and nails. To know I’m not being heard as well is not okay; especially when we are paying our hard earned money. I did not tip due to this poor experience and my nails not being up to par.
I would not recommend going to this establishment unless you would like a poor interaction and wasting your money!
Visually the nails are not bad; but some nails are uneven. However, it’s the care of my nails underneath that matter! My natural nails are broken and destroyed underneath, due to the harsh filing she did. I’m going to be forced to cut them next time and it’s all because of a rushed job and lack of professionalism.
This is my go too. Jimmie and Kim are the best. They always know what my husband and I want and never a long wait time if any at all. I highly recommend them. The shop itself is extremely clean. They do not rush exceptional service and work.
Nasty attitude and try to tell me what colors I can view. I went last week as well and the lady who took off my nails wasn't nice either. They're ready to take your money but have poor service, rude, and rush on the services. I gave a second chance but I wont return. Does not recommend
this was my first time going here and i regret giving them my money. the guy that did mine. he cut my finger with the drill and works so slow. most of my nails are also uneven. will never give this place my money again
Do not use the woman that is right by the door , she does the worst job , and when asking her to fix it she said they were okay ! Will not be back here
Excellent pedicure by B. He took his time and didn't rush. The service was very relaxing. I will go again and ask for B.

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