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7065 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33634 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Ok, yes- I already need a refill but just had to say Cindy took care of my full set super quick and with ultimate precision, she’s just amazing! And Andy gave me the best pedicure hands down, made me laugh from beginning to end. This place never disappoints!
i have been going to brian for months now & he absolutely kills it!! i have NEVER been disappointed in his work. he is quick & amazing & great at shaping ! i have also went to a few other ppl there as well if he was booked up & everyone there has done a great job (& im kinda picky!) . this place is 10/10, would recommend to anyone !!
Andy was the absolute best nail tech. Amazing personality and helped with my anxiety from a terrible nail salon experience at a different location. He was gentle and funny, and made me feel very comfortable. Thanks Andy! You NAILED IT. I'll be back!
This is the Best place to get your nails done. All of the employees are kind and talented. Clean environment and Very reasonable prices as well. I go to Julie and she always goes the extra mile to make sure I am happy with the final results. I definitely recommend this salon
Got a tip with a dip and they are super uneven. I asked if he could fix it and he made no effort. I have gone to a bunch of different salons because I move around a lot and I don’t think he’s EVER done dip before. On top of them being crooked, the dip doesn’t go all the way to the corners of my nails so they will chip most likely in a few days. They also had a very very small selection of colors. Do not recommend. So sad to spend money and be super unhappy. He didn’t seem to care either which was the worst part.
I'm in awe! Cindy literally never disappoints, she is an actual artist. Every time I come in with a reference photo, she delivers hands down.
Very clean salon, newly renovated with many design options for colors in polish and acrylics. I drive 45 mins to this salon because the quality is that far superior compared to other salons in the Bay area. I've had sets last 6 weeks because of the attention to detail provided. I specifically go to Tan but know there are quite a few techs that slay the nail game. Tip: they use an app called Booksy where you can schedule appointments for exactly what you want with which tech you prefer.
If I could give zero stars I would. I got my nails done here and showed the tech a specific design and left with something I completely didn’t want. I called to see if I can get them fixed and the manager had an attitude and told me my nails were “fine” and I wasn’t going to get them fixed or a refund. The nails were crooked and uneven. I wouldn’t trust any nail techs at this business.

Quick Facts About Nail Art

Strengths: 1. Professional and skilled technicians: Many customers praised the nail technicians for their precision, quickness, and ability to deliver high-quality work. Several comments specifically mentioned technicians like Cindy, Brian, and Andy, indicating their consistency in providing excellent service.
2. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere: Customers appreciated the warm and kind demeanor of the staff members. The nail technicians were described as friendly, funny, and attentive, which created a comfortable and relaxing environment for customers.
3. Customer satisfaction: Customers consistently expressed their satisfaction with the nail services received at the salon. The positive comments reflected the overall high level of customer satisfaction and their intention to return. Referrals and recommendations were also mentioned as a testament to the quality of the salon.
4. Clean and renovated salon: The comment highlighted the cleanliness of the salon, which was described as newly renovated. This suggests that the salon maintains a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing environment, contributing to a positive experience for customers.
5. Attention to detail: The attention to detail provided by the nail technicians was emphasized in one comment. The ability to deliver intricate designs and replicate reference photos showcases the skills of the technicians and their commitment to meeting customer expectations.
6. Wide range of design options: The salon was praised for offering a variety of design options for nail polish and acrylics. This indicates that customers have the opportunity to customize their nail art and find unique designs that suit their preferences.
7. Reasonable prices: The affordability of the salon was mentioned in one comment. This suggests that the salon provides competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for customers seeking quality nail art without breaking the bank.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent service: While the majority of comments highlighted positive experiences, one customer expressed dissatisfaction with the service they received. The customer complained about the technician's lack of effort to fix their nails and the poor selection of colors. This indicates a potential issue with consistency in service quality.
2. Lack of empathy and customer service: Another negative comment criticized the manager's attitude when the customer requested a fix or refund for their nails. The manager's response portrayed a lack of empathy and customer-centric approach, which can be detrimental to the overall customer experience.
3. Limited color selection: The comment mentioned the salon's very small selection of colors, which could be seen as a weakness compared to other nail salons that offer a wider variety of options. This limitation may result in customers feeling restricted when choosing their preferred nail color.
4. Crooked and uneven nails: One customer expressed disappointment with the final result of their nails, describing them as crooked and uneven. This highlights a potential inconsistency in the execution of nail services, indicating that not all technicians may have the same level of skill or attention to detail.
5. Unresolved customer service issues: The negative comment mentioned the customer's unsuccessful attempt to have their nails fixed or receive a refund. This highlights a weakness in the salon's approach to resolving customer complaints and suggests a lack of customer service focus.
Addressing the weaknesses outlined above would be essential for the nail art place to enhance its overall reputation and customer satisfaction levels. This could involve providing comprehensive training to all technicians to ensure consistent quality of service and attention to detail. Additionally, the salon could expand its color selection to offer a wider range of options, addressing the customer's concerns in that regard. Improving customer service and resolving complaints promptly and effectively would also contribute to enhancing the overall customer experience and reputation of the salon.

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