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I decided to try this barber shop after my normal hairstylist in Fairfax was out of the country. I was welcomed by a friendly Vivian who seemed to instinctively know just what type of haircut I wanted after minimal discussion. I quickly determined that she clearly was quite experienced and proceeded to exceed my expectations in every way. Vivian is a consummate professional who takes time to give a quality haircut at a very reasonable price. It’s been years since I have left so thoroughly pleased with a haircut and I now look forward to my next visit with her!
I love this place. Nancy is one of the best. She pays attention to every detail and is fun to talk to every time. She works around the facemask straps seamlessly as well. During normal times I would have to wait for several people in line before me, but she is with the wait. But just with any barber, communication is key. Just talk with either Nancy or Vivian about what you want and adjust along the way.
Vivian has improved dramatically in the last couple of years. My previous cut was with her and she took good care of me. It was only my second time working with me so she was a little cautious which is a good thing. But I asked her to adjust a little to what I wanted and she gave me a great cut. My wife was very happy when I got home and that usually only happens with Nancy!
It is usually easy to find parking. Just remember that the garage next to it has cheaper, long term parking starting on the second floor. After the second time I went in Nancy let me know. Much cheaper than the street parking too. Support small businesses!
Worst haircut i ever had in my life i asked for a shape up she she cut a ilnie around my head like a bowl and then laughed like it was funny i would never go there again and i do not recommend smh awful experience and i felt like she did it on purpose im a person of color and i got racist energy off of her. Like who laughs after you make a mistake??? My looked better before i went in which is sad please do not go to this barbershop it is absolutely terrible especially if your a person of color smh
Nancy is the best hairstylist/barber I’ve worked with! Very accommodating and sincere! She also does great work! She’s worth the effort from Nova to see her in Bethesda!
Best place since my salon closed.
Been searching over 2 years.
Great value for notoriously expensive suburb. Always polite. Always punctual. And they may spend a few extra minutes on a fade, but tbh the extra 5-10 mins is worth it. As others have said 16$ for a dude's haircut. But I'd suggest at least giving 20$, it's always a great cut and the rent here is outrageous. Help them out and pay it forward for their hard work and good cuts.
I’ve been going to Nancy for 10 years and she’s the best barber I’ve ever had. She spends more time than anyone else on hair and is very meticulous. Highly recommend!
I agree with Alireza Saborri's review below. This really was my go-to place for haircuts and the last time I went, Nancy curtly let us know that Bon didn't work there any more. Not only that, neither mine nor my son's haircut was up to the same standard. And I agree, Nancy is definitely more polite and amicable with the Caucasian customers. Bon really made all the difference. He was quiet, proficient and above all, never rushed you because there were three other customers waiting in line.

Quick Facts About My Barber Shop

1. Experienced and skilled barbers: Customers praise the barbers, particularly Vivian and Nancy, for their expertise and ability to consistently deliver quality haircuts.
2. Friendly and personable staff: Multiple reviewers mention the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the barbers, making customers feel comfortable and valued.
3. Reasonable pricing: Many customers appreciate the affordable prices offered for haircuts, considering the typically expensive suburb in which the barber shop is located.
4. Attention to detail: Reviewers highlight the barbers' meticulousness in paying attention to every detail, ensuring that customers leave with a well-executed haircut.
5. Accommodating and flexible: Customers mention that the barbers are willing to listen and adjust according to the customer's preferences, emphasizing the importance of communication.
6. Parking availability: The barber shop's location offers convenient parking options, including a nearby garage with affordable long-term parking rates, making it easier for customers to access the establishment.
1. Inconsistency in service quality: One customer mentions a negative experience with Vivian, suggesting that service quality may vary depending on the barber. This inconsistency may be a potential weakness.
2. Lack of cultural sensitivity: One customer, who identifies as a person of color, expresses feeling racist energy and a lack of professionalism from one of the barbers. This raises concerns about cultural sensitivity and inclusivity within the establishment.
3. Dependence on a specific barber: A long-time customer mentions that the absence of a specific barber lowered the overall quality of the haircut, indicating a potential reliance on individual barbers rather than providing consistent service regardless of the staff present.
4. Perceived favoritism: Another customer suggests that Nancy shows more politeness and friendliness toward Caucasian customers, potentially indicating biased treatment among different customers.
5. Rushed service: One customer expresses disappointment with the lack of time spent on their haircut, suggesting that the barbers may sometimes rush through appointments due to a high volume of customers.
In summary, My Barber Shop place demonstrates strengths in terms of experienced and friendly barbers, reasonable pricing, attention to detail, flexibility, and convenient parking. However, weaknesses are apparent in inconsistent service quality, potential cultural insensitivity, reliance on specific barbers, perceived favoritism, and rushed service. Addressing these weaknesses will be crucial for the establishment to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.


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