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Mid-K Beauty Supply

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2251 E 21st St N #111, Wichita, KS 67214 United States of America
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They were very rude about a basket I needed to use to shop with because of my back hurting especially the young heavy set girl they had some empty plastic bags in in the basket she didn't care about me hurting she treated me like I was going to steal with the basket I believe that they try to make black people in the store feel inferior on purpose. We need black owed beauty stores selling black products not Asian people treating us badly. I'm sure they don't have the rights to some of those products they sell and I won't be going in there again I will go across town from now on the short chubby girl is very prejudice and Has a VERY NASTY ATTITUDE
Seems like this store has their doors set up to beep at their customers as if they stole something. ???? idk if it's my work badge or what.... but every time I go there lately, I beep. I'm starting to think that they just have it set up like that. Every single time midk.... really? As a PAYING CUSTOMER... that's embarrassing.... and I really hate that yall treat black people like u do.... especially since we are yalls MAIN CUSTOMERS!
They had the hair I needed though I feel some of the more popular hair products are overpriced. I can get the same products at Walmart/target for $3-4 cheaper.
honestly if we had another store to choose from that is where I would go the super Mid-K on 21st Street remarks their prices. The price on the merchandise could possibly say 4.99 when you get to the register if it ring 6.99 then they will tell you we don't know what to do about it that's what it rang up to. I have also noticed that their prices are higher than the Mid-K off of 13th and Oliver. Be mindful pay attention all they want is your money
Way pricey, bought the same brand of wig in OKC for like a fifth of the price .... Don't expect to find any human hair wigs for under $100. Uppercutting you with their retail pricing.
I just want my hair to look and feel like a white woman's hair but everytime I put one of these on my head itch and I can't scratch it so I pat my head
The worst customer service ever. Don't acknowledge no one nor help anyone. I wouldn't advise anyone to this store
They don't allow you to try on wigs or return / exchange them. Who would buy a wig without trying it on. Just silly .

Quick Facts About Mid-K Beauty Supply

Mid-K Beauty Supply has a range of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. It is important to consider these comments in the context of individual experiences and opinions.
Starting with the strengths, one positive aspect highlighted by a commenter is that Mid-K Beauty Supply had the specific hair products they needed. This suggests that the store carries a variety of products that customers are looking for. Additionally, the commenter mentions that the store has a selection of wigs available. This indicates that Mid-K Beauty Supply offers a range of hair options to cater to different preferences.
Another potential strength is that the store has competitive pricing for certain products. Although one comment mentioned that some popular hair products are overpriced, others noted that the prices are reasonable compared to other beauty supply stores. However, it is important to note that a different comment pointed out that the prices can be higher at the Mid-K Beauty Supply location on 21st Street compared to another location on 13th and Oliver. This indicates that there may be inconsistency in pricing between different Mid-K Beauty Supply locations.
Moving on to the weaknesses, several comments outline various issues with customer service at Mid-K Beauty Supply. Multiple commenters expressed dissatisfaction with the attitude and behavior of the store employees. The comment that stood out the most mentioned that a young heavy-set girl was rude and treated the commenter as if they were going to steal. There were also complaints about the overall attitude of the staff, with one commenter describing it as "VERY NASTY." Poor customer service can significantly impact the shopping experience and make customers feel unwelcome or inferior.
Another weakness mentioned by several commenters is the store's policy regarding trying on and returning or exchanging wigs. Customers stated that they were not allowed to try on wigs or return them. This can be problematic for those looking to purchase wigs, as trying them on is crucial to ensuring a proper fit and style. By not providing this option, Mid-K Beauty Supply may be limiting customer satisfaction and potentially losing sales.
Additionally, some comments highlighted concerns about the store's pricing. One commenter mentioned that the prices on the merchandise sometimes differ from what is indicated, and the employees are unaware of how to address it. Another commenter mentioned that the wigs are priced significantly higher compared to other locations and even other stores in different areas. These pricing issues could potentially lead to customer dissatisfaction and mistrust.
Another weakness identified in a comment is the store's security system. One commenter mentioned that the security doors beep every time they enter the store, even though they are a paying customer. This can be embarrassing for customers and may give the impression that the store assumes customers are stealing. This can negatively impact the shopping experience and the perception of the store's treatment towards black customers.
In conclusion, based on the comments provided, Mid-K Beauty Supply has strengths in terms of availability of specific hair products and a selection of wigs. However, the store is also faced with several weaknesses, including poor customer service, restrictive wig policies, inconsistent pricing, and potential assumptions of theft. It is important for Mid-K Beauty Supply to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall shopping experience for customers.

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