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Quick Facts About Mid-K Beauty

Mid-K Beauty Place is a beauty supply store that has received both positive and negative feedback from customers. In order to analyze its strengths and weaknesses, let's break down the comments provided.
Positive comments: 1. "They always have what I want." This comment indicates that Mid-K Beauty Place is well-stocked and provides a variety of products that meet customer needs. 2. "The service is slow." While this might seem like a negative comment, it can actually be seen as a strength. Slower service often allows employees to focus more on each customer, ensuring that they get the assistance they need.
Neutral comments: 1. "They usually have a good demeanor." This suggests that employees at Mid-K Beauty Place generally have a friendly and positive attitude towards customers, which can contribute to a pleasant shopping experience. 2. "Prices are right." This comment indicates that the prices at Mid-K Beauty Place are reasonable, which can attract customers looking for affordable beauty products.
Negative comments: 1. "They never follow me because I'm black." This comment raises concerns about racial profiling and suggests that there might be some bias in the store's customer service. This is a significant weakness that needs to be addressed. 2. "Service is slow." Despite the positive interpretation mentioned above, this comment also highlights a potential weakness in terms of efficiency and timely assistance. 3. "I came for sassy n classy... left disappointed." This comment suggests that Mid-K Beauty Place might not always have the specific products that some customers are looking for, leading to a potential lack of selection in certain areas. 4. "They know nothing about what they are selling." The lack of product knowledge among some employees, as stated in this comment, can be a weakness as it might hinder the ability to provide accurate recommendations or answer customer inquiries. 5. "There is a language barrier." The comment about a language barrier potentially impacting communication between the owner and an applicant highlights a weakness in effective communication, which is crucial for a successful business.
In summary, Mid-K Beauty Place has several strengths, including a well-stocked inventory, friendly staff, and reasonable prices. However, there are weaknesses that should be addressed, such as potential racial profiling and a lack of product knowledge among some employees. Improving customer service, addressing racial bias, and providing training for employees can help enhance the overall customer experience.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Alright alright. There needs to be an even keel review on here. I come to this one all the time to buy my hair are products and ponytail extensions…. They always have what I want. Unless it’s red, then It’s touch and go, but pretty much always have what I need.
I WISH I could get an employee to follow me around the store!! I’m black, but they never follow me. If they did, I wouldn’t have to flag them down for help in the ponytail section for a good 20 mins.
Other than that, they are no nonsense, get my stuff, pay for said items and goodbye. They usually have a good demeaned… but may feel a bit harassed so are weary.
All in all… they don’t have to be black to sell hair are products. Service is slow. Prices are right.
Others will refer you to the one on MLK but that store never has what I want and I end up driving back to this one.
I'm 61, Black & been going to Mid-K Beauty on MLK Blvd & now Mid-K on Burnside, since I was 21. NEVER any issues, ALWAYS have what I want & makes my family & I feel welcome???? I get excited when I know I'm going to shop there. I appreciate the service & the quality of the products they carry????
Went for one product . . . only had display not for sale . . . and tried to satisfy me with products the opposite of the display . . . I came for sassy n classy . . . left disappointed and kept it movin to next store! I need to go back to NE Mid-K! Re-Gentrification Ramifications! ????????????
There were so many different products here that I was overwhelmed, but in a good way. The front counter people (working the register) are the owners, I assume. They know nothing about what they are selling, but are at least pretty nice. The wig lady tho?! She was FANTASTIC!! She was so patient with me. I knew NOTHING about what I needed or wanted, but she was beyond sufficient! I wish I had got her name so I could give her a shout out and y'all could know who to ask for help if you need it when there. I will definitely be back and I hope that young white girl is still there. ????????❤️
Amazon could not get me an item fast enough. Surprisingly, this store was the only local location that had what I needed. Once inside, this store is a treasure trove of things I never knew I needed but HAVE TO HAVE. From wigs to makeup to jewelry, and literally everything in between, I was very impressed with their quantity AND quality. I actually left with my purchase only to get back out of my car and buy more. I will definitely be a regular here!
i just want her to know that if i KNOWINGLY came an HOUR late, why would i come at all?? and why does she feel that ONE MISUNDERSTANDING shows my worth? I realized this was a blessing and sign not to work at this poor managed store. Here’s the story down below. I honestly feel like she’s very prejudice from other reviews and from what i’ve seen in person but i didn’t want to believe it.
I decided to work here because my knowledge in the beauty industry and I am a black woman who wants to help and converse with other black women and I ALSO SHOP HERE. I applied and I waited weeks for a call but no call, it’s weird because the owner is desperately hiring. July 1st, I ended up calling the owner for another update about the status of my application and she says she wants to schedule an “appointment”. I say “okay, great!”. … I wait for her to ask about times or say a certain time & she doesn’t.
So i ask the owner what time works and she replies with “around afternoon”. I said okay, around afternoon and she continues to say around after noon. not 12, not 1, not 2 just “around afternoon”. Afternoon is anything from 12-5. That’s like saying “Okay, come in the morning.”
There is a language barrier mind you. anyways, I come to my interview at 1pm, because from my understanding 1pm is around afternoon. I say “hello, i’m here for my interview” and she says she’s sorry but she said at noon…. I was very confused because she told me and i repeatedly said around afternoon over the phone because she told me no specific time. She didn’t own up to the misunderstanding and wasn’t willing to reschedule after i apologized for the misunderstanding
as a company who’s costumers are mostly people of color, they are extremely racist towards us! they follow you around the store, the lady TOOK MY PERSONAL BAG AND WENT THROUGH IT because she was racially profiling me. there was nothing in my bag..do not give your business to them. LAWSUIT LAWSUIT LAWSUIT.
I love her I love her I love her I mean I would be lost without my products very accessible and reasonable and she's very amazing woman thank you thank you and her workers thank you

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