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Mediterranean Cafe

+44 161 226 3000
126 Withington Rd, Whalley Range, Manchester M16 8FB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I am getting quite a regular at this place. Friendly staff, THE BEST coffee and breakfast or lunch which will last you all day which will cost you under a tenner. I do drive quite a bit to come visit this place because of the ambiance, food and coffee. And it's worth the drive.
Best baba ganoush and tzatziki I’ve had served with lightly spiced potatoes, dill flavoured couscous, pickles, salad and pitta. Loved the crispy baked aubergine too! Such a filling rainbow brunch ???????????? Friendly service and atmosphere, reasonably priced and plenty of clean seating indoors and outdoors (high chair available so family friendly too)! I washed my food down with freshly squeezed orange juice which was spot on, not too sweet or bitter.
What's not to love about a Mediterranean cafe where the staff put a lady's cat (in it's basket) onto a chair so he can get a view out of the window ????. Delicious coffee and a satisfying veggie breakfast. A warm welcome awaits at this café evidently and deservedly loved by locals. FYI; it is cash only but there's a free cash point in the Co-op opposite.
Had the Houmous and pitta with salad. Wasn't expecting this quantity and variety of salad and delicious bits!. Outstanding for £6 and the coffee was great too. Very good
It wasn't planned but we decided to try this Cafe which is in the area Chorlton, Manchester. My wife actually wanted to try some new dish in Vegetables. She ordered "Baba Ganouch Vegetables" (Potatoes, salad, roasted aubergine and humus with Pitta bread) and I ordered "Chicken Shawarma Wrap "with roasted vegetables and fried on the side with chilly sauce. Both items were cooked in front of me and were fresh. We really enjoyed our meal. It's a nice small cafe with good food. At least try it once. I will go again... I am gonna share some pictures which I took at the café of our own orders
Such a lovely cafe! Plenty of vegan/ vegetarian options, really friendly and welcoming atmosphere and delicious food (in very generous portions!) for half of what you’d expect to pay. A hidden gem. Plus, it straight up cured my hangover.
Omg you have to go this place is so nice, great staff, very clean, good service and the food is amazing different choises.
It's obviously popular and has an honest community feel. The prices are very good too. The coffee is fine but the standard of cakes needs thinking about in my opinion - if you're used to Starbucks or Costa you'll notice the difference - they don't really compare unfortunately, which is a shame as some really decent homemaking would blow those out of the water. Didn't have any savoury food so will not talk about that here until I've had a chance to go back and try!

Quick Facts About Mediterranean Cafe

Mediterranean Cafe has received overwhelmingly positive comments about its food, staff, atmosphere, and pricing. These strengths contribute to its popularity and loyal customer base. However, there are a few areas of improvement mentioned, such as the need to upgrade the cake selection. In analyzing the comments, it is evident that Mediterranean Cafe has several strengths and a few weaknesses.
One of the major strengths of Mediterranean Cafe is its friendly and welcoming staff. Multiple comments mention the friendly service and warm welcome received at the cafe. This indicates that the staff go above and beyond to create a positive experience for the customers. Having friendly staff creates a welcoming atmosphere and encourages customers to keep coming back.
Another strength of Mediterranean Cafe is the quality and variety of its food. Customers have praised the cafe for its delicious dishes, generous portions, and vegetarian/vegan options. The baba ganoush, tzatziki, hummus, and salads are mentioned as standout items. The food is described as fresh, cooked in front of customers, and reasonably priced. The menu seems to cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences, making it appealing to a wide range of customers.
The pricing at Mediterranean Cafe is also mentioned as a strength. Multiple comments highlight the affordable prices, with one commenter specifically mentioning that a full breakfast or lunch can be enjoyed for less than ten pounds. This affordability factor makes the cafe accessible to a larger customer base and encourages regular visits.
The ambiance of Mediterranean Cafe is another strength. Comments mention the clean seating areas both indoors and outdoors, creating a comfortable environment for dining. The cafe's atmosphere is described as friendly, with a sense of community, making customers feel welcome and at home. The cafe's location in Chorlton, Manchester, is also mentioned as a positive attribute.
In terms of weaknesses, one comment mentions that the coffee is fine but the cakes could be improved. The commenter compares the cafe's cakes to those of larger chains like Starbucks and Costa, suggesting that the cafe's homemade cakes do not quite match up. While this is a minor critique, it indicates an opportunity for Mediterranean Cafe to enhance its dessert offerings and potentially attract customers seeking a wider variety of baked goods.
In conclusion, Mediterranean Cafe has several strengths that contribute to its popularity, including friendly staff, delicious and affordable food, a welcoming atmosphere, and a loyal community of regular customers. However, there is a slight weakness in the area of desserts that could be improved. Overall, Mediterranean Cafe appears to be a hidden gem in the Chorlton area, offering a great dining experience for those seeking Mediterranean cuisine.

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