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M & B Nails

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11171 Tara Blvd, Hampton, GA 30228 United States of America
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  • Identifies as women-owned
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  • Mask required
  • Staff wear masks
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  • LGBTQ+ friendly
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

this place is by far one of the best nail salons i’ve been to. They are quick and very nice and did my nails exactly how i showed them in the picture. absolutely recommend to see Linda for lash extensions and Nini for pedicures they will get u right????????
I went in yesterday after not getting my nails done for months because I wanted to treat myself before Valentines Day. I showed the stylist what I wanted and put faith in her to perform well. After leaving the appointment, I was very dissatisfied with the shaping and paint. I called them no more than an hour later to ask them to shave my sides down more because they looked overly fat vs. the slim look I was going for and the coloring/styling was not done properly. I went back this morning and was instantly met with an attitude by my stylist from yesterday who I will not name as not to slander her work. Her attitude, body language, and tone of voice let me know that she did not care to fix her work even though I had payed for the service which included an extra $10 fee for the simple linework design on my tips and $15 for two small jewels. I would expect that they would try their best on their work but it is clear to me that they value quantity (how much money they can make within the day) vs. quality (how their customers nails turn out). It took me catching a whole attitude back with her and changing my demeanor into something cold of my usual bubbly personality for her to demonstrate that she could actually do good work which is quite saddening to me while also proving my point of quantity over quality. Even after this touch up, my nails still do not look the greatest for what I payed and the gel top coat was not coated correctly/is already peeling/not even fully coated on my nail. At this point it is clear that they do not care about their customers and I will not be coming back here. If you do decide to come here, make sure it is at a time where they are not busy because surely they will not prioritize the quality of your nails.
Linda and Mari are the best!!!! I am never disappointed when I come to get my nails and toes done!!! My nails are always eye catching and so beautiful! My pedicures always leave my feet soft as cotton. Most of all, I enjoy the r&b music that is played at the right volume in the background. I love this place!!
I should have gone to Sugarcoat in Midtown!!!
The cheap prices and convenient location of M&B wasn’t worth it!
My nail tech (Linda) is the best. I pick my color and let her do what she does!!! I never pick my design, she does!!! The atmosphere is wonderful!!! She literally does everything. That’s my girl!!! So when you visit this nail salon make sure you see Linda.
I love it. They are fast and make you feel welcome. I will continue going. Thanks see you soon
I really have no major issues with this place but the reviews are true, the way they remove nails is very painful. I too was left bleeding about two weeks ago. They do not stop tugging until the nail is removed and the excuse she gave me was bogus. Next time, they will have to be soaked off.
Asked for dip and the color was off as well as the nails being all different shapes and sizes and wavy/lumpy.
I asked for them to be fixed by someone else and she really tried but you can see for yourself. The first picture is the mistake and the second is the fix.

Quick Facts About M & B Nails

M & B Nails place has a mix of positive and negative comments that highlight its strengths and weaknesses. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, we will break down the comments and examine the strengths and weaknesses of the salon.
Strengths: 1. Skillful and attentive staff: The first comment praises M & B Nails place for being one of the best nail salons the person has been to, complimenting the quick service and the stylist's ability to replicate a desired nail design. Another comment specifically mentions Linda as being a talented nail technician.
2. Eye-catching nails and pedicures: Multiple comments highlight the beautiful and eye-catching results achieved at M & B Nails place. Linda and Mari are specifically mentioned as being capable of delivering stunning results. The comment also mentions that pedicures leave feet feeling soft.
3. Welcoming atmosphere: One customer appreciates the welcoming atmosphere at M & B Nails place, specifically mentioning the enjoyable background music. Feeling comfortable and welcome can enhance the overall experience of getting nails done.
4. Affordable prices: The comment mentions the cheap prices at M & B Nails place. Affordable services can be a strength for attracting customers, especially those on a budget.
5. Quick service: Along with the positive comments about skillful staff, there is a mention of M & B Nails place being fast in providing services. Quick service can be beneficial for customers with time constraints or those looking to get nails done efficiently.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent quality and care: One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the shaping, paint, and linework design on their nails. The stylist seemed uninterested in fixing the issues and demonstrated a lack of attention to detail. This suggests a lack of consistency in the quality of work and a disregard for customer satisfaction.
2. Poor customer service: The same customer who experienced issues with their nails also mentioned receiving an attitude from the stylist. This negative interaction further highlights poor customer service, undermining the salon's efforts to create a welcoming environment.
3. Inadequate nail coating: Another customer mentions issues with the gel top coat, stating that it was not properly coated, peeling, and not fully covering the nail. This indicates a lack of attention to detail during the application process, leading to unsatisfactory results.
4. Painful nail removal technique: A customer reported experiencing pain and bleeding during their nail removal process. This suggests that the staff may not be using the most gentle or effective techniques for removing nails, which can impact the overall experience and cause discomfort for customers.
5. Inconsistency in nail design and execution: One review mentions receiving nails with different shapes and sizes, as well as a wavy and lumpy appearance. While the customer appreciated the effort made by a different nail technician to fix the issue, the inconsistency in quality and execution is still a weakness.
Based on these comments, it is evident that M & B Nails place has some strengths, such as skillful and attentive staff, eye-catching results, a welcoming atmosphere, affordable prices, and quick service. However, there are also clear weaknesses, including inconsistent quality and care, poor customer service, inadequate nail coating, painful nail removal techniques, and inconsistency in nail design and execution.
To improve, M & B Nails place should focus on training and educating staff about proper techniques and customer service skills. They should also prioritize maintaining a consistent level of quality for all customers and address any issues promptly. Enhancing the overall customer experience through attention to detail and improved communication will be crucial for success.

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