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Luxe Nails & Spa

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380 Lafayette Rd #204, Seabrook, NH 03874 United States of America
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Love going to Luxe!

Mostly go in for gel manicures but have also had pedicures. My nails always look great. I have tried other local nail salons and they don’t compare to Luxe. The receptionist (Melissa) is always friendly and helpful! The atmosphere of this salon is very relaxing. Have always had a great experience with Stephanie, Linda and Susie. Always see disinfecting of stations after each client. Each time I have my nails done I leave feeling pampered. Would definitely recommend!!

Tracy was amazing! I was recommended to her from one of my clients whose nails always look perfect. She was very fast & efficient, and my nails came out wonderful. I haven’t had a manicure this nice in a long time - already booked my next appointment with her!

I have never had to write a review about somewhere I’ve been but this one is necessary I came here to get a full set of acrylic nails I showed them a reference picture and at first it seemed great but slowly I realized one he was making them way too long after I told them I want them short and they weren’t even the right shape I got out to my car and my thumbs were two different shapes two different sizes I thought to myself well it happens so I let it be. The next day one of my nails fell off so I called so I can get it fixed the lady at the front desk is super nice but the nail tech rushed through fixing my nail I asked him to shorten them he didn’t really and he let me leave with the paint not dry, powder all over my hands, and little pieces of acrylic sticking out everywhere and the nail that was fixed isn’t the right shape. needless to say I will not be coming back here

The pedicure and tech was perfect for a basic pedi. The nails however she was on her phone the whole time many texts and 2 different calls. Very rough handling on my hands and hurt my fingers 4 times with the drills and tools. The nail art which was a basic heart was disturbingly bad as if a toddler did it and the acrylic was lumpy on every finger. She didn't use a base coat at all and sent me out before the gel was cured with no assistance in getting my stuff resulting in polish imperfections from getting touched before dry. She cut them down so short that it is doomed to fail and its my natural nail so im disappointed and yes i was very verbal along the way on expectations and wants. Not to mention they had a stool in front of the polish wall which is minimal choices and as soon as I stepped on it it collapsed resulting in large bruise and scrape on my foot and 2 puncture wounds from the screws. After all of this I was then charged f$98 for a basic pedi and acrylic fill. Absolutely horrible and will never return. Only reason I went was they were open on a Sunday and I was hoping the service had changed since over a year ago when I came last.

I get a pedicure every 2-3 months and each time I go to Luxe the front desk person is new, and very stressed. They never seem warm and welcoming.

I called and took a pedicure appointment that was available but the nail tech treated me as though I was a complete inconvenience or a walk-in that burdened his afternoon. He didn't speak to me with words, he would just point and/or tap me. I guess he didn't like that I had the massage chair on? He pointed at the controller so I handed it to him and he aggressively turned off the massage and pushed the remote back at me. I felt reprimanded.

The basic pedicure at Luxe is $43, which I am willing to pay for a decent job, but it's not right to be treated rudely while I am in the chair. I love how my toes turned out but I won't return to Luxe unless I can select a different tech.

I used to rave about this place.. sent everyone here, now after some years away I’m sadly regretting that decision. I’ve always had great experiences years prior but this time was way different. She asked if I wanted a design I said yes and asked for a basic peace sign she said “no sorry very busy can’t do that” which It was dead and you asked what I wanted. Confused. Then I was sat away from my people.. the lady seemed frazzled and all of this would of been fine if the nails came out okay.. but not pleased honestly. One day later and it’s chipped.. and for the price yikes. I may have just gotten the wrong person that day.

Literally the last time I will ever go here. $50 for an acrylic gel manicure all for my cuticles to not even be cut or a base coat to be put on? The man who does the nails there rushes through and is rude. I’ve had pedicures there as well and instead of filling the gel off with drill or soaking in acetone, they will use the cuticle cutters to rip your gel polish off. It left my toes feeling sore for DAYS after the pedicure. This place used to be good and I’m not sure what happened but I won’t be going back.

I went today to try acrylic. The tech guy did my nails is not respectful. I just told him to fix the shape of my nails but I heard him ..he said..oh my God! At first I was gonna say something so I didn't. I was thinking to give him a poor tip ..let's say $5. But I do understand there job so I still gave him 10


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