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Lucy’s Nails

+1 317-286-7520
816 E Main St, Brownsburg, IN 46112 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Lucy’s Nails

Strengths of Lucy's Nails:
1. Excellent nail set: Customers have praised Lucy's Nails for providing beautiful nail sets that closely match their desired reference pictures. The technicians take their time and pay attention to detail, resulting in high-quality work.
2. Easy and flexible booking process: Customers have appreciated the ease and flexibility of scheduling appointments at Lucy's Nails. They can book the services they want without any hassle, even up to a month in advance.
3. Professional and talented technicians: The technicians at Lucy's Nails are highly professional and talented. Customers have mentioned specific technicians like Tame and John who provided exceptional service and knew what they were doing. They were praised for their skills, attention to detail, and ability to understand and deliver exactly what the customer wanted.
4. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere: Many customers felt welcomed and comfortable at Lucy's Nails. They mentioned that the staff greeted them with smiles and kindness, creating a positive and enjoyable experience.
5. Clean and beautiful spa: Lucy's Nails is described as a clean and aesthetically pleasing spa. This adds to the overall experience and makes customers feel more comfortable and relaxed during their visit.
Weaknesses of Lucy's Nails:
1. Change in name confusion: Some customers experienced confusion when trying to find Lucy's Nails online. The name change from "Ocean Nails" to "Lucy's Nails" was not clearly communicated, leading to potential confusion for new customers.
2. Inconsistent customer service: While most customers had positive experiences with the staff, there were a few instances where customers felt the staff was not friendly or accommodating. This inconsistency in customer service can negatively impact the overall experience.
3. Poor attention to detail: A few customers expressed dissatisfaction with the attention to detail during their services. Complaints ranged from improperly cleaned nails and cuticles to uneven and unsatisfactory nail designs. These instances reflect a lack of attention and care during the service.
4. Language barrier: Some customers had difficulty communicating with certain staff members who had limited English proficiency. This language barrier led to confusion and miscommunication, which impacted their experience.
5. Average manicure service: While customers praised the nail sets and other services at Lucy's Nails, a few customers found the manicure service to be average. The service did not stand out, but it also did not have any major flaws.
In conclusion, Lucy's Nails has several strengths, including excellent nail sets, easy booking, professional technicians, a friendly atmosphere, and a beautiful spa. However, there are also weaknesses, such as confusion due to the name change, inconsistent customer service, poor attention to detail in some cases, language barrier issues, and average manicure services. These factors should be considered when evaluating Lucy's Nails as a nail salon.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Absolutely love love love my nail set!!! Just went in this afternoon to get them done and they are beautiful! Almost identical to the reference picture I showed them. They took their time and didn’t rush which I feel like some nail places do. They took good care of my cuticles, and weren’t rude when I kept asking to double check the color I picked and the shape of the nail as he filed them. I’m about 45 minutes from brownsburg but I will definitely be making the drive back from now on!!
I scheduled it a month ahead of time to get a full set acrylics and they made the process to book easy fast and flexible with my schedule. They matched the pic I wanted perfectly and we're great with the changes I wanted to make from the pic. Great service.
I got my dip nail by Tame she is so cute and I can tell she is very professional. She know what it she do she have her own talent. I just show her picture on my ph she pick out the color exact what it I want. My husband love ????my nail so much. I never have my nail complement from my husband before. I really like the way she do my nail is doesn't look thick looked very natural and perfect shape. Can't wait to come back see her again. Thank you Tame????
This was my 1st time here and I had John. I don’t get my nails done very often anymore because I always feel like no one ever listens to me or gives me exactly what I want.
I went here expecting to be disappointed once again but that was far from what happened here!
Smiles and kindness greeted me at the door.
I had John as my nail technician and I loved how he didn’t get that annoyed look on his face when I showed him a picture of what I wanted.
He really took the time to explain to me the differences in the nail style I wanted and how to achieve that specific look.
He then began the process and I just can’t say enough how wonderful he was. He was gentle with my hands and knew exactly what he was doing.
I will definitely be going back to John.
The only thing I found confusing was when I googled “nail salons” in Brownsburg, it gave me a place called, “Ocean Nails”. Apparently that used to be the name of the business before it was taken over by new management. When it was taken over by new management, the name was changed to “Lucy’s Nails”.
It made it a little confusing but rest assured that it is now called “Lucy’s Nails” and it is in the same strip mall as Planet Fitness.
Great place to go! I got a pedi and a dip mani with tips. She did an awesome job on my pedicure and very friendly. The woman who did my dip manicure did an amazing job. I did 3 colors for my ombre, and she really took her time putting each color on. The result was fantastic! I will definitely go back.
The spa is VERY clean & beautiful. They were very accommodating when I booked my appointments. However, the staff was not very friendly when we arrived. Getting a pedicure should be a fun experience - if you hate your job, then find a new job, but don't take it out on the customers.
Horrible!!! Did not properly clean up my nails, he cut my cuticles multiple times to the point where he drew blood and stung, I even asked for the design to be fixed since my French tips were so uneven and not rounded but I was told that’s how they were “supposed to look”. My thumbs aren’t even the same length, I even initially asked for my thumb to be fixed because it was so uneven while I was in the chair and he seemed bothered by it. They were not kind, he did not take his time was not worth any of the money, would not recommend.
This was done yesterday and already look at least 2 weeks old because he painted so far away from my cuticles that were not even removed and this is regular nail polish so no reason to do so far.
Another thing... I asked the person 3 times what's the difference between regular and deluxe pedicure and all 3 times his answer was " Yes". I do understand him not being able to speak English and that's not my issue at all however, my issue is him answering yes not knowing what I was talking about. He could ask someone there to help him as I did after realizing that would be no communication between us.
Manicure was ok, nothing impressive but not bad.

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